Regretfully, I have not been very nice this evening. I’m all hot and bothered about this dumb writing stuff, and I’m taking it out on everyone around me. Poor Gabe. Poor Livi. Poor Ava. (Nina’s been too busy throwing her own fits to notice mine.)
After supper, we traipsed around the Metro Gardens for awhile. That was mostly fun. Then we were on a mission to find something at Barnes and Noble (long story). Nowhere to park. I take the girls in while Gabe drives around. Finds a spot. He and Nina play with the Thomas the Tank Engine set while I look for cheap paper dolls for the girls. Finally found some. Our deal was $10. They found some to share for $4. So, I told them they could each spend $3 at Target.

Well, prying Nina off the Thomas table was a task. She threw a bloody fit all the way down the escalator and out of the store. Funny, I was just browsing through some of the not-yet-mom surveys today and recall some of them saying how annoying it is when mothers can’t keep their children from throwing fits in public. I told Livi and Ava no Target, but Gabe surprisingly said, let’s go–Nina will be fine. (Yeah, right)

She was fine–for five minutes. She wanted out of the cart in the toy aisle and cried when I wouldn’t let her run away with a Sponge Bob ball. The One Spot was being cleaned out, so there wasn’t anything fun there to buy. And there is NOTHING at all in the toy section for $3. Livi got a blue composition notebook for 97 cents. As a last resort, we went to the Halloween section where Livi got candy necklaces and Ava got a pumpkin Pez dispenser and a light-up ring pop. Then Nina noticed some jelly beans, and the fit-throwing resumed.

For the second time in 30 minutes, I lugged a screaming toddler out of a store. Someone really should teach me a lesson in how to discipline children. There’s no excuse for this. I shouldn’t be allowing this kind of behavior–at her age!

So, I want to write some really good stuff for this book, and I want it to be funny. I have good moments, and I get on a writing roll. Then I have nights like tonight where nothing is going right, and I yell at my oldest daughter for sniffing while I read to her sister and her before bed. Heaven forbid that she sniff. (She forgave me. That’s all settled.)

I have a favor. I know a lot of you answered this question on the survey, but I’m looking for 1-2 sentence answers to this question: What was your most memorable moment of your labor and delivery? Funny is cool, but it doesn’t have to be. You can leave a comment or message me. Thanks!

I thought for sure my bad mood would have disappeared after writing such an uplifting blog. Where did I go wrong?

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  1. jennikim

    one of my favorite memories was that Phil was crying while I was dealing with contractions.  he hated that I was in such pain and he couldn’t do anything about it.  it was also pretty interesting that Phil could feel the pressure of Caiden’s head in my lower back as I struggled with intense back labor. 

    i guess my favorite part of labor was the hour long massage I received from the massage therapist. 

    an amusing story from the day after Caid was born, was when my midwife came in to check on me saying this was probably one of the first times she woke up thinking she had to come in and check on a patient because Caiden came out head first (good) but with his fist up next to his chin (bad), therefore punching through me and causing me to tear and need lots of stitches!  he punched his way right out of there!

  2. faithchick

    still want stories?  oh, i have so many. 

    first time:

    i remember thinking, after a horrendous labor, that i’d like to start doing drugs.  or have another kid.  because, man, the high was incredible when she popped out and I saw those big delicious eyes of hers.  I think I’m addicted to that feeling.  And since it wasn’t there my 2nd time (like you know) I would seriously consider going through the agony again just for that feeling.    

    during the labor, I couldn’t help but laugh when my aunt (my nurse) sent matt into the bathroom with me…to help me get through contractions while i sat on the toilet.  nice.  i looked at him and thought, I can’t belive he’s sitting 2 feet from me, staring into my eyes while I’m on the toilet. sick.  i never thought i’d be in that situation, but i was thankful for his presence.  i’m pretty sure i apologized though.

    when i was pushing and pushing, my (awesome) dr. said, “You got a good TWO INCHES on that one!”  I felt like the best pusher EVER.  Seriously.  I thought I was the greatest thing in the world.  Come to find out, she looked at Matt & winked when she said that.  Totally lied to me.  But it worked wonders.  She also told me that I should give lessons on givng birth.  My ego was completely inflated.  I know now (from friends) that she says that to everyone.

    I also remember my water breaking.  The dr. broke it, and it sounded like the side of one of those 2 ft. kiddie pools had been pushed down.  remember doing that for fun?

    2nd time:

    I remember sassing the anestesia guy because he was jabbering on about risks, etc. etc. etc. while all i wanted was the stupid epidural!!!!!  My aunt looked me right in the eyes with a twinkle in her eyes and said, “just listen and smile.”  got it.

    I remember how warm he was when they put him on my chest.  It was soooo cozy.  (like krista, though, i really had no idea what to do with him since i never got to hold E #1 right away.  It felt like he was just laying there forever.)

    i’m quitting now.  you already know half of this anyway, i think!

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    I don’t have any labor/ delivery stories. Sure wish I did. No, actually, I don’t. Not yet.

    All not-yet-moms should have a role model mom that they watch and look up to as she raises her kids. I haven’t been annoyed at a mom with a screaming child in public in years because of watching you and learning that even really, really good moms can’t control their little ones. Sometimes I defend those mothers when other people in the check-out line make comments about them. 🙂

    I’m already loving these labor/ delivery stories in everyone else’s comments.

    Love you!

  4. Anonymous

    With Audrey: Hearing my mom say, “Do you see that?” to Toben while I’m pushing like mad. I totally freak out wondering what’s wrong. Turns out Audrey has jet black hair at least an inch long. Of course, Toben’s a bleached blonde at the time, I’m a redhead, and they’re all wondering where all that black hair on my baby came from! (It later turned blonde and she’s definitely Toben’s!)

    With Emma: Asking Toben to pray for me before the midwife came to break my water. Suddenly I wasn’t sure if I could actually give birth again. I felt terrified and needed his comfort. He prayed, the midwife broke my water, and one good push later there she was. Then Audrey climbed up in bed with us, held Emma for the first time, and started singing “Jesus Loves Me” to her. I bawled!

  5. OkinawaAna

    I, too, would probably cry if you made me leave Target without letting me make a purchase.  But I don’t ever get to go there, so I don’t know what Nina’s excuse is, since she goes more often.  🙂  Labor and delivery stories — I remember being so shocked both times at how gooey they were when they came out.  Maybe my girls were gooier than most, but I remember being so horrified at the sight of Emma that I was totally distracted from the pain of delivering her.  I’m sure there were many other sweeter moments, but that’s what stands out in my mind right now.  🙂

  6. swbtsmom

    This was a lonnng time ago, but still memorable – after 8 hours of intense, induced labor and no progress, I was wheeled into the operating room for a c-section, I was really really tired, goofy from the pain meds, and it was FREEZING in that room. I was dizzy enough to count about 30 people in there! Personnel started to take off my hospital gown in that freezing room to sterile-drape me, and the enormous (300 pounds plus) MAN who started to tie that drape around my neck had the biggest, warmest hands…I just threw my arms all the way around him, hugged him hard, and cried, “I’m so sorry, I’m soooooooo cold!”. Most memorable of my l&d AND the most embarrassing moment of my life!

  7. terriwright

    As soon as your girls are clean tonight, grab them all together and squeeze and hug – -smell their sweet hair, feel their soft cheeks(any of the 4!)…….and try to breathe slowly and deeply and calmly. You are blessed. I know you know it.  It’s just HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Howdytoya

    The most memorable moment of labor and my delivery was when I made my appearance into the real world and the doctor cut my umbilical cord.  Or did you mean when I was having the baby?!?!?  Hasn’t happened yet… Sorry…couldn’t resist.

  9. ekag

    I have had c-sections with all four of my children (not by choice). With my 3rd, she was up very high. I remember, in the midst of the surgery, the doctor saying “I can’t find her”, meaning the baby! He was in up to his shoulder and couldn’t figure out where the baby was! I remember saying to my husband, “Well, I KNOW she’s in there!”

  10. terriwright

    It amazes me that you are unable to perfectly manage your toddler at all times. My, what an abysmal mother you must be. My children were never bad in public. We were too po’ to go anywhere!!!!

    My Mom, an RN, was present for Matthew’s birth. BIG mistake. She took over the labor room, bossed the nurses(Mom could be scary….), checked my dilation (!!!!!!!), and even rummaged around in the drawers, produced a fetuscope, and put it on her head and started listening to my belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I called Kirby in, grabbed him by the throat, and shrieked that he had to get rid of my mother. Luckily, my MIL was also there, so Lois took Mom to a coffee shop and they were gone. Peace……………..

  11. Anonymous

    I have had to pry my screaming son away from the Thomas table at Barnes and Noble many times too!

    I will never forget holding my first born and kissing his soft, warm, wrinkled forehead!

  12. kkakwright

    Addy was 5 weeks early so they took her away after she came out.  I didn’t see her for like 20 minutes or so.  By that time she was all clean and had a hat on and looked so beautiful. 
    When K3rry came, he was 4 weeks early but pretty big for as early as he was.  I pushed him out and they immediately plopped him up onto my stomach. I was horrified.  He looked so gross.  I just stared at him in disbelief.  I remember thinking that he was so ugly.  This is terrible, I know.  The doctor must have noticed the look on my face because he made some comment to me about my “beautiful son”.  After what seemed like 10 minutes, which was probably more like 2, they took him away and cleaned him all up.  And then I thought he was beautiful.  
    That is probably what sticks out the most to me out of all my deliveries. 

  13. ClutzyButtercup

    Don’t be too hard on yourself…you are human and still this side of heaven!  The one thing I have learned is that children are extremely forgiving and that our mistakes rarely ruin them!  🙂

  14. Nixter77

    So sorry you have had a ‘stinky’ day – glad I got to talk to you for a little while.

    Will be praying for your book writing and humour and your mood…. Know that I love you whether you are having stinky days or good days… Pray tomorrow is a goodie..

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