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I went on my first field trip today as a mom and not a teacher. It is soooo much better this way! All three a.m. kindergarten classes and all three p.m. classes went to COSI. Tons of kids, lots of parents, so much fun! We started singing on the way there, and they got hooked on their kindergarten farewell song (complete with adorable hand motions):

Start spreading the news! (you know the tune!)
We’re leaving today!
We want to be a part of it
First grade! First grade!
If we can make it there
We’ll make it anywhere
So, let’s all
(can’t remember this part now, even after hearing it 50 times today)
First grade! First grade!

I was responsible for Livi and Daniel. I teamed up with 2 of my neighbors–Sophie’s mom and Cameron’s dad. Sophie’s grandma came too. So, the four of us were in charge of Livi, Daniel, Sophie, Tuyen, Emily, Kameko, Cameron, Drew and Vincent. We had a blast, and I enjoyed getting to know my neighbors, Kelley and Mark, better.

We watched Rat Basketball (absolutely amazing), the Mind Show, the Fireworks show, and the Electrostatic show. We went to the Progress exhibit, Ocean exhibit, Space exhibit, and Life exhibit. There was a warning at the beginning of the Life one–“some images may be disturbing.” Um, yeah. So, the models of the baby in utero and entering the world were cool. The tv monitors with buttons of your choice? On one, you could watch a birth, a premature birth, some sperm thing, in vitro fertilization, and a gorilla c-section. “Gather around, my little six-year-olds. Let’s watch a gorilla give birth via big incision.”

Another tv had brain surgery, eye surgery, vasectomy, circumcision. Wow. Then there was the rubber model of male parts you could squeeze to show you what an enlarged prostate feels like. Lovely. We hurried them through to the safety of “Oceans.”

Lunch wasn’t until 12:15, and the kids asked every five minutes from 10:30 on if it was time for lunch. They had to bring sack lunches and couldn’t bring anything back home with them. Little Emily had a sandwich, chips, doritos, 2 pkgs of fruit snacks, 2 pkgs of granola bites, fudge grahams, 2 juice boxes and a king size Reese’s Cup. Ha! She shared with all of us.

I fell in love with these little kids. Such a huge variety of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Each one completely precious in the Savior’s sight. I absolutely love where God has placed my little girl.

Ava and Nina had a fun day with Grandma Taviano. Nina didn’t eat much and had a fever after Grandma left. It was gone by bedtime. Hopefully, she’s not getting sick.

I didn’t realize until after Janelle left that she cleaned my bathrooms again!! And my kitchen floor and front hallway! Thank you, Janelle! You really have no idea what a huge burden you lifted off my shoulders. I just can’t keep up, and I always put that stuff last, and well…thank you.

Livi: She really doesn’t need to be cleaning for us every time she comes.
Ava: Livi, she just really likes to be nice!

Good news about my brother-in-law, Stew. They did a CAT scan, and his kidney stones are small enough to pass. He’ll stay in the hospital until they’re out. Please pray for minimal pain. Bethany was allowed to stay in the hospital room with him last night and will again. Thanks so much for your prayers!

Another prayer request. Gabe went to college with a girl named Krista. She and her husband have an 11-month-old daughter named Audrey. Audrey was just diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. She’s starting chemotherapy immediately. I can’t even imagine. Their faith is so strong, and my heart aches every time I think about them. Please pray!

Gabe won’t be home until midnight or 1. The goal is to write, write, write until then. Have a terrific Thursday!

23 thoughts on “start spreading the news!

  1. FlyingCAB

    Does that mean you need 19 more or you have 19 more to read through?  If you a short ones then I’d be happy to take one for you – although I’d be in the (possible?) mom to be category – so I’m not sure if you need those!

  2. jbnygaard

    Thanks for informing us about Audrey, I will keep her and her mommy and daddy close in my prayers!

    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME about your book! Yeah God! 🙂

    I’m still in shock about the rubber male parts, I’m with your sis….do kids need to be THAT educated? YUCK!

    And little Emily….ALL THAT food! Her mom could have fed a small country in Africa with all of that food! 🙂 Too cute!

  3. luvmynoah

    Well, those are some scary exhibits!!  I need to take Noah to COSI one of these days.  I’ll make sure and steer clear of the “body” stuff.  I’m not ready to answer some questions that will follow! 

    I too love your mother in law.  You are blessed to have her!  I may just have to finally clean my bathroom today.  I’m scared….really am. 

    Awesome that your book is in the Beth Moore headquarters!! 

  4. rocknnell

    Marla’s XANGA BUDDIES…..Gabe’s H.S. English Teacher just told me she went to Nashville…and Marla’s book is in Beth Moore’s Headquarters…. hey…hey…. ” If I can make it there…I’ll make it anywhere….Nashville…”ooops..that’s New York” not funny…but way to go Marla…GOD !

  5. stephaniedawnbasham

    Hahaha to the rubber squeezable parts…….oh dear. Do kids really need to be that  educated???

    I miss COSI! I haven’t been there in years! Ah the memories…..

    I wish someone would come clean my house. With no kids, it’s not that I don’t have the time, I just hate doing it. 🙂

  6. faithchick

    wow…they really have squeezable parts at cosi? eeek. I cosi!

    i cannot imagine what krista & co. are going through. how difficult. man, i don’t even like to think about it…

    good news about your bro-in-law! kidney stones=horrendous. (not as bad as childbirth like everyone says they are, though!)

  7. ClutzyButtercup

    After one of Tina’s brain surgeries, the nurse comes into ICU with a TV and VCR on a cart.  I ask what she is doing and she announces that they filmed the surgery and she handed me the tape…I have to admit that it was strange watching and realizing that the camera that took the pictures was inside my daughter’s head!  It has been fun to show it to other people, especially children.

  8. ergirl053

    The body exhibit story was hilarious! I can only imagine rushing all the 6 year olds through. Glad you had a good time- and yeah for a clean house!

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