spring fever!!

Oh, seasons. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Summer, I think you’re swell. A teensy bit toasty sometimes, but POOL.

Fall, I think you’re cool (but waaaaay too short), and I can barely enjoy you because I know what’s coming next.


Spring? Ah, Spring! I love you with everything in me! You signal the end of dreary, cold, depressing awfulness. And you’re so colorful and smell so yummy! And the breezes and the birdies and busting out the flip-flops! Green trees juxtaposed against blue, blue skies! I ADORE YOU, SPRING!! Come quickly, my friend! Pleeeeeeeeeease!!

Today, in the middle of a yucky Ohio winter, God gave us a gift. Sixty (60!!) degrees, a walk in the muddy woods, a delightful breeze. Even the birds were chirp-chirping. Sigh.

Thanks, God. I love you too.




3 thoughts on “spring fever!!

  1. Rachelle

    Spring Fever, indeed! According to my 70 yo friend, Bill, we are about 30 days ahead of schedule on seasons this year. I’ll take it, time for the winter blues to go away already!

    Your pictures are the bomb!I’m ready to head out the door on a run!

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