spilled milk

“Why are you crying, Mama?” Livi asked me this morning. Funny thing is, there was spilled milk all over the kitchen floor–all over the floor–but that wasn’t even why I was crying. (Note to self: Don’t leave 4-year-old and 1-year-old unattended at tea party to make a phone call.)

Ava is going under anesthesia for her tongue-clipping in May. She needs a physical exam to clear her for surgery. I called her doctor this morning, and he said he wouldn’t do it, because he’s not a pediatrician. Okay. I call three pediatricians in town–none of them will take her for a one-time visit. They’ll need her records, and she’ll have to become a permanent patient. Call our doctor’s office back and let them know we’ll be leaving (no huge loss–I’m not thrilled with this doctor anyway.) Call one of the pediatricians back. A different girl answers and tells me I can just get a one-time clinical exam done at Children’s Hospital. Perfect. I call Children’s. They have no idea what to tell me. Forward my call to a menu–nothing applies, so I just press “1.” Nurse tells me they can’t do a one-time visit. Hmmm… Gives me a number to call. Number is out of service. I am in tears at this point.

Finally think to call the anesthesia folks and ask them where I can get this exam done. Leave a message with receptionist. Guy calls me back this afternoon. Says that as long as she’s my birth child, has no congenital heart problems or chronic illnesses, I can just bring in a copy of her latest physical exam. I can’t even remember when that was or where we lived at the time. Call our doctor back, leave a message, can I schedule her for a regular well-child visit? Nurse calls, says doctor doesn’t even have a well-child form, blah, blah. She’s consulting with the doctor again and calling me back. This is swell.

Nina has had a fever off and on the past couple days. She was up from 3-5 this morning and woke up from her nap an hour or so ago with a fever somewhere above 103.6. I couldn’t get her to leave the thermometer under her armpit for another second. It’s back down now, poor little thing. I’m pretty sure she’s just cutting teeth.

Hmmm…anything positive I can write about? Oh, I got a book manuscript via Fed Ex yesterday. I’m supposed to write a book review for another Harvest House author. It’s the first time I’ve done this. The book is really interesting–about becoming the woman God wants you to be. It’s written for 20-something women, and since I’m 40… No, really, it’s about friendships and community and body image and life goals and all that good stuff.

One of the things that has stood out to me so far was what she said about on-line friendships. How they’re easy to maintain and don’t require as much effort and how easy it is to not be completely honest. I’ve been trying to make time for real, face-to-face friendships lately–including those with people I once only knew on xanga. I can get awfully selfish with my time. I’m praying that God will help me continue to work on that area of my life.

Anyone want to come over this week? Come one, come all! Seriously. Just call first, so I can pretend my house is always clean.

p.s. Ava’s doctor has caved. She goes in for a well-child visit May 1st. Thank you, Lord!

18 thoughts on “spilled milk

  1. tonialynn59

    I can totally relate to what you went through with the dr. office.  It gets so frustrating at times.  So happy to see it worked out and Ava can have this procedure done!    Also I agree with what Marketer said about friendships.  Any kind of friendship takes effort from both sides!

  2. Marketer319

    I think online friendship follows the same pattern as “regular” friendship – it takes effort to be real friends. If both parties are invested in interacting and learning to know the person behind the words, it can be as real and honest as any face-to-face talk.  Otherwise, even face to face, you’re just acquaintances with no means to uplift or support or encourage each other in real ways.

  3. ClutzyButtercup

    Can totally relate to the doctor scenario.  Having a medically needy child has taught me to be tenacious and sometimes even pushy!  We are the only advocates our children have.

    As for the online honesty thing…The biggest difference I see is that online we don’t challenge those we are talking to the way we would in person.  When we are face to face, we tend to get a sense of when someone is not being totally honest.  If we care about that, we will confront them and push for the truth.  I still believe that online relationships are valuable and provide great opportunities to encourage one another.

  4. CourtneyMarieP

    You don’t need no stinkin form!  Just ask for a copy of her latest well child check.  But if she hasn’t had on in the last year…you still have to have one of those!  Sheesh!  I’ve never heard of a family doctor not doing a pre op. physical!  You should switch after this. 

  5. mrsnorthern8605

    Maybe we can come over Saturday evening??? We are getting together with some friends from church in the morning, but we could maybe come over later one (after 3!) let us know!

  6. jbnygaard

    I’m still up for that play date you talked about awhile back! Count me in for coming over sometime! We need to get something on the calendar!

    And yes, it was very interesting to hear what Beth Moore had to say about blogs. However, I must admit my main reason for starting xanga was to keep in touch with Krista who is very busy and hard to get a hold of. Through xanga I have now met you, Nixie, Kristen, your sister-in-law, mother-in-law and some others. It is great for keeping in touch with friends and family who don’t live close! 🙂

  7. kkakwright

    Jamie wrote on her blog once that Beth Moore said on-liners aren’t honest too.  Xanga is nice in that it doesn’t take too much effort to keep a friendship going, but how wrong is it that we consider that ‘nice’.

    It has been a while since you have hosted me.  I recall it being 100 degrees, a long walk up an uneven trail, a cabin with a not-so-nice odor, and I didn’t get any yummy treats.   

  8. KmHunsberger

    Oh my friend…I was going to suggest coming to (insert name of my town) for a week, pretending you lived here, going to my ENT and getting it all done in a week’s time. Thankfully you found a way to make it all work…and again I am amazed by your patience. I would have been BAWLING, not just crying

    I will vouch for Marla…she is the most accomadating hostess…makes yummy treats, talks for hours, and is just as wonderful in person as she is online. Simply wonderful!

  9. YoYoYoder

    Hooray! I’m so glad Ava can now officially get her tongue clipped! I absolutely DESPISE it when I’m put on the run-around and no one can answer my questions and everyone contradicts each other. I’m thankful you’re done with that mess. Now Ava will be able to say her “L’s”, unlike Stewart who had to go through speech therapy for years. I still think he should get his tongue clipped…

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