I like rain. Especially storms. But I do hope it all moves east before our big family birthday zoo shindig tomorrow.

Speaking of east, some really cool gals are getting together a little gathering they like to call Xangafestipalooza East Coast. Doesn’t it just sound smashing? “East Coast” has such a sophisticated ring to it. Try saying it out loud. “East Coast.” Then say, “Mid West.” See? So different. If you live in PA or MD (what other states are over there? i can’t remember.) and want to meet some lovely xanga gals, I’m sure they’d love to have you!

EDIT: See comments below for additional states on the East Side. I had to smile just now as I suddenly remembered one of my good friends from Cedarville who was really “good” at geography. We were talking about another friend, and my geo-friend said, “Yeah, she’s moving to New York.”

Me: Wait, I thought she was moving to New Jersey.
Friend: She is.
Me: Uh…but you just said New York.
Friend: I know. New Jersey. You know, the city in New York.
Me: Um, could you possibly mean New Jersey, the STATE THAT BORDERS New York?
Friend: (looking at me like I have a few screws loose) New Jersey’s not a state.

Not sure how I finally convinced her, the Cedarville College graduate, that New Jersey was in fact its very own stately entity. We don’t see each other very often, but I remind her of this conversation at least once a year.

I wrote another blog entry on my website if anyone’s interested. I wrote the last one on Feb. 28th. I’m so glad Gabe made me a website I know how to update myself, because I sure do add things often. The topic is “How Do You Find Time to Write?” Good question.

Gabe is on his way to El Dora Speedway to watch the NASCAR drivers race weird little cars on a dirt track. (I think that’s how it goes.) I hope it doesn’t get rained out.

Stephi and Daniel left us text messages on our cell phones at 6am. They missed their flight. Instead of getting in at 9:45, they’ll be here around 2:15. Right in the middle of Nina’s nap. No sweat. It’s all good, right? I can actually use the extra time to clean up my slovenly house, but I’m bummed to miss those precious hours with Steph and Daniel. We’ll just have extra fun to make up for it.

So, I’m starting to think about potty-training Nina. I bought a ridiculous-looking Sesame Street potty ring at Once Upon a Child for $4 (was hoping to pick one up at a garage sale for a quarter). I don’t have a potty seat, and my girls always hated them anyway. Nina has sat on the toilet maybe 8 times. For a total of 60 seconds. “I want to go potty.” Okay, diaper off, up you go. “I want to get down.” Hmmm…

For now, she seems perfectly happy letting me know when her diaper is contaminated. “Mommy, I pooped.” And my favorite? “Mommy, I peeped.” (peed, in case you didn’t catch her logic)

Our neighbor girl came over to play yesterday after school. She called her mom to ask her how long she could stay.

Girl: (gets off the phone) I can stay 2 hours.
Me: (gulp. thinking that’s kind of a long time.) 2 hours?
Girl: My mom said 45 minutes. Is that 2 hours?
Me: Um, no…it’s…45 minutes.
Girl: How long is that?
Me: Uh…less than an hour.
Girl: Oh, okay! Cool!

Thanks for praying for Andrew and Denise and baby Parker. Denise went home yesterday! She’s having a rough time (understandably) both physically and emotionally. She had a lot of complications before and after his birth and will take quite awhile to recover. And I can’t imagine leaving my baby at the hospital. Please continue to pray for them as God brings them to mind.

I missed my morning run with God due to a torrential downpour. Bummer. I’m trying to find ways to still spend time in prayer even when I can’t run. I’ve got to have a back-up plan. I did pray for 6 of you this morning that God would light a little fire under your bums for Him.

Off I go to tidy a bit and wipe some things so my little sis thinks I’m an impeccable housekeeper. (she knows better)

Stay dry! Go jump in a puddle with someone you love!

p.s. What do you do when you’re 98% sure that someone you know (and see on a regular basis) is pregnant, but she hasn’t exactly announced it to you yet? My policy (thanks to Brian Regan–when’s that bbbbaby due?!) is to never, ever, ever ask someone if she’s pregnant before she personally tells me, “I am with child/knocked up/preggo/up the duff (Nicki!).” Goodness, I look pregnant after every meal. She’s hinted at it–saying she’s tired, touching her stomach–but no announcement. Friend, if you’re reading this, you know who you are. Next time I see you I want an announcement.

That’s all. Good-bye!

27 thoughts on “soppy

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    I have potty trained way more children than I want to admit so here is a suggestion to think about.  I gave up on potty chairs and rings…I have the children straddle and sit backwards on the toilet until they learn to go.  This gives them more stability, it also makes it a little harder for them to get off if I am trying to keep them on for a few minutes…just a thought.

  2. Nixter77

    you forgot ‘have a bun in the ovee’ 😉

    Thanks for loving squidgy so much already – I know he/she will love you too! I mean he/she already waved at you!

  3. jrfriend

    I would love to be with Gabe at El Dora.  I love that stuff.  Dirt track racing is so great to watch.  Even better with  Nascar drivers.  Hope he has a great time.  My only advice to the potty trainers are to make sure the child is ready and not just the mommy.  It’s a battle if both aren’t ready for the change.

  4. ergirl053

    The comments are cracking me up today.
    I say when you nail down the Nina potty-training thing, you should (quickly) write a book about it. Pass said book on to me and I will glean all your pottying expertise, then passing it along to K 🙂

  5. jessyomama

    potty training. ugh. i need to potty train Gavin. he’s already pooped in the potty quite a few times and i think i am delaying the inevitable here. ugh.

  6. tonialynn59

    @kellycohan – This is just my opinion.  I potty trained 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy.  The first one (girl) I felt had to be trained by the time #2 came along and had a lot of pressure from others to ‘get the job done’.  So I pushed and tried and she was a bright kid and cooperated.  Took a few months.  #2 (boy) was totally opposite.  He was just over 3 before he was completely trained.  (by that I mean poop and pee in the potty–he had the pee thing down earlier but every day I had this nice little pile to take care of in his pants–sorry if I offend anyone). I thought I was going to lose my mind.  Turns out he just didn’t “get” it.  And when he did, he was trained overnight.  So #3 I waited and when I saw it finally clicked with her, she was trained overnight.  I know each kid is different but I know with #1, I was trained, to take her like clock work and so I basically trained myself.  But again, this is just my opinion.

  7. ladymiss3739

    ^^ Nah…just buy her a state puzzle. 

    I hate potty training.  I avoid it at all costs.  And then valiantly try.  Only to give up again.  Blech.  For Leah, I mean.  Not me.  I’ve been trained for years. 

  8. Abs7

    The NJ conversation cracked me up. I am from the city/state that is New Jersey- and proud of it. Your friend should give back her degree – at least until she takes a US geography class. 🙂 

  9. swbtsmom

    Jump in a puddle??? I don’t understand “jump in a puddle”. I live in San Antonio, Texas; we haven’t had measurable rain in about a year, it was 100* here yesterday (normal high is 88). When I went for my 4-mile walk, the temperature jumped from 88 to 96. That was one hot walk for this grandmother.  I miss puddles. I miss rain. There are barely any clouds, the wildlife around here is stressed. Anyone want to help me (and the local farmers/ranchers) pray for rain? Please?

    Sorry – this whole note sounds sad, and plaintive. It is what it is. 🙂

  10. terriwright

    I’m not pregnant…just fat.

    I LOVE the New Jersey thing. Blue questions were always my downfall on Trivial Pursuit, but I do know that New Jersey is a state.

  11. tonialynn59

    Praying for Andrew, Denise and baby Parker.  I left Hayley in NICU for 3 weeks.  Not fun!

    Hope you have a wonderful time with your sis and her hubby! and that they arrive at 2:15!  no more delays!  I agree, wait on the potty training.  That job is not fun in the least!  Hopefully it stops raining for you.  It’s not raining here at the moment but very dreary out.

  12. faithchick

    i’m pregnant.

    good thing you clarified with the neighbor girl.  that coulda been interesting.

    don’t potty train.  wait til she’s 3.  potty training is stupid.  (although, i do enjoy not changing diapers on e1 anymore.)

  13. luvmynoah

    Have fun with your sis and her hubby.  I hope there are NO more delays! 

    Potty training…eww.  I’m not looking forward to that one of these days.  Titus does says,”shewww” when he poops and I’m changing him.  🙂

    Have a good one!

  14. kellycohan

    Yes, thanks for the prayers. My bum has felt extra toasty this morning, come to think of it…

    Is the potty ring just a smaller seat for a tiny tush? I’m having trouble picturing.

    As for XFP East Coast (now it sounds like an extreme sports tv show), I figure anyone willing to make the drive is welcome. They don’t even have to live on the East Coast!

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