some people I like

We took advantage of the girls having Election Day off school and went to visit some special people. First stop: the nursing home where my grandma lives. We played a rousing game of UpWords which my mama ALWAYS wins (no one can really beat her). But as Grandma likes to say (usually 3-4 times a game), “It’s not who wins or loses but how much fun you have with the people you’re playing with.”

The people who weren’t playing (Livi and Ava dropped out halfway through, and I took over for them) traced one of their hands and colored it for Grandma. She was tickled.

Then Bethany and Isabelle and Baby Jack-in-the-womb met us back at Mom’s for some dancing.

My favorite way to enjoy a dance party is from behind the camera.

Then the girlies (gently) pounded out some tunes on Grandma’s piano.

Could she BE any cuter??

My grandpa (Mom’s dad) stopped by for lunch and to chat with us for awhile.

Nina read him a book called, I’m Glad I’m Your Grandpa, the book I used to tell my parents I was pregnant with Livi.

Isabelle decided she was plenty big enough to trace her own hand. I’d say so.

We spent the rest of the day drinking coffee, eating snacks, ordering pizza, and playing a million games of Sequence. Dad got off work early and joined us for the last few. Banner day.

Thankful for my family today. How about YOU?

6 thoughts on “some people I like

  1. Jen Griffin

    That last picture of Isabelle coloring her hand is adorable!!! What a fun time. 🙂 I saw your girls displaying these same dance moves tonight! 🙂

    Hugs to you! Glad I got to see you.

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