so far no tears…

For me anyway. The girls, on the other hand…

Livi is at “Kindergarten practice” and I am holding up quite well. Her first real day of school may be another story.

She got dressed for school in her favorite bright coral t-shirt and shorts. Spilled Capri Sun down the front of her. Cried when I made her change. Came downstairs in a shirt with a stain on it. Cried when I made her change. While in her third shirt, she leaned back into the recliner where Ava had left her Capri Sun. It leaked all over her shirt. Cried when I made her go change.

Ava had her own meltdown because she didn’t want the rest of her peanut butter sandwich.

Nina, I believe, has thrush. Her tongue is white, she keeps putting her fingers in her mouth and crying, and I’m in pain while nursing her. The dr. is calling me back this afternoon to see if they can schedule me in sometime before Thanksgiving. I have no prior experience with this fungal intruder.

Livi was fine when I left her with her pretty, kind, joyful, soft teacher. Her teacher and I were both dressed in plain-colored t-shirts, capri warm-up pants and flip-flops. We’re soul mates.

The school smelled so “back-to-school”-ish. Mmmm…

Ava is crying from her bed, “I miss Liiiiiiiiiivi!” Lovely. And I was so looking forward to at least 15 minutes of peace before I pick Liv up at 3.

Ava not playing soccer is turning out to be a blessing. Our calendar is already packed full. And Ava would rather have Mommy-Ava time than play soccer anyway, I think.

Speaking of the little lovely, she is still crying. “I miss my sister! I miss my sister! I miss my sister!”

I’m still having a good day, by the way. Aren’t I the little optimist?

14 thoughts on “so far no tears…

  1. CourtneyMarieP

    My solution for stained shirt….throw a sticker over it and no one is the wiser!  hmmm?

    Could she have gotten thrus from your cancer sore medicines or herbs????  fill the doctor in on that too.

    When can you fit me in your schedule for a visit???

  2. Hoffmom

    I wondered about thrush when you described the white dots the other day.  We had thrush really bad with Anna…..neither nystatin nor diflucan would get rid of it totally.  It kept coming back.  If you continue to have trouble, go get some Grapefruit Seed Extract (not grape seed extract)  concentrate from a natural food or supplement store.  I can tell you how to dilute it and it got rid of Anna’s thrush spots in 24 hours.  I also used it on myself.  Gentian Violet is another yeast medicine from a natural food store….that’s what stains purple.  I’ve never used that one for that reason.

  3. jbnygaard

    I came across your page via Krista Wright and loved your story! I have too young boys (3 1/2 and 22 months) and I couldn’t help but invision my life in a couples year just like yours!!! Isn’t it amazing how are children are each others best friends and worst enemies at the same time??

  4. biblestorebrowser

    I wondered if it might be thrush when you described it the other day. Do they give Nystatin for that? I’ve wanted to get some since I’ve had so many antibiotics over the years (which can lead to fungal overgrowth), but I wasn’t sure about nursing.
    We had a very trying day today here. DD1 did the opposite of EVERYTHING I told her.
    Still seeking clarity. . . Hope God is continuing to show you direction.

  5. Nixter77

    Changed 3 times – is that a world record?? –  man, I got coffee on me this morning but I had already left the house and so I can’t change 🙁  Oh well it was worth it for the Starbucks Hazelnut latte…  Hope little Nina gets better soon.

    Nixie – hope you get to the docs before thanksgiving – yes I know when that is 🙂

  6. hcole86

    Wow – what a shirt changing experience! But at least it wasn’t really school! That’s cute that Ava misses Livi, but I’m glad she gets to spend that time with you too….poor Nina – will pray for her.

  7. lendy_p

    My littlest one misses her sisters as well! She wants to go to kindergarten at 4, but then I would be crying at home without them all!
    Keep your chin up… that first week is tough, tough, tough. It does get easier with the next one!

  8. YoYoYoder

    Oh my word! Poor Livi having to change her shirt THREE times! I would be so upset if I was all ready to go to kindergarten practice and I couldn’t wear my favorite shirt. Just tell her she can wear her coral shirt on her first REAL day of school! That’s an even more special occasion I think.

    Awwww…Ava misses her sister. They are like always together. I never actually thought that Ava might get lonely now that Livi’s in school. At least they’re only one year apart and Ava can start next year. Wow! That’s a crazy thought. Ava in SCHOOL?!?!?

    What other fun things do you do during Mommy-Ava time besides making Scrabble letters into magnets? You are so creative! Maybe you should write a book on fun things to do with your kids!

  9. KmHunsberger

    Ok…the shirt changing capri sun experiences made me laugh, until the final one by which time I felt stressed out. Someday I will (hopefully) be the mother of three…but until then, I will just marvel at how you do it so well!

  10. mrsnorthern8605

    Awww, Livi…I remember when I was younger and I would get stuff on me…and my mom made me change…I got frustrated too! I am sure Livi will enjoy school. And good job not crying!

  11. faithchick

    thrush…oh boy. I never had any experience with it, either…but i have friends who have. the medicine makes babies tongues & lips purple!!!

    I’m excited that you & ava get good mommy-ava time. that’s special.

    I’m glad you’re having a good day, and i’m glad you’ve found another soul mate. 😉

  12. bethelaine

    wow, you definitely are being optimistic!  that’s incredible!

    the shirt-changing incident made me laugh.  that was totally me as a child.

    i’m sorry about the thrush.  yikes!  i hope it clears up soon!

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