So, Livi saw a snake in our backyard yesterday afternoon and ran in the house crying and screaming. My cousins from Arizona were in town last weekend for my sister’s wedding, and little Katie and Julie gave a demonstration of what they do when they see a rattlesnake. (walk backward slowly, then run and tell Mommy) Livi thought it was one of those. We reassured her that we don’t grow those kind of snakes here in Ohio, but still. I have never had a snake in my backyard, and I was a bit disturbed. I feel violated or something. Our house backs up to a woods, so I’m sure there are more where he came from, but yuck. We found his hole and tried to plug it up (i.e. kill him). Sorry to any animal lovers out there, but I don’t want snakes out where my babies are playing.

Aside from the snake incident, we love our new home, our backyard, our new city (that we’ve lived in a few times before actually) and our new church! We visited our first church this morning and fell in love with it immediately. Ava cried and didn’t want to go to her class, so she came in with us. After 10 minutes, she wanted to try the class again. Cried, wanted me to stay. I stayed and listened to a story about Esther. She warmed up to the kids and teacher, and I left. Heard 20 minutes of the message, sang, felt so at peace. Thanks, God.

And thank you to everyone who wrote me nice comments and reviews. I’m awfully thankful for you guys. I know some really, really nice people. I’m hiding a top-secret message right here in the middle of this blog for serious blog-readers who do more than skim. I’ve had fun giving away copies of Blushing, and I want to give one away to the first five people who e-mail me their address tonight or tomorrow (or the address of a friend who might like a copy). Looking forward to hearing from you.

Someone spilled a bottle of laundry detergent in an aisle at Target tonight. Did not see it as I moseyed along pushing Nina in my flip-flops. Imagine my surprise as my foot flies out from under me and I grab onto the cart for dear life. Whew.

My sister should be getting back from her honeymoon tonight. Haven’t heard from her, hope all is well. Other sister (YoYo) is camping in Canada with her in-laws. Should have had her take notes for my new book. She has cool in-laws.

Gabe is getting ready to record his interview for his first podcast. Don’t know if I mentioned before that he’s starting a podcast. Find out more at

Off I go to sign Livi and Ava up for soccer for the first time. They are soooo excited. Have a great week all!

15 thoughts on “snakes=yuck

  1. biblestorebrowser

    I used to think we didn’t have rattlers here in Ohio, but dh thinks a baby snake we saw a few years ago was one. Funny story, though. DH found a skin about 4′ long and put it in our flower bed by the driveway (for fun, I guess). The poor mailman, delivering a package, just about jumped out of his skin when he saw it! He thought it was a rattler, but we think it was probably our friendly neighborhood black snake that likes to eat other unwanted critters. There are good snakes, you know! 🙂 But seeing them nearby gives me the creepy crawlies, too!
    I didn’t get online yesterday or else I might have sent you an address for a college suitemate of mine who just got married in June.
    Marla the soccer mom! I was looking at the soccer basic skills class at the Y for DD1 now that she’s of age. That’d be a good thing for her to do with Daddy if he’s so inclined.

  2. KmHunsberger

    We had a snake by our water hose the other day. I caught it out of the corner of my eye as it was lunging for my hand. Ok, the snake was tiny…but it still scared the death out of me, mainly bc it was trying to bite me. The worst part…I have not seen it yet, meaning at any moment I feel like it is going to bite me, my husband, or worst of all…Landon. The good news…I think it was a water snake. I HATE bugs and snakes. Yuck!

  3. mrsnorthern8605

    Ewwy, snakes…I hate snakes…and of course now there is this movie called snakes on a plane coming out and it has snakes on the commercials all the time…bleh! We went to Canada for our anniversary yesterday! I am glad you like Columbus, personally, I am starting to freak out about the move!

  4. Hoffmom

    I admit, I read blogs avidly, but am pretty ignorant about how these websites actually work.  I tried to e-mail you here and at your other site.  Hope it goes through.  🙂 

  5. mtaviano

    rocknnell–I can send Anna her own book. Does she really live on Bikini Dr? That’s Lima for you. 🙂 welcome home!

    nixie–snakes would not keep me away. 2 grand per ticket X4=ouch. We will have to see! I will send you a free book if/when you decide to get some for the seminar.

    han–you’re just plain cool.

    rach–get me her address whenever, and i’ll send it to her. i would love to read a review from you–i’ll be looking for it!

    chip–okay, not funny. no wonder so many houses are for sale around here. 🙂 i don’t care! i will survive! Heritage Christian.

    faithchick–yes, i was completely touched.

  6. ch1pch0p

    I saw it.

    I hate to tell you this, but I seem to remember other friends in that area who have also been visited by slippery creatures…

    What church?

  7. rachmckinney

    about the snake…we have them too ocassionally. however, my kids get excitd over them…go figure!:) i have read it and loved it!!i have a newly married friend of mine who i think would love it. can’t find her new address though. bummer. i’ll have to really look for it! anyway, i never got to reply to your last blog, but i t hougt the book was very biblical and i will go to the site to leave a review. i k now it encouraged and instructed me in a lot of different ways!

  8. hcole86

    Read the secret message – I thought it was going to be something subliminal, you know that I’d have to take the first letter of every word etcetera.

    Signed up for Skype, but don’t have a mic yet. One step at a time. Can’t wait to hear your American accents 😉

    I’ve seen plenty of snakes in my time, even trod on a little baby one by mistake, once.

    Han = cool around snakes

  9. Nixter77

    I read your blog and already have the book 😉

    I think Australia have about 7-8 of the top ten most deadliest snakes.  Please don’t let that stop you from coming out to visit.  Pluging up the hole = good work.

    nixie = in the majority and doesn’t skim read

  10. rocknnell

    Marla,   scratch that….I already loaned her mine to read…..  just wanted you to know… that I don’t skim…….  glad you like your new house..and that God directed you guys to a neat church to worship HIM !

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