smokies and hokies

We’re back. Whew. What a ride. I’m tired and not thinking clearly, so I don’t even know what I’m going to write about… Maybe I’ll just share a few highlights of our trip tonight and then tell you the rest of the story on Monday. (We’re leaving tomorrow evening for a family reunion/overnighter at a camp near Cincinnati.) Maybe by Monday I will have forgotten the not-so-romantic moments…

Before I forget, the hokies part of my title is due to the fact that Gabe is watching VT on TV and is feeling a bit conflicted about his rash decision to become an all-out Buckeyes fan. Please pray for him as he agonizes over this difficult life choice.

Back to the Smokies, Friday through Sunday the weather was gorgeous–sunny and warm. The trees were beautiful. The Knoxville Zoo was fun and free, thanks to our C-bus Zoo Memberships. Monday through Wednesday was brrrrrr cold but still pretty.

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t set my expectations too high for this trip. I’ve just learned not to do that when traveling with little people. I did have one goal–to see a bear in the wild. I’ve been to the Smokies three times before, and I’ve seen one bear.

Well, I saw my bear. Seven of them actually. It was AWESOME. My husband and daughters saw nine, but I missed out on the first mama and her cub, because I was holding Nina in the van on my lap while she threw up carrots all over me. (Oh, but that’s a story for Monday.) Anyway, a couple days later, we saw a mama bear and 2 babies. Then yesterday, we saw a mama and 3 babies. Oh, they were so cute.

Not so cute were the mama raccoon and her 2 big babies who somehow knocked off the 400 pound rock we put on top of the trash can on our porch at the cabin and ate the cheese off our taco bell wrappers and carried Nina’s baby food containers away to their den. Pesky little critters.

The girls did great on our long hikes up mountains to see waterfalls. Nina loved the backpack. Gabe’s back did not. I already mentioned the beautiful leaves. We saw lots of deer. Our hot tub was sweet. We got a fun Old Tyme photo taken. We watched lots of people make candy. Livi’s one wish was that the zoo would have camels. Sure enough. They had some really neat animals. I washed out lots of pukey clothes by hand in our hotel bathtub. (oh, wait–that’s for Monday) I read most of a really cool book called Sabbath-Keeping and have big plans to stop being so busy. I’ll have to look back through pictures to see what else we did. I’ll post some soon–or direct you to Gabe’s blog as I’m sure he’ll put some up.

I didn’t have any contact with the internet for an entire week, and it was wonderful. It’s good to be back though. I missed all my new friends and hearing how big their babies are and how the morning sickness is going and whose fish died and how much everyone’s jobs stink. 🙂

Have a great Friday!

17 thoughts on “smokies and hokies

  1. egzorcyzmy

    Thank you, I’ve just been searching for info about this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far. But, what about the conclusion? Are you sure about the source?

  2. kkakwright

    FYI – the guy’s xanga site you left a comment on today (do you often leave comments on anonymous mens’ sites?) is my brother.  He graduated HS with Gabe.  But Gabe probably already told you all that by now.  I was joking about the anonymous men by the way! 😉

  3. kkakwright

    We missed you Marla!  Why do “vacations” always come with vomit?  Glad you enjoyed your hot tub. Hope your back held out through your hiking. Glad to have you back.  Enjoy your weekend in Cinti! 

  4. jbnygaard

    For just meeting you, I can’t believe how muched I missed you while you were gone! 🙂 I guess reading your book gave me the “Marla fix” that I needed! 🙂 Nice to have you home now…for now.

    I’m glad to know you were interested in the fish that have moved on to a better place. (ha-ha) We are now down to 5. Nemo, Wendy, Tiger, Blackie and George.

    I’m preparing for my “surprise” b-day party that I am not supposed to know about. I have a feeling it is tonite. I could be wrong. But I’m very excited!

  5. rachmckinney

    glad you’re back. your trip sound so nice! good for you for not setting expectations high for trips with little ones. it sounds so fun and to see bears…cool! the girls will remember that all their lives. can’t wait to see pics.

  6. gsowell

    I can’t believe how much your family’s trip to the Smokies sounds like ours: we saw bears, we had a pukey child and spent a lot of time washing out clothes (and car seat covers!). We hiked up to see a waterfall (Laurel Falls) where we also saw a bear! And our weather was unseasonably hot, too. Oh wait. You had the opposite! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  7. luvmynoah

    Hi Marla!  I am enjoying your book so much.  It’s fun to laugh so much between diaper changes.  I’m glad you had a beautiful trip.  I grew up taking “fall leaf drives” with my mom and hated them!!  Now I love it and make our family do it!  Noah would’ve loved to see those bears…he would’ve tried to sneak on in the car.

    No rock yet….Thanks for praying.  If we don’t see it tonight we’ll be heading to the hospital tomorrow for another xray to see where it is.  God is definatly teaching me to trust Him with this.  Talk to you soon!

  8. Nixter77

    Yeahhhhhhhh you are back – how fun 🙂  Sounds like yoiu had an awesome time.  I have always wanted to see real life bears too in the wild, glad got to see some.  Missed you heaps – glad you had fun, look forward to hearing more about your adventure.

    carrot vomit = why does vomit always have carrots in even when you don’t eat carrots????

    ps the book is on its way to you should be there soon 😉

  9. hcole86

    oooooohh! You’re back! I’ve missed your posts, horribly! Your adventure sounds like fun…with some interesting bits thrown in (or up?? 😉 )

    Can’t wait to hear more!

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