smacked upside the head

It’s 2:30 am, and I’m warming a bottle for a crying, teething infant by the light of the microwave. (Please–no comments about tooth decay as a result of late night bottles, the necessity of letting babies cry themselves to sleep, the benefits of breastfeeding for at least 12 months, or the hazards of using the microwave to heat bottles–thanks.)

Water heated, bottle mixed, cap screwed on, I shut the microwave door and head quickly toward the darkened stairs and my screaming child, when SMACK. I thought I knew my kitchen like the back of my hand, but I misjudged the length of the dividing wall between the refrigerator and the stairs landing. I hit the wall straight on, face first, hard. I thought for sure my forehead had shattered in a million pieces which were settling in atop my cheek bones, held inside my head by the skin on my face.

I stumbled up the stairs in a daze, my head throbbing. I immediately felt a nice goose egg above my left eye, which is still there 10 hours later, as is my headache. Oh, the things mothers will do for their children. Poor Nina is cutting her top two front teeth, and just when I was excited to see they are almost all the way through, I noticed two more fighting their way to the surface on the bottom. She’s been a doll in spite of her obvious pain.

Other random happenings:

Livi’s friend Sophie came over to play after school yesterday afternoon. She comes over once a week or so, and it’s always quite the adventure. She’s a smart little cookie and quite witty. I was putting away groceries when she spotted a smiling woman on the back of the Wheat Thins BIG box. “Oh, I LOVE Rachael Ray’s 30-Minute Meals!” she gushed. 🙂 Impeccable taste in television for a five-year-old.

I put whole milk in Nina’s sippy cup (which she refuses to use) yesterday as practice for her transition at 12 months.
Livi: What are you doing?
Me: She’s trying big girl milk.
Livi: You have the same milk as me, Nina!
Me: Actually, you have skim milk. Hers has more fat in it to make her chubby.
Ava: Like her mom?

Hope your Wednesday is all you dreamed it would be!

14 thoughts on “smacked upside the head

  1. scottnjes

    Ow!! Not sure how you managed to get up the stairs!

    Of course you should remember that in the motherhood lawbook, ANYTHING is legal in getting a child back to sleep between midnight and 6am.  ANYTHING!

    Might I add that little livi is absolutly gorgeous! I can’t believe she’s the same little girl from the photo at the top. She looks like such a kindergardner!

  2. kkakwright

    Don’t worry about tooth decay Marla.  That happens more when you they have a bottle on a regular basis at night and the milk sits on their teeth, all night, every night.  🙂

    I went to Target last night and saw the Fur Real Pony.  Wow.  Our Target was also out.  Amazing to me what some people will spend money on.  To each his own. 

    K3rry is currently getting 4 teeth.  Upper incisors and lower molars.  I thought of you as I rocked him in the middle of the night and sang Twinkle Twinkle. 

  3. tonialynn59

    Thanks for praying for us.  I told my husband that the one thing this has shown us is just how many wonderful friends we have.  I’m amazed to know there are people that are praying that don’t even know us.  I know it is that bond we have in Christ! 

  4. tonialynn59

    Oh the stories you can share with little ones in the house.  Your poor head though!  Ouch!  You should really be writing a book.  My son that is now 20 is the one I can tell so many stories about and still now I never lack for a good laugh!

  5. gsowell

    Sophie sounds like a delight to host once a week.

    OW! Josie ran into our dividing wall in the kitchen a few days ago, and she managed to really bang up her mouth, leading to LOTS of blood and a lovely beak-like fat lip for church. Be thankful for no blood, in your case!

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