I’m tired. We had a wonderful time with Kim, Andrew, and Ieva (which is pronounced Yeh-vuh, not Yay-vuh). They got here around 8pm Wednesday and left at 1pm today. They work at Lithuania Christian College in the Student Life Department, and we’ve supported them as missionaries for several years.One of my goals for the coming year is to save enough money (and work out the logistics) so I can teach English over there for 4 weeks next July in their Summer Language Institute.

We all got along so beautifully. Kim and I are very much alike and married younger men who are also similar to each other. (for example, Gabe and Andrew both hate coffee–especially the smell) And 19-month-old Ieva fit right in. They even got to meet my neighbor Olga who grew up in Latvia which borders Lithuania.

And of course they adored the Metro Gardens. The frogs, snakes and turtles were a big hit. And I filmed my video for church at the gardens while they were there, so it worked out perfectly for my kiddos.

We took them to BD’s Mongolian Barbecue for supper last night, and I told Gabe the meal was surely tax-deductible somehow since they’re missionaries. He said we could write it off as the Lord’s Supper.

The seven of us piled in our mini-van this morning (Gabe was at work) and attempted some garage sales. Two thumbs down! Teething Nina (2 more molars poking through–argh!) and freedom-seeking Ieva weren’t too thrilled about getting in and out of their car seats. We met Gabe at Chipotle for lunch.

I have a book contract! It’s not signed and all that yet, but I’ll work on a survey for you moms that should be ready by Tuesday or so. I’m so excited to write about you!

I’m too sleepy to write about anything else. Have a wonderful weekend! And HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

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  1. Joevarm

    I got linked to your sight because Google Alerts is set to look for “Lithuania” for me.  Anyway, it was exciting to see that you are looking at Going to LCC next year, because i’m trying to work out going next year too.  I’m a youth pastor and i take kids on mission trips once or twice a year, but i’m really looking forward to going on a trip with just me.  I’m also Lithuanian, and hope to meet some long lost relatives while there.

  2. Hoffmom

    They hate the smell of coffee?!?  How is that possible?  I love drinking coffee, but I think it smells way better than it tastes!  I guess they’d better never ever taste it!  😉

  3. rachmckinney

    congratulations!! that is so exciting, such an answer, right? i can’t wait to see the survey. glad you had fun with your friends.
    our church is having a huge garage sale here today; i mmight go see if i can find some goodies

  4. jbnygaard

    YIPPY! That is awesome news about the book contract!

    Garage sales and children in carseats are never a good combo. Sorry you had no luck!

    I’m so glad that your friends got to meet Olga! It’s neat to see how God places people in their lives to show them a glimpse of Him. 🙂

  5. ctorlone

    Marla…congratulations!  I’m so excited for your new book!  It will be great!  You are an easy read!  Glad the day went well for you…Ellie turned 3 yesterday!  And I’m sooooooooooo ready for this little one to be BORN!!! Oh, and it’s fun being a member of the “married a younger man” club!!! ha ha

  6. tonialynn59

    Sounds like you have had a full, fun couple of days.  BD’s Mong. BBQ is my fav place to eat at the moment.  Although I haven’t been there since my birthday in Jan.  Loved the Lord’s Supper comment!  That Gabe!  I hate coffee too but I do love the smell.  Mike is the coffee drinker here.  Congrats on the book contract and that is something I will pray for you about the book and the teaching English during the summer.  Happy Mother’s Day, dear friend!

  7. gsowell

    This was the most action-packed sleepy post ever! So neat to have your friends visit. And HOORAY for the book contract! You rock! Now go get some rest!

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