slave to spring

EDIT: Here’s a link to the canvas print of the girls.

Is there any better feeling than waking up to the sound of birds chirping through your open window and snuggling under warm covers while a cool breeze hits you in the face? My poor girls woke up freezing. They were sweating in bed last night, so I cracked their windows open around midnight. Brrrrrr…their little toes were so cold this morning, since they all kick their blankets off.

Fun, fun weekend. I’ll back up to Thursday evening. Livi’s first soccer practice. You know, poor me, soccer mom. Have to take the girls to practice all by myself. So, we get to practice early. Play on the playground. Fifteen minutes into practice, Ava has to go to the bathroom. Push Nina’s stroller to restrooms. Sign  says, “Closed until Mid-April.” Check my calendar—-March 22. Don’t figure Ava can wait that long. Pile the girls into the van, Nina in car seat–not happy, drive to CVS across the street, long walk to bathroom, hold Nina who desperately wants down, Ava can’t go. Back out to van, car seat–not happy, back to soccer practice, Nina back in stroller.

Fifteen minutes later, Ava really, really, really has to go (#2). Out of the stroller, into car seat, this time to Subway. I figure bathroom is much closer to front door. Hold Nina who wants down. Ava tries sooo hard to go. Can’t. Hmmmm…

Back to practice. Back in stroller. Ava plays on playground. Practice over. Ava walks over to me, face stricken. I know immediately what happened. She is deathly afraid I’ll be upset–I don’t know that she’s ever done this before. I hug her, tell her it’s okay, get in van, pull her pants off, put panties in a plastic bag, borrow Nina’s wipes, pants back on, toss bag. Head to dentist’s office–he bought copies of Is That All? for all his hygienists. 🙂 Tell Ava story of me as a first grader. Went to a Christian school, bus ride 1 hour, had to poop at school, no time, went in my panties on the bus. All the kids smelled it. Had to run home 1/4 mile from bus stop in a dress with poop in my panties.

Friday–my friend Colleen came over with Maggie and Ellie. Girls had a blast. Friday night, we drove to Bellefontaine in the pouring rain to try to fix a gutter on our house. No go. We hung out with our friends Brad and Courtney and Chloe. Courtney and I went to the Home Show to surprise our photographer friend Cami. She had a HUGE black and white canvas print of my girlies as her main display. Sigh.

Saturday–friends Mike and Melody and their three girls came over for basketball and pizza. I went to college with Mike, and Melody is the sweetest girl. We connected again a few months ago. Their girls are so much like ours, same ages and everything. I got take-and-bake pizzas for the first time. Large cheese. Large pepp and sausage. Medium chicken bbq. Was pulling the bbq one out of the oven on its flimsy baking sheet. Yeah, it fell on the floor upside down. I scooped all the toppings back on, spread them out, and ate it anyway. (but didn’t let my guests!) How embarrassing.

Yesterday, Gabe’s parents came to our church and spent the day with us. So much fun! I told Livi’s teacher that these were Livi’s grandparents. She looked shocked. “No way! I would’ve guessed sisters!” Yeah, she’s talking about me and Janelle. No one can ever believe that Janelle is a grandma. She’s 48 but looks younger. I’m 31 but apparently look much older. Our haircuts and color are similar. She looks cooler than me. I should have asked who she thought was the younger sister.

On that same note, two times last year my sister Stephanie (9.5 years younger) was garage-saling with my girls and me and people thought she was my daughter. “Oh, you have four girls! How sweet!” I’m looking into cosmetic surgery. The only bright spot I can recall in the past few months was the nursery worker at church who thought there was no way I was old enough to have kids older than Nina. That is really no consolation though. Poor me.

Anyway, we took Rock and Janelle to Smokey Bones, the Metro Gardens, a park where Livi could ride her bike, and then back home. It was sooo nice to be outside and to get to spend time with family.

This weather inspires me in millions of ways. I think I’ll start with the laundry.

19 thoughts on “slave to spring

  1. kellyleelizabeth

    Whoever thought Stephie was your daughter was either a) a complete mental case, b) heavily mediacted, or c) blind. Were they holding a white walking stick? Foaming at the mouth? Think really hard.

    PLEASE. Unless you have aged in some extreme way over the last month, you still look like you’re in your mid-20s.  And anyway, Steph can pass for much younger than she is. Don’t sweat it– I paid a toll the other day, wearing a very feminine outfit and plenty of make-up, and the guy said “thank you sir.” People are morons.

  2. bekisue

    I have a funny story for you too. During my sister’s move, she was bending over a lot and had jeans on. It was hot and everyone was getting drooping drawers. I simply looked over to her while she was bent over and said, “Did you borrow those jeans from Marla?” She stood up chuckled and pulled them up. So funny.

  3. kissabby

    My older sister is 35 and a couple years ago I was visiting her in CA and her neighbor said ohh is this your older sister to her… Yeah she was talking about me… My sister thinks its real funny! Me not so much 🙂

  4. luvmynoah

    Soccer mom here too!  Now I’m glad that Titus is in diapers.  You’ve got alot more patience than I do to go to all those places to a pit stop! 

    I love Janelle!  My mom and I go out and everyone thinks we are sisters.  She is 51 now and loves to hear that! 

    BTW- awesome pictures of the girls!!! 

  5. ClutzyButtercup

    A number of years ago we went on vacation with friends…4 adults and 4 children.  We had taken a day trip and on the way home stopped at 7-11 and got Big Gulps for everyone (they were on sale so everyone got a 44 ouncer).  About 10 miles before the interstate exit, my son (who is about 6 yrs old) starts saying he needs to go to the bathroom (pee).  I encourage him to wait and my friend starts asking her husband to consider stopping…He refuses (in his defense, we had had a pretty awful day which included a blow out on the interstate).  Finally, I realize my son cannot wait any longer so we get an empty Big Gulp cup and tell him to go…He is mortified but really doesn’t have an option.  As he fills the cup half-way, there are quite a few giggles in the car.  I was sure that he would be scarred for life but he has turned out pretty great!

  6. CamilleElizabeth

    Hi, Marla! I just wanted to stop by and say THANKS to you and Courtney for the best surprise ever – stopping by my booth at the Home Show! You guys really made my day/night! 🙂 I’m serious! You guys are great friends.

    The picture of your three little girls was very well received – everyone who saw it had nothing but compliments on how cute/beautiful they are!

    I know we’ve never met, KmHunsberger, but don’t feel bad about having “pregnancy brain” lapses – I’m also having them, too! (I’m only 17 weeks, got a ways to go!) I kept forgetting everyone’s name this weekend, and I felt really bad, but I can’t help it!!

    I hope you all have a wonderful week!! LOVE this weather!!

  7. jbnygaard

    You have a lot more patience than I do in the “poop department”. I believe your story was something that the Lord knew I needed to hear.

    After reading about having to take Ava somewhere to go to the bathroom so many times, made me thankful that I have boys! 🙂 We just find the nearest tree. Aim, and Fire! 🙂

  8. tonialynn59

    That picture of the girls is beautiful!  Love it1  And yes, we all have stories to remember about not making it to the bathroom!!  And I see your mother-in-law does not look 48!!  I just turned 48 in Jan. and I knew you were young but I wasn’t thinking about young enough to be my daughter.  Oh man.  I’m depressed!

  9. lendy_p

    Good for you for throwing away and not washing out! 😉
    I get taken for Lisa’s mom all the time. Makes me very depressed, and each time I vow never to go shopping with her again…

  10. ladymiss3739

    Beautiful picture of the girls…do you get one that big for your house too?  🙂 

    Poor, Ava.  Sweet, Marla.  What a gracious way to handle an otherwise embarassing moment!

  11. KmHunsberger

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I can only imagine how frustrated I would have been hauling around two kids back and forth to bathrooms only to have it end as it did. Your patience were so inspiring. You could not have handled the situation better and I can only hope that when I am in your situation (and I know I will be one day) that I can handle it nearly as well as you did!

    Ok, so I clicked on the canvas link you put in your post and under the picture it says, “Me at the home show on day 2”. I was SO confused bc I was like, that is NOT Marla!!! It took me at least two minutes to figure out that I was at Ackerman Imaging website. We will chalk it up to pregnancy brain…but man was I confused!!!!

  12. kkakwright

    I think the way Janelle carries herself makes her seem younger than she is. 

    I think you are the most beautiful, young-looking 31 year old, mother of 3 girls, and wife to Gabe that I have ever known. 

    People do often make comments before thinking.  I have had some doozies lately since I’m like 13 months pregnant and already have 2 so little. 

    Last thing…..who hasn’t accidentally dumped food on the floor and fed it to company anyway?

  13. Marketer319

    Yup, I think we all have a just-couldn’t-hold-it-anymore story to live with.  Good job keeping the whole situation under control, she would have felt 100 times more embarrassed if you were angry with her.  Instead it seems like she just felt protected,

  14. stephaniedawnbasham

    Poor Ava. And poor you. Maybe being a soccer mom isn’t something that comes naturally, it’s something that you have to learn. Maybe my kids won’t be athletic and I won’t have to worry about it. 🙂

    Last week Daniel and I went to Greenville to see Jason and Jen Malone for the evening. They have a 2 year old. She’s potty training. She told Jen about 86 times that night that she had to go to the potty, but could never actually go when she went (they said she had a fear of pooping and would hold it forever until they gave her laxatives or prune juice). Not just like Ava, but similar. And then when we came home Jen baked cookies for us for dessert and as she was pulling them out of the oven she dumped the cookie sheet upside down and all the cookies smushed in the crack in the opening of the oven. Kind of like your pizza story. Except she let us eat the cookies. 🙂

    Final note: I don’t think you look old at all….people are dumb. 🙂

  15. rocknnell

    Having Gabe at 18 ….you know..back then ” I was the babysitter” lol …. it was Gabe, I was GAbe’s sister….If I WAS AS THIN AS YOU….. THIN……..THIN…. then maybe…but  48 fat…and jeans….as AVA would say, ” what in the name “….lol

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