six minutes in the er

EDIT (10:12am): Ava only sprained her arm. Thank you, Jesus. Made lots of calls this a.m. and decided to take her back to the same ER. Walked in to find ZERO people in the waiting room (last night there were 40+ with a line out the door). In and out in an hour. THANK YOU for praying!! She’s super tired, emotional, and in some pain, so we’re going to lay low with the Cosby Show on Netflix. Please pray for quick healing (and that I’ll be a patient and loving mama). Thank you!!

Ava might have maybe broken her arm. We’ll know tomorrow. I took her to the ER tonight at 10:30, and there was a line coming out the door, and all the seats in the waiting room were filled. I said to the nurse who was registering us, “Busy night, huh?” and she said, “Yeah, you’re looking at a five-hour wait. At least.”


I knew I shouldn’t have let the guy with the bleeding head cut in front of us in line.

So we came back home, and I’m trying to help Ava get comfortable enough to sleep. Please pray for her. And for the rest of us too. It’s been a rough night.


9 thoughts on “six minutes in the er

  1. Rachelle

    Thankful it is just a sprain! My daughter had a wrist/hand sprain a few weeks ago. It took a little while to get over but much quicker than a break. Praying Ava gets better very soon!

  2. Sharon W

    Praying! It drives me crazy how long you have to wait at those places! My 15 mo old ended up w/a temp of 104 last month. I called her Doc earlier in the day when the temp was lower and he thought it was just a virus. After hours it got to 104 and we took her to urgent care around 7pm. We were told they didn’t have any open beds at the moment, they have 10 rooms, only had one Doc on duty and he was a thorough one that took his time with each patient. Which meant, you are going to be waiting for a very long time!!! Turns out she had strep. We didn’t get home until after midnight. It was a brutal, brutal experience for all of us.

  3. Kathleen

    We are driving to Phoenix for the weekend, a few more hours in the car and lots of time to pray. Hang in there, friend!

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