I’m feeling blessed. We just celebrated three days’ worth of Easter, and while it was tiring and lots of work w/traveling/packing/unpacking, it was worth being with all the wonderful people in our families.

God is so good to us.

Please pray for my friend Kristi. Her mom (in her 50’s) just had 2 heart attacks in 2 weeks. There is damage to her brain–even a possibility that she might go to be with Jesus soon. Pray for God’s best for Kristi and her precious family. Thank you!

Coming soon…baby monitor story and exciting upcoming opportunity God gave me…

p.s. for those who wanted to see my new short hair, there’s a pic on Gabe’s blog (gtaviano). It’s a bit wind-blown, but anyway…

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  1. mtaviano

    I wish! No, he is the President of Cedarville University, the school I attended. He actually wasn’t the President when I went there, but I’ve met him and heard him speak–he’s phenomenal.

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