she put some wind back in my sails

I called Gabe’s mom this morning on our way home from Urgent Care (third trip) and left a message. “We still feel miserable, but we’re not contagious. Is there any way you could come help us?”

Found out that this bug we have lasts 10-14 days. This has been the worst week of our lives. I’m praying the 2nd week of it is mild. Last night might have been the worst night of my life. Hacking up unbearably nasty things out of my chest, no sleep, coughing babies. God gave me just enough grace for each moment and not an ounce more.

I almost passed out at urgent care. Then I almost passed out when Gabe got in the van at Kroger and showed me the prescription bill. $173. No, really, it didn’t even phase me. I’d pay anything to get better at this point.

Janelle came around 4:00 and just left. She cleaned and bleached and vacuumed and dusted my house from top to bottom, did all my dishes and laundry, gave the girls baths and put them to bed, and even found time to watch old home movies with us. I owe her my very life. I cannot tell you what a boost it was for me. I have hit rock bottom several times this week, and now I feel like I can somehow make it through to the end. Thank you, Janelle. And just having someone in our house besides the five of us was wonderful. A real, live person from the outside world. Sigh.

My own mama has been stricken with the same stuff we have. Please pray she gets better soon too! Love you, Mama. (I know you’re probably not even reading blogs right now.)

Dear sweet Kimberly and dear sweet Kevin brought us homemade mac-n-cheese last night, along with presents for the b-day girl (and her sisters), and the most gorgeous cake/cupcakes EVER. I was so bummed that we had nothing for Neenie’s birthday–not a present, not a candle, nothing. The little girl felt awful, but it was so special. Thank you, Kimmy! I love you!

And thank you Jim and Carrie for the meal on Thursday and Holly for the beautiful Get Well basket. We are so blessed.
Nina’s nose is running like a faucet, bad cough, her whole face is getting chapped and she keeps falling asleep at random places on the floor. Ava is mostly better–just a bit of a cough. Livi has been like a walking zombie for the past two days, pale as a ghost and sleeping all the time. Gabe feels somewhat better but still has that nasty cough. I feel soooo much better than even this morning but still so weak and sick-feeling, and I’m pleading with God for a good night tonight. Oh, God, please.

I feel so far behind on life. And I feel like God must have taken me through this for a very good reason. I have NO idea how I’ve made it so far. I so admire the people who tough it through much, much, much worse circumstances.

Sara, if you’re reading this, I still plan on making it to the MOPS extravaganza Thurs. and Fri. Praying for quick healing. If something crazy happens, I’ll let you know. And Jess, did I ever finalize the dates I need to borrow Anna’s trundle bed? This Thursday night. I’d e-mail you, but this blog has about done me in.

Love you all. THANK YOU for praying and caring!

12 thoughts on “she put some wind back in my sails

  1. terriwright

    ^Gail is exactly right. You will need rest after you begin to feel better, as well.^

    I wish I lived close…..I’d come nurse. I can only send hugs and prayers. I am so sorry you all have been walloped with this. (2 p’s?)


  2. gsowell

    I’m praising God for Janelle and Kimberly. What a gift they were to you when you needed it. Another week does NOT sound wonderful. Glad that it will have an end in sight, but a week? Ugh. Praying for you friend. (And one bit of advice: don’t you dare try to “catch up” when you feel the least bit better. You’ll overdo, for sure. Wait until you’re fully well, then pace yourself.) Love you!

  3. rocknnell

    ” Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the FATHER of COMPASSION and the God of all comfort.”  If any of us, did not have Jesus in us….we would not have HIS compassion !  IT IS HIM…alone !

  4. ClutzyButtercup

    Isn’t it amazing what a clean house does for a sick body!  My hubby has never understood why I will struggle to pick-up evn when I am “dying”…The mental/perspective thing is really interesting!

    Still praying and trusting God to heal ALL of you!

  5. GooberandDicky

    Glad to read there is light at the end of the tunnel for you. We were hoping to help in some small way glad you enjoyed the food. We are continuing to pray for you and your family. God will provide!

  6. tonialynn59

    Yes, what do you have?  I have to get the flu shot for Justin.  So Mike and I get one too.  Boy oh boy I just can’t imagine what you have been through.  Praise God for your mother-in-law and great friends that came in and helped!  I wish I lived closer but I feel like I say that often on here!  Get better. Praying for all of you including your mom!

  7. KmHunsberger

    What in the world do you all have?!?!?! Is it the dreaded flu that we are all supposed to get vaccinated against. I opted out of the vaccines and so none of us got them…not even Noah. I felt like since I was never vaccinated against the flu as a child, and never got it…why should I put my kids through yet another shot. Your story is making me rethink my judgment…and scaring the eebie jeebie’s out of me

    Thank the Lord for wonderful friends…what a blessing they have been to you this week…and even hearing how they have cared for you has been a blessing to me!

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