she kicks like a girl

Livi had a soccer game last night. (Ava played Monday night–don’t think I mentioned that.) Neither of the girls has won a game yet, but they’re fun to watch, and they’re both playing really well.

So, we’re sitting there watching Livi’s team, and one of the dads (very rich, successful, important-looking man) is standing about 15 feet from us. He’s quite vocal. Not in a bad way really. Just lots of yelling/cheering. In the first quarter, there are 2 girls (Livi was one of them) playing defense, and the boys are on offense. The guy is dad to one of the boys. The other girl kicks the ball away from the goal, and the wife asks the guy, “What’s that girl’s name?”

“Oh, I don’t know the girls,” he says, with a disdainful wave of his hand toward the two of them. I can’t convey his tone in writing, but I am 100% convinced he was suggesting that the girls on the team were of so little consequence he couldn’t trouble himself to actually remember their names. This team is the same team they had in the fall (with a few minor changes). Their names are on their jerseys. This is their 15th game together.


Second quarter. Score tied at zero. Livi’s on offense. The dad is yelling. Three kids in the goalie box. (one of them mine, one of them his) Someone scores. Who was it? (in a moment, I will tell you)

He turns to his wife, “Who scored?”
“Shhhhh…,” she says. “It doesn’t matter who scored.”
“No, really, who scored?”
“Shhhh…it doesn’t matter.”
“No, I just want to know, so I can congratulate someone.”
“I just want to know who to congratulate.”

They kept going back and forth, back and forth. It was weird. And I couldn’t stop grinning. And yelling, “Way to score, Livi!” Their team has played 2 games all year. They have one goal. Scored by a…girl.

In the fall, she’ll be on an all-girls team. That will be good. (Reminder to self: buy Livi some longer soccer shorts. Oh, you should see the poor thing in her long legs and short shorts! She’s got 10 inches of leg showing, and everyone else has less than 2.)

You have all day to enter the drawing for Hope Lives. Please leave your comment on the previous post.

I got up and ran again this morning, despite being super sore. Hold me accountable if you would. That’d be cool.

Kristin is having her baby today! And maybe Missy! Pray for safe deliveries and healthy little boys!

Have a great day!

18 thoughts on “she kicks like a girl

  1. DerrickandKenny

    When I played soccer as a kid, my dad would run up and down the sideline cheering me on.  It was never something I felt embarrased by.  I am however embarrased by the “hot pants” I was wearing.  Egads! 

  2. terriwright

    Livi rocks!!!!! Maybe it’s the shorts??????? I’m very proud of you for getting into the running groove….I need to get BACK into the walking groove. Sigh………so easy not to do.

    My youngest son is one of those dads…only  not arrogant..just yelly. Gina just whacks him occasionally.

  3. kkakwright

    wonder where she gets her long skinny legs? 🙂  i bet you were beaming with pride when she scored. 
    good job on running.  what is your goal?  every day? 5 days a week?  3 days a week?

  4. mtaviano

    @ladymiss3739 – Her shorts aren’t indecent. It’s just that she was the tallest one on the field and is all leg. Everyone else had the long, cool shorts that meet their socks at their knees. Livi has old-school garage-sale shorts.

  5. gsowell

    Way to go, Livi!!! And way to go, Mom, not telling off that arrogant dude… Jesus loves it when you are obedient and only use your tongue to build people up. Sounds like you passed the test!

  6. M3mine

    Congrats to Livi!  We were a soccer family too—two of three played. Love the game.  Soccer dads of boys can be a real trip.  And then the kids all  hit high school and the girls ARE better than the boys.  Those dads become really interesting then—-they want soccer girls for their boys’ girlfriends!  Ha! 

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