see you monday!

Thanks so much for your love and prayers! Today is a marvelous day. Mostly because I’m choosing to be a thankful, grateful person who recognizes the huge blessings in my life, instead of a stinky person who can’t see past her own nose.

God is so good!

Today is Pack and Prepare Day at our house. So far, we’ve washed out used water bottles and filled them with kool-aid, made rice krispies treats, put mini-marshmallows and cheese crackers in snack baggies, and chosen which 4 Groovy Girls get to make the trip with each Human Girl.

On the to-do list: put songs for Livi and Ava on Gabe’s iPod Shuffle and my MP3 player, make peanut butter cookies and banana bread, go grocery shopping, take books back to the library, mail some books (2 more orders of 3!), make sandwiches, laundry, pack clothes and stuff, print out some license plate games…you get the point.

Gabe’s camera isn’t working properly (eek!), so that’s a prayer request.

Here’s our itinerary:
Wednesday–leave at 7:30a.m. for Akron Zoo, spend most of the day there, head to my friend Missy’s house around 2:30, food and fellowship, spend the night.
Thursday–leave Missy’s around 8:30a.m., meet Nichole and her little one at the Cleveland Zoo at 10:00, have a fun!, fun! time, spend the night at Nichole’s.
Friday–leave early for the Erie Zoo, see some animals, drive 2ish hours to hotel in Pittsburgh, SWIM!, sleep.
Saturday–up and at ’em early, head to the super-cool Pittsburgh Zoo, zoo ’til we drop, drive 3 hours home
Sunday–church, potluck, CRASH, recover
Monday–put everything away. blog. get ready for school on Wednesday.

I’ll let you know Monday if this 4-zoos-in-4-days adventure was a.) awesome and exhilarating, b.) exhausting and a bit much, or c.) the DUMBEST thing we’ve ever done.

I’m optimistically hoping for a. Yet realistic about my expectations for my dear family at the same time.

Have a great week! Talk to you soon!

24 thoughts on “see you monday!

  1. angstump

    So I’m finally drawing back my blogging curtain and realizing people can have BLOGs aside from BLOGger. Did you count how many times I said BLOG in that last sentence? Are you impressed? UMM, hello Marla Taviano. I’m your new blog stalker, and I’m proud I am now returning the favor. :o) Have a blast at those zoos! I’m jealous. Just avoid the Portland zoo on Two Dollar Tuesdays…like the plague. I’ll be coming back on Monday to get the details.

  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    I am SO excited for you guys! I’m memorizing your itinerary so I can think of you wherever you are each day next week and imagine what you might be doing. 🙂

    If I could, I would come to your house and bake cookies, pack, organize water bottles, and plan car games and everything! It all sounds like so much fun! At least to me, it does.

    Love you bunches! I’ll be praying for safety and fun times!

  3. Anonymous

    Have an awesome time!  Many prayers and blessings with the fam!!!  No matter what happens, I hope you guys get plenty of enjoyment with each other!  🙂

  4. gsowell

    Thank you for the itinerary. I’d lost track of when and where you were headed. I am proud of you for all this advance preparation. May your departure time be smooth and blessed (with no last minute cookies).

  5. terriwright

    I’m voting D)al of the above. You’ll probably all stink after 4 zoos in 90-degree heat. Phew!

    Be careful….enjoy the time spent with your girlies…you’re building HUGE memories.

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