school's! out! for the sum-mah!

So today’s our First Official Day of Summer Vacation. The girls both had great years and amazing teachers. We love you, Mrs. H and Mrs. M! Speaking of Mrs. M, the girls and I are spending a couple hours this morning helping her clean out her classroom.

When I told Gabe, he said, “Ava’s not going to be happy that she has to go back to school on the first day of break.” He obviously does not understand the joys of purging and organizing and helping your teacher when school is already out. Ava is thrilled! And so are her sisters.

Then, if the rain holds off, we’re heading to the pool and buying our first pool pass. I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve been to a public pool in their lifetimes. And I decided this would be The Year of the Pool.

Honestly? I’m not a big fan. I’d rather sit on the back porch (or in bed! or on the beach!) and read all summer long. But those little crazies love water, and since I don’t have any babies anymore, I’m thinking it will work.

This is also going to be The Summer of Intentional and Purposeful Mommy-Daughter Quality Time. I’m a girl of many ideas and ambitions, and this summer I intend to raise one of my ambitions high, high above the rest. To have fun with my girls.

Yes, there’s Cambodia (woohoo!!) and yes, I’ll do some writing, but I’m reeeeeeeally feeling an uncomfortable crunch right now. By the time summer chills into fall and fall freezes into winter, my oldest will be in the Double Digits Club, and my youngest will turn five. FIVE.

These are the glory days, and I want them to drag by in slow motion. (Although I have a feeling they won’t cooperate.)

So, things might ebb and flow here at the blog. I’ll try posting every day for awhile, but I may cut back to Monday, Wednesday, Friday or something like that. We’ll see.

Thanks for making my blog a place I love to be. And for loving my family so sweetly.

Happy, Happy Summer, friends!!

9 thoughts on “school's! out! for the sum-mah!

  1. Elizabeth

    I hope our summer is just like the one you’ve described, and I hope yours is too! Our kids aren’t babies, which makes things fun but makes it necessary to be a little more creative with how we spend our time with them. Mine are already saying “we’re bored” about a million times a day. I want it to be quality, fun time, but I’m already running out of ideas!

  2. Sarah M

    love the idea of having intentional quality time….there defintely room for more of that in my life! enjoy the pool!!

  3. Stephanie your sister

    This post gave me the warmest, most wonderful cozies of my life.

    Summer. The pool. Quality time. Fun. Mother-daughter bonding. Memories. Ahh….

    I’ve been so inspired lately to make life about enjoying it and not just getting through it. This post only adds to my inspiration!

  4. Michelle Sarabia

    I’m with ya! I decided to get an early morning start…5:30ish and get the “me” stuff done. Running, reading the word and writing my blogs. That at least makes me feel that I can accomplish some things without the kids thinking I’m on the computer all the time!

  5. mary

    Marla, one thing I will never regret is making summer all about my kids each year! I have great memories of pool times, VBS, summer movies,4-H fair( I sooo recommend 4-H to parents as one of the best life time experiences for kids..loved scouts,etc but 4-H rocks and is NOT just for country kids), church camp(Mike and went as counselors most the time) and day trips. You will never regret it!Such good memories. 🙂

  6. Holly V.

    @Ali…..we SO think the same way! I was just wishing that all of us attended the same pool. Wouldn’t that just be super cool? (and yes….I rhyme, also.)

    Love BOTH of you girlies.

  7. Ali

    I wish your pool and my pool were the same pool. Not that it would matter. I’ll be confined to the six-inch-deep waters while your brood will be doing flips off the high-dive.

  8. Mrs. M

    I’m so grateful that you and the girls are kind enough to help me with this task. You guys are the best!

    You are so smart to take the time to enjoy your girls while they’re young. I’m so glad that I took time to stay at home while my “babies” were young. They grow up all too soon and before you know it they want to hang out with friends and go on dates. Seize every moment of their young lives while you can!

    You are such an awesome mom! It shows in Ava. What a delightful girl she is!

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