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So, let’s talk about school for a bit. What do you remember about your school days? Elementary, junior high, high school, college, grad school? Do you have fond memories? Horrid ones? A little bit of both?

Think back to first grade for a minute. What were you like? What did you enjoy? What was your favorite part of school? Who were your friends? What scared you?

I just got back from a conference with Ava’s teacher. I had one with Livi’s teacher last Tuesday. Both went well. I’m feeling the love from both of their teachers which is always comforting. I’ll share some of what we discussed in a sec. But first, here’s a peek at my own journey through school:

Two years of preschool at a Christian school. I remember great big (blow-up) letters. “Munchy Mr. M” is coming to mind. I don’t remember much else. Kindergarten–same school. I remember my classroom. I remember a Christmas party where we had a real Christmas dinner. They made me eat sweet potatoes. I think I threw up a little. First grade–same school. I remember Jason Love kissing me on the arm at recess. I remember trying to skip a rung on the monkey bars. I remember being asked if I wanted to skip to 2nd grade, but I was scared to because I didn’t know cursive.

My mom home-schooled me 2nd-4th grades. I remember our “school room” (part of the kitchen). I remember history tests and trying so hard to get perfect scores. I remember learning “carrying and borrowing” in math and was soooo frustrated when I didn’t understand it at first. I remember finishing school a couple months early one year, because my mama was great with child.

Fifth grade–public school. Intimidating. I dressed kind of funny. Yet somehow, one of the popular girls adopted me, and I ran with the cool crowd. One of the boys from my class came to Sunday School one Sunday, went back and reported to the rest of the 5th grade that I was “a completely different person at church. She’s all hyper and loud and crazy. You wouldn’t even believe it!”

Sixth grade–we moved. New school. Cried some (at home). Kids made fun of me for being smart. Overall, wasn’t bad. 7th grade–came out of my shell. Too much perhaps. Got in some trouble. Sassed my teachers. Had fun. 8th grade–same. High school–I was pretty cool. Good hair. A little mouthy. Opinionated. Boyfriend. Friends. Sports. Valedictorian. Put a lot of pressure on myself.

College–freedom. No one knew anything about me. Determined they wouldn’t know I was smart. Got my first B. My first C. Skipped class. Slept through class. Slacked off. Graduated a year early. (majoring in education is no longer the cake walk it was when I was in college–stinks to be all of you!)

How did this turn into a post about me? Sorry. Back to Livi and Ava. They’re very different. Livi is a perfectionist, works hard, takes school seriously, is at the top of her class. Ava is more laidback, not such a big fan of schoolwork, doesn’t see the need to make anything perfect.

The cool thing? They’re both doing really well. Even the daughter who succumbs to meltdowns and over-dramatization at home is “polite, sweet, easygoing, and a dream student” at school. They both have friends and are well-liked. I feel really blessed.

I’m wondering how they will evolve as “students.” Will they always be obedient and compliant? Or will the inner rebel come out in the next year or so? Or in 7th grade? How will their peers affect them? How will they affect their peers? What does the future hold?

Part of me would love to homeschool them. I miss them. And there are other things to consider. But for now, I’m grateful. They’re loved and cared for at school. And they’re learning all kinds of things. And their teachers have loads more patience and organizational skills than their mother does.

And probably don’t ramble so much.

I’d love to hear a little snippet of your school experience. Just something that stands out in your memory. What did you love/hate about school?

Have a great day!

19 thoughts on “school daze

  1. Anonymous

    WAIT!! It’s me again Marla! Goodness – I walked away from the computer and trying to remember 4th grade – HELLO! That would be the craziest year of all…….My teacher, Miss K – had this boyfriend the entire school year – that no one ever saw or met b/c he lived and worked “out of town”. He was a construction worker – her highschool sweetheart. Every couple of weeks, he’d send her flowers or candy – during school hours and she’d show them to our class and all the other teachers. After Christmas break, she came to school with an engagement ring – they were getting married (still no one had seen this guy – but he sure did buy lots of flowers)…..towards the end of school, Miss K got a devistating phone call (DURING SCHOOL) – her fiance had been crushed to death by a crane on one of his job sites. The school was in mourning over this poor teachers future husband. Our class went together and sent flowers to his family (he did have a name) – the family called the school after they received the flowers and said their son wasn’t dead – he in fact was alive, married, with kids – but they did know Miss “K” from his highschool. She had made the whole thing up – CRAZY!!! Needless to say, she didn’t come back the next year. I remember my Mom being FURIOUS! Even with all the craziness (and mental issues) – Miss K was a great teacher.
    Ok…I’m done now 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Fun post Marla!
    I went to a Christian School K-12th grade. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Things that stuck out……..I cried, and I mean CRIED, the first 2 hours of Kindergarten. The school nurse had to drag me to my classroom and banned my Mom from the school building (she was crying too). Needless to say, I survived, but I remember thinking that Kindergarten was NOT fun (and my big sis wasn’t there – she was in 1st grade). In 1st grade, I remember looking forward to chapel (once a week) – in particular, a chapel series that a favorite teacher was leading – she used a flannel board. Her story was captivating. For weeks, I looked forward to hearing more about the story. One day, I was in line to go to the last flannel board chapel, the school nurse pulled me out of line and told me I had chicken pox. I was devistated. I had to go to the nurses office and wait for my Mom to pick me up. I still don’t know the end of the flannel board story 🙁 2nd grade……I remember a girl – let’s call her “Beth”. She was a spoiled brat…I mean child….and she bossed everyone around and claimed everything as her own. Any toy that was found in the room – she would say “That’s mine” and then proceed to tell the story behind WHY it was hers (even if it wasn’t). My friend and I decided to trick her one day (not sure where I got the nerve to do this)….I brought a little red purse from home and we “hid” it in the room – and then told the teacher what we were doing. My friend, Susan, “found” the purse and said “Who’s is this?”. “Beth”, as usual, immediately responded “It’s mine”. Susan and I had “caught her” – I don’t know why we thought that was great – but at the time, it felt good to put her in her place – the teacher must have wanted to catch her too – I can’t imagine going along with a plot like that in my classroom these days. Oh to be 7 again 🙂 3rd Grade, a boy in 2nd grade made fun of my singing during music time. It hurt my feelings so badly that I stopped singing and started mouthing the word to songs. 4th – 6th grade – pretty un-eventful (I think….) 7th – 9th grade – awkward, skinny girl that somehow got the nickname “Chickie” – the Seniors thought my hair looked like baby chicken feathers – LOVELY! 10th grade – “went together” with my first boyfriend. We never really went anywhere – or held hands 🙂 11th Grade – started dating my future hubby……almost 15 years later – we have 2 precious kiddos 🙂
    Now I’m trying to figure out what’s best for my kiddo’s. My oldest will start Kindergarten next fall (sniff, sniff). So far, she’s going to go to a Christian School, but I have been praying a lot about homeschooling too. It’s great to hear such positive stories about it 🙂
    That’s me in a nutshell 🙂

  3. jbnygaard

    2nd grade- I remember sitting on someones cupcake. I had just moved to the school too.

    6th grade- My teacher Mrs.Grigg was in her 50’s and had died red hair that was really poofy, big boobs that she always stuck out, and loved to wear her purple high heal shoes. She was quite a character.

    5th-7th grade- Had lots of petty arguments with girlfriends and can remember them making fun of me for being little. Struggled fitting in.

  4. Hoffmom

    Ugh……that hill!  The one in the second half where you were basically crawling by the time you got to the top….and then still had a mile to go?  My lungs are burning just thinking about it.  I never did well there.  Nothing against Ohio Caverns, I loved visiting the caves…..just not running races on top of them.  🙂

  5. Hoffmom

    Oh yes, I do remember running against WLS for CC.  I think we even went to a meet there….trying to remember the course.  There were certain (usually the unfavorable ones) courses that stick in my mind.  WLS wasn’t the meet where we ran at Ohio Caverns was it?  That and the Troy course were the two that I despised the most. 

  6. ihavenotin2do

    hmm I was home schooled from preschool to 7th grade. 8th grade went part time to a Christian school and part time home school. Same 9th grade. 10th grade full time Christian school. 11th grade part time joint vocational school where I took cosmetology and then part time Christian school and throw in a few classes homeschooling in order to finish all the required credits. Senior year I had all my credits done so I slacked big time and was finished with school by around 12 every day. I had just my cos classes and then the required government class that was only for the first semester. Other wise I took bible at the Christian school which was once a week after school let out. When I graduated it came out to about an extra 15-20 credits that I completely didn’t need but had. Oh and throw in a few online classes, classes on DVD, and some self taught classes. I had tried all of it and wouldn’t trade any of it! It was the best thing for me to go to a public school. I was a very judgmental self-righteous little Christian girl before that. Going to public school opened my eyes to the real world and humbled me big time! I learned what it meant to be real and be who you are. I learned to stand up for what I believe in and not to judge other Christians and put them down. Sad that it took until 11th grade to understand that, but we all grow in our own time.

  7. mtaviano

    @Hoffmom – Ha! You remember Munchy M! Gabe thought I was hallucinating. We did Psalty’s CC at Community one year. 🙂 And we moved to West Liberty when I was in 6th grade, so I went to WL-Salem HS. I think I remember running against (waaaaay behind) you. 🙂

  8. luvmynoah

    K5-half of second grade at TCS…Mrs. Heath. 🙂  I enjoyed school for the most part.

    Parents seperated and divorced in 2nd grade…we had to go to public school for money and other reasons.  I was scared…didn’t know anyone.  I did fine after I was there for a while.  Elementary…first experiences with being made fun of for glasses…boobies. My first school play..I was Lucy in the Charlie Brown program.  Fell in love with theater!   Transfered to another school when we moved to a new house.  NOT FUN.  Tease in the bathroom…teased on the playground. 

    Middle school….lots of challenges.  I loved music though and started to excel in voice and choir. Bad hair!!!!  Bad glasses…I’d post a picture but it’s scary!

    High School- the good parts were youth group.  I enjoyed swing choir, leads in school musicals….anything that had to do with plays and singing.  I struggled with a bully for two years.  I was harrased and hurt.  He graduated before I was a senior and my year was so much better.  I was not super popular or unpopular.  I was nice to everyone.  I was known for being a “good” girl and a Christian.  I loved our prayer groups before school. 🙂  Youth group got me through school by far!  I ended up being a class officer and for the most part having a good senior year.  I wish I had great memories…but I don’t have many.  🙁

  9. hollydue

    My parents were both teachers at my school while I was growing up. This was wonderful and horrible all at the same time. I loved having them close, but hated that any infraction or stupid mistake was communicated to them immediately via a teacher or student. Ugh. My mom taught at the elementary level, but my dad was at our high school and well loved by most of the students there. Probably my fondest memories of high school involve being in his music classes or interacting with him throughout the day. I hope my kids will look back on their school days as good experiences……

  10. Anonymous

    Neat post, Marla. I enjoyed your walk down memory lane! I always put a ton of pressure on myself to perform as well as possible in school. So when I went to college, my dad told me to chill out and have fun.  I still graduated with honors, but it was nice to break free, at least a little, from trying to be perfect.  It’s exhausting!

  11. OkinawaAna

    I went to the same public school from kindergarten through graduation.  My parents had also gone to the same school from kindergarten through graduation.  Everyone knew everyone.  I’m only now starting to appreciate how wonderful it was to grow up and go to school in such a close-knit community. 

  12. YoGrandmaYo

    Wow, does this ever bring back memories!:)  Something comes to my mind in relationship to this subject.  I had many friends come to me and ask my advice on what to do:  public school, Christian school, or home school.  I guess they thought since I had done all 3, that I was an expert.:)  The best I could do was tell them about MY experience, and why we chose to do what we did, and then tell them I’d pray for them to make the right decision for THEIR family.:)  Cop-out, I know.:)  Anyway, I have WONDERFUL memories of home schooling!  I know………..I probably have “selective” memory.:)  But I just KNOW it was God’s will for us at the time, and I loved it!  If I remember correctly, I didn’t do too much in the area of teaching you, Marla.:)  I pretty much just “supervised.”:)  But I remember feeling such a closeness in our family and a feeling of such contentment when I was home schooling.:)  For some reason, I’ve been feeling so nostalgic lately about my family and how much God has blessed your dad and I!  Love you, honey, and can’t wait for all of us to be together!:) 

  13. gsowell

    In first grade, I wore a dress to school. I was playing on the monkey bars at recess. Brent Krajicek saw my underpants. He told EVERYONE. I never wore a dress to school again without shorts under it.

    In second grade, we were playing Wizard of Oz. Trisha always got to be Dorothy because she had dark hair that she always wore braided. They always made me be the Tin Man. I hated being the Tin Man.

    I loved school. I could go on and on.

    I had my “conference” yesterday, too. My kids’ teacher was on maternity leave when they had school-wide conferences, so she sent home a note today. Two sentences per kid. That’s all. So I basically know nothing about how they’re doing.

  14. Hoffmom

    Hmmm….I think I remember Jason Love….didn’t he have a little sister named Mandy?  I was thinking the other night about school Christmas programs and how fortunate we are to escape them right now!  But, I will never forget doing Psalty’s Christmas Calamity at Sugar Grove when I was in 5th grade.  Now, that I’m mentally calculating however, I bet you weren’t there that year.  That would have been your second grade.  Too bad.  🙁  I remember you in John’s class though early on.  Mostly all I remember about that though is that John was always getting in trouble with Philip Kiper.  I remember Munchy M and don’t forget that Mr. H had horrible hair! 

    I loved SG and cried for months when we had to transition from SG to a totally different Christian school in Florida. Came back to Ohio and DC for high school and had a fabulous experience there too.  I was a typical oldest kid… everything right and be good.  What hs did you attend again?  Brookville?  Maybe we ran against each other my senior year.

    I’ve been waiting for you to post more about the girls’ schools.  I’m curious about the whole magnet school thing. (we’re doing a virtual charter this year)  I’m glad they’re doing well!

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