say it ain’t so

I have tears streaming down my cheeks. Tears of laughter. Oh my. Whew.

So, I’m putting Livi and Ava to bed a few minutes ago. The drill is that they hop in bed, I pray, they each choose a song for me to sing. On nights when I’m feeling patient and pleasant, we do “made-up songs” where they pick the subject (i.e., “me and Ava and the Narnia kids and Tinkerbell riding our bikes to school”) and I make up a song about it. Most nights, they just pick a “not made-up” song. But I digress…

So, I’m rushed tonight. Lots to get done and it’s already past their bedtime. “Each of you pick a song and make it quick.”

Ava: Can you sing the rear end one?
Mommy: The rear end one?
Ava: Yeah, the one about the rear end.
Mommy: I don’t know any song about a rear end.
Ava: You know, the one with the king.
Mommy: The king?
Ava: Yeah, the king and the rear end.
Mommy: The only song I know about a king is “I love you, Lord.”
Ava: Yeah, that’s it.

Quick note: I have been singing this song to Ava since she was born. I used to sing it whenever I rocked her to sleep. To this day, when she hears it, she begs me to rock her. Lately I’ve been trying to avoid the song as much as possible since I already have one baby to rock, and she is almost four.

She has always called it “Love you, Lord.” Where did the rear end thing come from? I start singing the song, hoping I will figure out what in the heck she’s talking about.

“I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice…to worship you, oh my soul rejoice. Take joy, my King, in what you hear…may it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear.”

Your ear. I get it. Your ear. Otherwise known as “your rear.” May my song be a sweet sound in your rear, O Lord. In your rear end, O Lord. Take joy in my song that sounds sweet in your REAR END.

I die laughing. Livi joins in. So does Ava. “It’s “ear,” sweetie. EAR. Not rear, but EAR.”

She knew that.


10 thoughts on “say it ain’t so

  1. Sharon

    lol! So glad you linked to this in your recent post as this funny event happened prior to my knowing about your awesomeness and blog. I’d love an example of an entire song you make up. I often make up songs, too, for my girls. It’s so fun!

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  3. CourtneyMarieP

    totally laughing all alone right now!  i’m remember also how Chloe prayed at supper the other night for Livi and Ava not to be selfish!  I’m like…what about you! 🙂  she likes to pray about other people’s weaknesses!  LOL

  4. KmHunsberger

    That is so funny!!!! I love those hilarious moments with your kids that you just have to document bc it would be a crime to forget it. Your girls sound like they have amazing personalities!!

  5. MarcelleAnna

    hey! this is anna norton…i was checkin to see who all looked at my xanga yesterday and i saw your name! i was like “hey i know her!”….so ya, i read your blog….i love ava and livi! they’re so cute! so have you guys moved yet? sorry i dont pay much attention.

  6. Nixter77

    That is the cutest, I loved that you then wrote out the song with the “new” words.  Very Very cute.  I have two half sisters, one 4 and the other 7, they come out with the funniest sayings.

    My sister asked me where my Dad was, I told her that my Dad was standing next to her, we have the same Dad.  She kept saying “no your Dad”, I replied the same.  Then she said “no I mean Scott”  He is my husband – DOH!!!

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