retro (i.e. redneck) halloween costumes

If I had plans to be sitting around my computer all day, I might start a “discussion” on whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween and how. Maybe another time…

We do the trick-or-treat thing, but seeing as I am a.) a cheapo and b.) not crafty, my girls’ costume options are generally limited to a.) whatever they can find in the dress-up box in the basement or b.) a soccer player.

As it turns out, when it comes to Halloween, I get my Mother of the Year tendencies from my own dear mom.

Meet Pluto and Wonder Woman (a.k.a. my brother Josh and me).  Aren’t our costumes incredible?

EDIT: So, more than one geek has kindly corrected me. I AM BAT GIRL (hear me roar!), not WONDER WOMAN. Where was my head?? My sincerest apologies to all you comic enthusiasts (freaks)!

And here we are a couple years later when, apparently, I took over the costume design myself. This is my friend Ronda, me, Josh, (and Bethany as the trick-or-treat loot). If my memory serves me, that’s red lipstick all over our faces (but I have no idea where we found it, as my mom is not the red-lipstick-wearing type).

The sad thing? I have more where these came from.

What was your best/worst Halloween costume?

18 thoughts on “retro (i.e. redneck) halloween costumes

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  2. Leigh

    I wasn’t allowed to trick-or-treat growing up due to my parents’ more conservative beliefs about Halloween. I was allowed to go to a Halloween party in 8th grade, where I transformed myself into a hippie. It was great! Then no dressing up until college where freedom and parties abounded. So what did I dress up as for one of those first college Halloween parties? A hooker. My parents were so proud- ha!

  3. Stephanie your sister

    Wow. I’ll be honest. I’m okay with being absent from those pictures.

    I remember being a mime, a Bengals football player, a mouse, and a Honda worker (or am I just thinking of wearing the actual uniform the summer I worked there??). I didn’t particularly like any of them.

  4. joyce

    My worst was an Aisan girl costume which is so not PC but it was the early 70’s and it was gorgeous. I was not feeling disrespectful-I loved it. I had a kimono type dress and authentic shoes from Japan my dad had brought back for me and a mask which was all gold. It was actually a very pretty costume but it fit snugly around the legs (it was long) and I couldn’t move too fast. My brother took us trick or treating and we stopped at one of his friends houses and their ginormous German Shepherd started chasing me. Needless to say I couldn’t run in the kimono and went down flat on my face on the sidewalk. I definitely remember that Halloween!

  5. Joel McLaughlin

    My Dad had some gigantic Budwieser stickers one year. By Gigantic, I mean big enough they could be stuck on the side of a truck. So my dad took plywood cut into two circles with the top one having the head hole and the bottom a ring, stapled posterboard to that and stuck the Bud stickers on the side of it and spray painted the top and bottom silver. Yep! My brother was a beercan!

    Then there were the years we made masks from paper mache. We did that over a blowed up balloon and when it dried, popped the balloon. Cut out holes and painted and decorated.

    BTW: Marla you were Bat Girl, not Wonder Woman.

  6. Sarah M

    Those plastic masks bring back such memories! I love the retro pics 🙂 My worst costume ever was in high school….yep. HS. I wanted to run around the neighborhood real quick and collect some candy to take to my friends house for a Halloween party and didn’t have any $$ to buy candy, so this was my genious idea. I put a paper bag over my head with eye holes in it and wrote on the bag…”I’m a bag lady”. Soooo dumb, but I got candy….and a few eye rolls too 🙂

  7. Jennifer

    I wanted to be a princess in the fourth grade, but of course, they didn’t have all those elaborate Disney princess dresses that they do now. So, my mom found her bridesmaid dress from my aunt’s wedding, circa 1972, and I wore that with a crown. I probably should have been more amazed back then that what my mom wore at 22 I could wear at 10 (she was tiny!), but I’m even more amazed that my girls wear the same dress (hemmed up really high) when they play dress up at Gram’s house. They made some tough fabric back in 1972!

  8. Krysten

    My mom made me a clown costume with a matching ruffled collar for my dog. It was a really cute costume, I just feel sorry for the dog.

  9. Cheryl Pickett

    Doesn’t matter what the concept was, those plastic masks with the thin elastic band to keep it on are certainly memorable. You couldn’t breath through the masks of course. And then, living in MI the bigger challenge was how to put together a costume that either allowed for layers of clothes underneath or consisted of layers as trick or treat night could be 70 or 30 degrees and raining.

  10. Denise

    I really don’t remember much of what I went as most of the time. I do remember though one year being in a poodle skirt…my grandma made it for me…

    The worse costume…actually wasn’t all that bad, except that I am a genius and decided to wear my dad’s shoes….Im a 7.5 my dad, large – 11? something like that…I walked around my friend’s neighborhood in those and towards then end I tripped and cut me knee open. not my finest idea.

  11. Angela

    One Halloween, when my mom was working nights, my dad did a last minute costume for me. He put me in my red hooded sweatshirt and attatched blown up balloons all over it – I was a bunch of grapes. It’s a good memory, though, and my mom thought it was cute when we visited her at work.

  12. Megan Bradford

    Oh Halloween……such an interesting subject huh? We didn’t celebrate Halloween growing up. We weren’t allowed to go trick-or-treating. AND, I wore a red crayon costume for many many years to our school parties! That truly is the only costume I can remember having!

    We now do the trick-or-treating thing, but that is about the extent of our Halloween celebrations. And I would be willing to do away with that tradition if the kids weren’t so excited about that sugary tradition.

  13. Deborah

    Well, was it when I was the Sky Blue Crayola Crayon in first grade?

    Or the Rubics Cube in second grade?

    Or the Stop Light (with Red, Yellow and Green) cellophane in fourth grade?

    Or the Piano (no–I’m not kidding–Egg Box upside down, piano keys painstakingly drawn/glued to the flap, turned outwards) (complete with my playing “scary music” recorded on my Dad’s brand new ‘Micro Cassette Recorder’) in fifth grade?

    Of course sixth grade was a Southern Belle, complete with the parasol I’d gotten at the end of fourth grade.

    And then, each of the four us were Policemen just like Daddy every year when we were three. I didn’t especially like my fake mustache, but I *loved* having my own handcuffs just like Dad on my belt loops.

    Hehehehe…oh my! Thanks for a *fun* walk down memory lane. We had no moolah either, but (no surprise) an OVER abundance of creativity…as the pictures mortifyingly recall! 🙂

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