rest for the weary

EDIT #2: The interview went great! Thanks for praying, guys! Uh, would you believe me if I said “pics coming on Tuesday?”

EDIT: I meant to mention this earlier, but I have a radio interview for Is That All? at 6:00 pm. If you see this before then, could you pray that God will give me the words to say, that it will go well, and that it will impact some women He’s hand-picked to listen? Thanks!

Today has been the most relaxing day I can remember. I stayed in bed until 9:00!! for the first time in forever. My kids slept in until almost 8:00, and then my sister Bethany and cousin Kelly got up and played with them while I slept. It was like a little taste of heaven after three nights in a row of about four hours of sleep or less.

This week was such a special one. Bethany, Stephanie, Kelly, and my brother-in-law Daniel stayed with us from Tuesday night until about two hours ago. Grandma’s viewing was Thursday and the funeral was yesterday. It was so good to see all of my aunts and uncles and cousins. We talked and talked and played games (has anyone ever played True Colors? hilarious!) and watched home movies from 1993. (oh, the humiliation!)

Grandma’s funeral was beautiful. I got to share for a couple minutes about how she always made each of us feel like we were the most important person in the world. She was so proud of me–just for being. It reminds me of Jesus–He loves me because I’m His, not because of what I have done. We’ll miss her, but we cousins have enough memories (and home videos) to keep us smiling and laughing for 100 years.

When everyone left this afternoon, Nina went down for a nap, and Gabe took Livi and Ava sledding for an hour and a half. It was soooooo wonderful. The entire house is back in order, I’m getting caught up on laundry, the dishwasher is humming, and I feel so contented and relaxed.

As I type, Gabe is sending out the Valentine’s Day e-mail to all of you about my new book. Please forward it to all your friends! (and please tell me again if you’d like some postcards to hand out to people) A company Gabe has done work for in Franklin, TN gave us a special deal on a mass e-mailing–and it went out to 50,000 people yesterday. We’ve had 9 orders (18 books) so far and a big jump on the rating. I’m excited. Click here to see the e-card.

From now on, if I have book news, I think I might just put a link where you can read about it if you’re interested. Then I won’t feel like I talk about my books all the time on my blog.

Thank you for all your prayers for my family this week! Pics coming on Monday!

15 thoughts on “rest for the weary

  1. KmHunsberger

    I am guessing your interview is tonight…Monday? If so, it is in 23 minutes so that leaves me just enough time to pray for you as I cook dinner!

    So glad to hear that the week was as celebratory as possible. That is how it should be! Thinking of you, friend!

  2. luvmynoah

    Hello.  Glad you had such a great time with your family.  I’m sure this past week was filled with memories and precious times you won’t forget.  Got the great email card and will send it out today.  Jen

  3. ladymiss3739

    Forgot to tell you – saw “Is That All…” in another bookstore magazine sales circular thing.  This time for Berean Bookstores.  Don’t want to drive you nuts with all my “sightings”, but just in case you didn’t see it, I thought I’d tell ya…

  4. ClutzyButtercup

    Having lost all my grandparents and having my dad die last May, I know about the mixed emotions we experience when we lose a family member or close friend.  These “events” seem to draw family together or divide them…I am so glad that you experienced the first!  I also understand about getting to stay in bed till 9am!…It is truly a rare occasion once we become parents.  God bless and I will keep praying for your mom and you as well.

  5. tonialynn59

    So glad to hear that you got to spend so much time with family.  That is one of the things that helps the most.   I’m really glad also you had such a good, restful day on Saturday!  I’ve learned those days of not real physical exhaustion but more emotional exhaustion are so hard and that is nice you had a day to recoop!

  6. ctorlone

    So happy to hear that things went beautifully.  Glad that your family was all together and that you had some really special times.  Got the email…tell Gabe he did a great job with it.  I have always liked his “quote” on the book from the beginning:) 

  7. kkakwright

    Viewings and funerals are interesting in that you are so busy talking with people you love, seeing people you haven’t seen in years, enjoying the warmth of your family and friends, that you almost forget why you are there.  Glad it was comforting for you.  Glad you are getting rest.  Forget posting pictures of your family, we want to see the home movies of Marla from 1993! 🙂
    Love ya girlie!

  8. Nixter77

    Glad you had such a special time with your family 🙂 and also glad you have had a good rest.

    I love the Valentine’s e-card, I will certainly forward it on to friends..

    Looking forward to seeing the pics. xoxoxo

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