relax, folks!

Freaky naked newborn thing from yesterday was ONLY A SCULPTURE. Not a real baby. I’m so sorry that the majority of you thought it was real. And that poor little Josie thought it was HER as a baby! Are you ready for the funny part? I thought it was real too. Until I read some of your comments last night when I got home. Tee hee.

I got my hair cut this morning. Seems to be the thing to do this week. I had split ends a mile long, looked in the mirror the other day and freaked. My darling friend who lives 30 seconds away and is leaving for vacation tonight with three children graciously offered to squeeze me in, so I don’t look like trash tomorrow at the seminar.

Speaking of that, please pray that God gives me the words and that He will be glorified in all I say and do. The format has changed a bit. I’ll be part of a panel of women, sharing our stories, encouraging women and answering questions. I pray that God uses it however He sees fit. I’m just along for the ride.

Hit some garage sales after I got my hair cut. Bought a talking Dora house for Nina. She looooooves Dora and now her big sisters have taken it over while she naps. Poor Nina. She hardly ever gets anything for her very own.

Found a hardcover book for $1 that was on my to-buy-someday list. Hooray! And a couple other cute treasures.

Yesterday was a blast! Mom kept Nina inside while I did swim duty. It was so much fun to just play with the kids (Michael-13, Jordan-10, Livi-6, Katie-5, Ava-5, Julie-4). We went swimming for 1-2 hours three different times. The first 2 were overcast and even a little chillly. The sun finally came out for the evening swim with Papaw (and Nina for a bit).

I stopped by my grandma’s house when we first got there. She had just returned home from her cancer treatment. I stepped out of the van and breathed in the sweet-smelling air and felt like I was 10 years old again. It was unreal. The power of smell amazes me. I just wanted to lie on the grass and sniff for hours and remember things. All day long, everything looked so beautiful to me–the farm, the corn, the fences, the hills, the clouds, everything. I just walked round and round and round the pool and stared at it all. It was nice. A nice, smelly day.

The weather is beautiful again today, the windows are open, and…sigh. “Sigh” is my word when I can’t think of any good ones. That and “absolutely.” I think I said it about 10 times during that last interview. I kept trying not to, and then out it came!

Have a wonderful weekend! Just relax, enjoy your precious families, and soak up all God made for you!

11 thoughts on “relax, folks!

  1. scottnjes

    How fun to have a haircut!  Can’t wait to hear how it went!

    I have to say, my baby was much, much slimy-er in real life. And i didn’t care one single bit.

  2. terriwright

    I think smell is one of the most powerful memory triggers there is. Jergens lotion takes me back to my Mom when I was little……more precious than ever with her gone.

    I’m getting MY hair cut Monday!!!!!!

    Oh….the freaky-baby-thing wouldn’t load for me. Now I’m extremely grateful!

  3. tonialynn59

    Glad you had such fun yesterday.  Wonderful you found some nice treasures.  And I love coming home from getting my haircut.  It just always feels so good.  I’m praying for you tomorrow.  I wish I could be there.  It sounds wonderful!  You have a wonderful weekend!

  4. YoYoYoder

    Hey I forgot to tell you! One of the books I requested from the library was “The Elevator” by Angela Hunt! They called me yesterday to tell me it was in so now I can read it on the long drive to Mississippi! Woohoo! Love you!

  5. bekisue

    I love that you sniff memories too. I do that. Sometimes I’ll smell something and just close my eyes and go there. It’s really nice to do that. I’m glad I’m not a weirdo. Well…actually I’m sorry that we both are.

  6. Abs7

    I agree about the power of smell. One little sniff and a flood of memories are let loose. Amazing!

    Whoever sculpted that baby should think about changing careers. Babies are supposed to be cute and innocent, not give people nightmares…

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