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Lots to say, not much time. My friend Cami is coming over in a bit with her kiddos for lunch and a chat. She’s also bringing me something amazing. I’ll post a pic after I have it in place.

Nina has really been sharing the love lately. “I loove this…I loooove that.” She loves everything. I was putting her pajamas on her last night and said, “I love Nina. Now, what do you say to Mommy?” She grinned at me and said loudly, “I loooove fries!” So, I explained that the proper response is “I love Mommy.” Five times I told her, four times she told me, “I loooove fries!” Each time she was giggling hysterically. The 5th time she changed it to pizza. Then said, “Mommy silly.” She finally expressed her undying love for me. Sincere I’m sure.

We’re loving the States puzzle. Did I mention that I know where all the states in our Union are now? (I know, the NE states are in 2 clumps…) Yes, I’m 20+ years behind. Yes, Nina knows more at 2 than I knew at 31, but hey. It’s never too late to learn, eh? I think I’m ready to take on another language.

Thanks for the encouragement and prayers. God is moving some furniture around in my heart, and it is slightly uncomfortable but so good. I have some thoughts to share on prayer soon and other stuff. But my brain is so swirly.

The wait at the bus stop was uneventful today for Miss Livi. Thank you, Jesus.

I’ll post pics of some of the girls’ new outfits soon.

I’m getting excited about the xanga get-together. I was kidding about Gabe skipping town. (sort of)

Gotta bolt! Ava and Nina are hanging all over me and Gabe seems to think there’s a problem with them both saying, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…” while I sit here blogging, ignoring them. Like he’s trying to work or something.

Love and hugs and all things smiley!

13 thoughts on “really quick

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    Something so wrong about Gabe thinking that blogging and ignoring your children could be wrong…My hubby used to “not hear” our children often…selective hearing!  🙂

  2. jenhul

    Wow! The state game is difficult…I do struggle with geography though!

    Adorable pictures in the post above, and how fun to have the large one of the girls in the living room, it’s gorgeous!

  3. gsowell

    I had to play the state game, too. I did pretty well, so I stopped DeWayne before he headed back to the office. He got 49 out of 50 on the first try. Seriously. Colorado was the first state he put down, and he did it perfectly. The only one he missed was Missouri, which he was just off by 51 miles. Unbelievable! I thought I was going to get to brag to him.

  4. YoYoYoder

    I just played the states game and got 42 out of 50! It’s hard because there are no lines! I was so close for a few of them–like Indiana!–but just a little off with my placement. It was fun, though!

  5. stephaniedawnbasham

    You should play this game:

    I play it when I’m bored and feel like being challenged. 🙂 There’s a blank United States map and they give you a random state that you have to drag onto its location on the map. It’s fun, but I’m a dork. It’s really hard when they give you ones like Iowa and Colorado first and you have to put them in the exact location. The highest score I’ve ever gotten is 48/50, but they gave me some of the bigger, coastal states first that time. 🙂

    This way you can learn the NE states for real. 🙂

  6. ladymiss3739

    “My brain is so swirly…” reminds me or Jess. 

    Nina and Leah sound like two peas in a pod, although Nina knows her states. 

    I feel excited for you and your girls new clothing…thrift shopping can be so exhilarating!  And addicting. 

  7. luvmynoah

    I need to get our states puzzle out….I’m rusty.  ohh… a new language!  Which one? 

    I’m glad you are doing well and God is enjoying His time with you no doubt about it!

  8. gsowell

    Delightful! Can’t wait to see what Cami’s bringing!

    I’m sure Nina loves you dearly. I mean, come on, she ranked you right up there with fries and pizza? Is there a higher compliment?

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