ready for rain!

EDIT: Another friend has been inspired to make a “Why I’d Make A Great Wife” list. It’s fabulous! Check it out! Now, if we can just get some great, godly single guys over here to read these lists! (Should we print them out and pass them out to eligible candidates?) Kidding!!! (sort of)

Man, it’s a scorcher out there. A great excuse to be inside with the a/c instead of mingling with the neighbors (they aren’t out either!).

Did I mention that my friend Jen (from my Cedarville days) and her hubby Hugh and almost-two-year-old son Ben were staying with us last night on their way home to West Virginia from a wedding in Chicago? Run-on sentence, anyone? They are sooo much fun. ‘Twas a pity they were only here for 12ish hours. I got Jen hooked up with a facebook account, Hugh quizzed the 3 of us on state capitals (he’s British) using Nina’s states puzzle, and we had fun catching up. (Nina has forgotten half of her states, by the way. What a shame.)

The girls are having a blast with Jill. I’ll blog about her later this week, but she’s a dream guest. “Thirteen-year-old girl” doesn’t conjure up a lot of happy thoughts for me, but Jill is different. Sweet, darling, helpful, innocent, loves Jesus, no thoughts of acting snotty or dressing sleazily. She’s incredible. Always has been. Ever since she walked down the aisle as our flower girl 10 years ago.

They’re playing video games in the basement. (Nina’s napping.) I told them 30 minutes of that, then they need to play 30 minutes of board games. I’m not enforcing the rule at the moment though, because I’m relishing the quiet.

The Metro Gardens were fun. Jill loved all of it. Sooooo hot though. I stink.

Here are some more book titles (for the give-away):
Culture-Proof Kids (Jeannie St. John Taylor)
My Heart’s at Home (Jill Savage)
Blah, Blah, Blah (Bayard Taylor)
Working Families (Joy Jordan-Lake)
Domino magazine

I’m unable to share my happy news at this point, because I’m still ironing out some details and waiting to hear back from some people. Soon!

I’ll probably post again tonight! I know, whoopty-hoopty. Happy Monday!

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