rain, rain, it’s okay

Just a little follow-up from yesterday’s post.

For starters, Becca wins the prize for being related to a real-life Waltraud. It’s her step-mom’s name. She’s from Germany, and it’s a classic name over there. (Kelly suggested it might be ethnic, even German. Kelly needs a prize too!) Not sure if Waltraud (pronounced Val-Traud) is just for girls or if boys can use it too. I looked at the sign again today, and it says, “Waltraud (Sam) Hall.” Could be either. Becca’s step-mom goes by Jackie.

Great time at the Metro Gardens yesterday. It was fun to get to know my friend Elizabeth better. She was in my Bible study group, but we didn’t get a lot of one-on-one time. Did not know she’s a veterinarian! (didn’t every kid want to be one of those when he/she grew up?) How cool! She stays home with her four kiddos now but works one Saturday a month at an office in the Dayton area (they moved here last year from there).

I kept my eye out for groundhogs in trees as we were walking through the woods at the Gardens. I kind of have a phobia of them now. I watched one climb down, and they are NOT graceful. I doubt their grip is very good (don’t think God designed them to be tree-dwellers), and think how awful it would be if one fell on your head. Ugh.

Livi and Ava reminded me that a few weeks ago they were up for the day, and I was still in bed. They ran up to my bedroom and said they saw a groundhog in a tree. (I vaguely remember this now.) Livi says I didn’t believe them, told them they were seeing things and said, “Groundhogs don’t climb trees. There’s a reason they’re called groundhogs.” Oops.

Gabe and I got free McD’s chicken sandwiches for lunch. I think they were better than the biscuits. (Chick-Fil-A rules though.) The guy in front of me in the drive-thru ordered a Southern chicken sandwich and large fries. His total was almost $5. If we would’ve added a medium Coke to his order, he would’ve saved $1.50. Sad.

We’re taking Livi and Ava to see Prince Caspian tomorrow morning. (meeting Josh, Jess, Anna and Ethan if everyone’s feeling well) My friend Shannon is watching Nina. Her daughter Karly is just a couple days older (younger?) than Nina, and they’re great friends. She warned me that Karly has a cold, but Nina woke up sniffling and sneezing, so I’m sure it’ll all work out fine. I’m excited to see the movie!

I bought Livi a cute yellow hoodie at the thrift store the other day when I got Ava’s black pants. She loves it. Score. Except that I washed it last night and forgot to throw the load in the dryer. She’s crying as she walks to the bus stop. Her day has barely begun and it’s already ruined. I apologized and warned her that this won’t be the last time I disappoint her. I will try not to do it on purpose though.

Nina’s treat at the thrift store was a pair of Disney Cars slippers. They’re bright and chunky and huge and she loves them. I just put the movie in at her request.

My friend Cami is coming in a bit with her kiddos for fellowship and leftover chicken tacos. She’s bringing brownies. Gabe is at a meeting, and I need a shower.

I’m going to have a mini-survey ready next week sometime for my new book. I’m pretty excited about it. I won’t be able to offer a free book this time, so hopefully I’ll still get some takers. I think I will. God is giving me some really cool ideas for the book.

I’ve been chatting with a guy over e-mail who heads up a marriage ministry. They do conferences across the country, and I expressed interest in speaking. He wants to see video of me in front of a live audience. Too bad I don’t have any. All those times I’ve talked about sex and never got it on tape. I’m considering inviting a bunch of you over to my house and giving you the sex talk.

I’m excited to speak at Beki’s church Sunday. I had a dream that I went to a church here in Columbus instead and kept looking for Beki and couldn’t find her. How upsetting.

Oh, I meant to post Ava’s poem.


Live in barns
Are nice
Have tails
Are great
Are cool
I love horses.

by Ava Taviano

Have a great weekend!

23 thoughts on “rain, rain, it’s okay

  1. jbnygaard

    Need proof of this groundhog story. I’m not buying it.

    Ava’s poem……awesome. I kept thinking she was going to say something about Mary. Next poem I guess.

  2. Airdee26

    Ok, now you have me curious about the McD’s sandwich.  🙂

    Savannah’s is too young to disappoint right now but I’m sure there will be many times that I disappoint her.  I’ve never thought about that before you brought it up.  Hmmm…  We disappoint so many people in our lives but I think disappointing my children will probably be the hardest thing.

  3. Howdytoya

    Your poem rocks.
    It Rocks
    My Socks.
    I think
    You should
    be a poet!

    (or an author like your momma!  Thanks for sharing your poem with us!  VERY GOOD!)


  4. gsowell

    You know I will do any survey you need, ever. No books attached. I had a ton of comments about this. You talked about too many subjects. I forget everything I wanted to say. I don’t have time to go back, re-read and comment on every paragraph. So I’ll just give you a mini instead. Randomly. A la Jess.

  5. luvmynoah

    That ground hog thing has me searching out trees.  I don’t think I’d like one on my head either! 

    You are so good at deal hunting!

    Love the poem!!!  Cool kid for sure!

  6. terriwright

    The poem was great…very advanced for her age.

    Be careful what you say to your children….THEY REMEMBER!!!!!! (Unless it’s something important….)…and NOW you said this was the last time you’d disappoint Livi??? Good heavens. Have you learned NOTHING yet??????????

  7. kellycohan

    Woo-hah! I’m never right (ask my husband ) so this Waltraud thing’s got me pumped!

    And, I love how Karly’s cold plus Nina’s sniffles = no problem. The calculus of children boggles the mind.

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