rain rain go away

Time for another list. Man, if I could write books as random lists instead of themed chapters with coherent, transitional thoughts, that would be sweet.

1. People are coming to look at our house today at 2:30 and tomorrow at 11:00. Yea! It is raining like crazy. I just hollered off my porch to my neighbors asking them if we could hang out on their new porch while the people are here today. I have no vehicle and a walk to the park is out of the question.

2. Gabe reminded me of something else our daughters have yelled while riding bikes–“Towards the majesty!” Oh, the drama.

3. One of Livi’s friends had to get six fillings in her teeth. Dentist said it was due to too much juice and fruit snacks. This morning, Ava was gargling her juice like mouthwash. Livi says in her most condescending tone. “Ava, is that juice?” Ava nods. “Momma, Ava might have to drill her teeth if she does that!”

4. Ava’s “outfits” are some of the most comical I’ve seen. Today–white shirt, jean skirt, white Mary Janes (or are those only black?) and knee-length, super-thick, bright yellow Sponge Bob socks. Catholic school girl with a twist.

5. Yes, faithchick, this is a commercial. I’ve been drinking SPARK each morning when I wake up– a sugar-free energy drink with mucho vitamins and a healthy dose of caffeine. It honestly works wonders. I am a new woman.

6. I should be mopping, not blogging. ( I mopped the kitchen floor roughly 6 months ago. I kid you not.) Away I go!

15 thoughts on “rain rain go away

  1. yackyyuki

    I read your encouragement to Dr. Brown and it moved me to tears. What a beautiful perspective. I was actually there twice this past year as I wished my college daughter farewell for a semester of study abroad at Oxford and again a week ago as she left for an internship in Georgia for the summer. It won’t be long and we will say a more permanent goodbye in the form of a wedding. Enjoy your beautiful girls – they grow up quickly!

  2. faithchick

    I’m sorry. 😉
    Let’s just pretend like the whole thing never happened…and i’ll still be surprised!!!

    I noticed when I was typing mara, and then typed marla underneath how close they were….those baby name books will get you every time!!! 🙂

  3. scottnjes

    Your girls are too funny! i’m enjoying the list format : )  I hope the house selling is going well.

    I am a proud mommy. I just love taking Ivy everywhere and showing her off! A bumbo is a little seat for babies. I’ll have to post a photo soon. I hear they’re worth the *gulp*…$40 stinkin bucks! If not, it’s going back to Target.

  4. biblestorebrowser

    Mom had wanted them before tomorrow because I guess there’s a wedding or shower tomorrow, but she said she’d just wait and give that one to the girl’s mom later. Sunday’s good!

  5. biblestorebrowser

    I saw your blog right at 2:30 and said a prayer. Speaking of selling houses, my parents accepted an offer yesterday on theirs.
    My dad was last to mop *my* kitchen. I usually get the floor with Orange TKO and paper towels b/c I hate cleaning the mop afterwards!
    I was impressed that Advocare uses the sugar alcohols. Someday when I get rich, maybe I’ll buy some hardwood-based xylitol. Barb Long of Long Life Unlimited in Lima (where I get the TKO) gave us samples of xylitol mints that were really yummy–and good for teeth, too!

  6. faithchick

    sweet!! 🙂 THANKS!!!
    I’ll send you a sample of a beauticontrol product in return. 😉
    e-mail me your address from the e-mail link on my xanga.

    (by the way, i’m not REALLY yelling on b.e.’s site. just joking around is all. in case you were wondering…

    okay…that’s all….i have to stop blogging now…i’m having a party & I gotta go decorate the cake! ;-))

  7. faithchick

    sounds like magic in a can/bottle/powder? does it taste good???

    and…i soft scrubbed my floors the other day…WHOA. I hate mopping. Hate. but, after putting that gritty, thick nonsense all over the floor, I had to mop 3 times, plus get down with a scrub brush. They SHINE now. So, I guess it all paid off. But, it’s not fun. at all.


  8. mtaviano

    Kids are an amazing phenomenon. More joy/more work than I ever imagined. In my humble opinion, every married woman (if she’s able–and if not, adoption is awesome) should have at least one. They help us become the unselfish creatures God created us to be. Okay, so I still need some work in this area. 🙂

  9. GracefulKiki

    OK I loooove kids but it is not my desire in life to have them.  Reading your blog makes me want kiddies!  After stories I hear on your blog and from Bethany, I wanna be a mommy!  🙂

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