rain, rain, don’t go away…

It is raining, and I love it. Our grass is so scorched, and I want it to be green! So it’s raining buckets just in time for fall and more brown grass. We were all set to head out the door to Target but stayed inside and played school instead. (for 15 minutes–I don’t think I could ever homeschool my kids–my attention span is MIA)

So, Livi got to meet her Kindergarten teacher on Friday. I only met her for a few moments, and I don’t know her from Adam, but I can already tell she’s an answer to my prayers. I’m in love with her! (Gabe thinks I’m a weirdo) She’s young, single, beautiful, sweet, soft (no, I didn’t touch her), joyful. She held Livi’s hand and stroked her ponytail, and I just felt peace flow over me. I’m leaving my baby with someone who will love her. Thank you, Lord!

For the first time in a long time, as I walked through the halls of the school with the girls, I felt the tiniest longing to be a teacher again. It has since passed. 🙂

We went to a church picnic yesterday afternoon (after Gabe took Livi and Ava to a remote control jet scramble complete with an airplane dropping candy from the sky). My goodness, loads and loads of food–most of which hurt my canker sore.

Speaking of my canker sore, I’m so glad that I bought all that stuff for cold sores when I don’t even have one! Getting some Kanka (or whatever it’s called) today. And baby Nina has little white spots on her tongue. At first I thought I gave her my canker sore, but most people don’t get them until they’re 10, and they’re not contagious. The internet told me it could be irritated tastebuds from having a cold (which she had/has) or a reaction to acidic food (she had baby strawberry/bananas yesterday).

Took my sister and her new husband to the Metro Gardens Saturday. 🙂 Also went to garage sales w/them and Nina while Gabe took the other two soccer shopping and to Livi’s practice (still haven’t heard about Ava). He did awesome picking out all their stuff for them. I got a globe for 50 cents. (“Hey, Mama! How much is the earth?” the little girl said when I asked the price) A chair for our deck, table and chairs for Livi and Ava, outdoor swing for Nina, apple crate, bag of clothes for Livi and Ava for $1.

We were 5 seconds away from being in a car wreck. Guy was parked in front of a garage sale in a no parking zone. Girl was speeding and thought it was a moving car. Slam. We were witnesses and helped the nice policeman. Steph and I comforted the girl as she sobbed in her cell phone to her mom.

I know I have loads of other things to say but really can’t remember a one of them. Congrats, Beth Elaine! Happy Monday, everybody!

6 thoughts on “rain, rain, don’t go away…

  1. CourtneyMarieP

    what the heck is up with finding so much schtick at garage sales and poor little me left high and dry???   ok, a barbie, pair of shoes and free pants and all I spent was a buck ain’t too shabby but…pfffsha!

  2. hcole86

    Wow – you sound busy…and content! Poor girl in the car accident….they do happen though, unfortunately. Livi’s teacher sounds perfect! Will pray for Livi and about Ava’s soccor too, and Nina’s tongue 😉

  3. mrsnorthern8605

    YAY for garage sales…I love them! I need to go to one…poor Drew and I are broke and could use some cheap stuff! Hehe! Wow, kind of scary about the car accident. PTL no one was hurt! poor girl…I would cry too!

    Have a good one

  4. faithchick

    what an upbeat, fun post!! 🙂 I’m so glad livi has a good teacher, and i’m glad you’re a teacher so you’ll know how to be a good parent. The parents are what used to stress me out the most, did they you?

    I, too, do not think I could homeschool. Unnless I did it out of my home. (awayschool?) too many distractions here!!

    You found A TON of things at the sales!! How wonderful!! I’m anxious to hit them again on thurs & fri after being holed up in my own this past week.

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