rain, rain, come my way!

All right already! Here’s the link to the Oreo Fudge Cream Cake recipe. (Compliments of Lendy Loo and Kraft.) Let me remind you that it is terribly tasty and terribly easy. Unbeatable combo. And don’t forget to heave mini m-n-m’s on it just for fun.

Okay, so I’m a genius and didn’t know it. Last month I bought a Sit-n-Spin at a garage sale for $2. Nina had tried one at a friend’s house and loved it. We were looking for our Dora sprinkler last night and couldn’t find it when Livi says, “What about the Sit-n-Spin?” (Did I forget to mention that this $2 S-n-S has special powers? A hose hook-up!) We attached the hose, turned it on and voila! Funnest sprinkler EVER.

About 50 jets of water come flying 20 feet in the air all around the diameter of it. Even Nina loved it. She was in a t-shirt, shorts and diaper, sopping wet. She kept falling over because our yard is so uneven, and her clothes/diaper weighed about 10 pounds. I ran through in my clothes and Gabe played photographer.

Then we emptied the pool, filled it back up, and dumped lots of buckets of hot water in. Gabe put trunks on and “swam” with the girls. It was a tight squeeze. They actually sat on his lap most of the time to keep warm.

We got all dressed to go out this morning when down came the rain. We played out in the front for awhile afterwards and my neighbor Olga asked me if we wanted to go to a butterfly program at the Metro Gardens at 1:00. I wasn’t really up for it but felt I should accept her invitation, so we did. Besides the fact that it was Nina’s naptime, it was great fun. The girls got to make three butterfly crafts, and we saw two HUGE snakes. Icky.

They swam for awhile this afternoon when we got back, but the sky was getting dark and I was getting eaten by bugs. Note to self: Put flower-scented lotion in storage until pollination season is over.

Tomorrow is Ava’s birthday. FINALLY. I thought this day would never come. I am taking a deep breath and giving her the ENTIRE day to do whatever she wants. I will be playing dolls and house and kitchen and store and office and meetings and animals for hours and hours on end. Then we will go to Auntie Anne’s for supper (we told her she could eat anywhere she wanted–ha!) and to Summer Nights at the zoo. Hopefully my mom and dad will be able to join us. Ava was sad this morning that no one will be at her “real” birthday party (except for her boring immediate family).

Tomorrow is swimming with cousin Alandra at her cool apartment pool. Friday we’re going to go visit Aunt “Betsy” and all her fun sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews. Yes, Bethy, I’m coming!

Thanks for all your fabulous answers (how many kids you want/wanted). I’ll ask another question soon.

We finger-painted this morning during the thunderstorm. I have a framed picture of my girls’ footprints right above my desk. They did it on March 4, 2006. I wanted another one–tried hands this time. Nina threw a fit, rubbed orange fingerpaint all over her legs, face, hair. Tried her foot. Worked a little better. All in the name of great memories.

We also made the Oreo ice cream cake for Ava’s b-day. It turned out fabulous. No melted ice cream sandwiches this time. I got mini M-n-M’s to use for decoration. They were throwing them at the sides of the cake by the handful and laughing as they stuck fast in the Cool Whip frosting. It looks luscious and will taste just as good, I’m sure.

I am pro-cras-ti-na-ting. (McGraw-Hill project) Off I go! I LOVE the rain!!

16 thoughts on “rain, rain, come my way!

  1. tonialynn59

    Would also love to see the sit and spin party pictures!  We had lots of rain this a.m. too.  would you post the recipe for the veggies you mentioned?  I missed that somehow.

  2. ctorlone

    Okay…I want the Oreo cookie cake recipe too…I’m pregnant, huge and craving chocolate like none other!!!  I can’t wait to have energy (let alone walk without a waddle) to do all those fun things with the girls again…I’m so glad that you had a good day…we are so excited to get together again this summer…love ya

  3. Abs7

    pics of the sit-n-spin sprinkler party please!

    I love the smell of rain. When it started raining today I opened my windows and let the cool, fresh air into my office. It was delightful! 

  4. KmHunsberger

    ^^Me too…I thought ChipChop wrote it, but I looked through her back posts and couldn’t find it. Need Recipe!

    Happy Birthday Ava…so June 20 is my future daughter in laws birthday. Wonderful to know…I wish we could surprise her and be there tomorrow! Your day sounds so wonderful and so full…how did you pack all of that into one day? Why do my days seem to have only 5 hours in them

  5. Howdytoya

    Also, I’ve stalked all your friends (okay, not REALLY) looking for the oreo cake recipe. Could you help me find it? I’m wiping the saliva off my computer as I type this. Sounds fab!

  6. gsowell

    We’re having rain, too, and I am LOVING it! More details tomorrow. As I mentioned today, I also hate snakes. Wish I lived close enough to come to Ava’s birthday party…I could bring two 5 year olds who would dote on her and pretend with her and give you a break!

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