quip and quap

Another new word for you. If yesterday was quippy, today has been slightly quappy. I think we all understand quappy. (if you’re not getting it, just pretend you can’t pronounce your “r” sound)

I can’t really even put a finger on what’s made it quappy. I got up and ran at 6:00. This is day #4 of my I’m-not-getting-any-younger-so-I’d-better-get-in-shape campaign. I run at 6, Gabe runs at 7. He’s trying to lose a little weight. I’m trying to lose a little squish (and gain a little muscle). In four days, I’ve gained two pounds. All this exercise must be making me hungrier.

Got everybody ready for Bible study, took Livi to the bus stop, drove to church. No childcare workers. When they came, Ava didn’t want to go to her class. Cried and wanted to go with Nina. Long story. Everything ended up working out. Sort of. Then our leader didn’t show. No one could get ahold of her. Really hope she’s okay. Ended up chatting with some women. No book, no video, no deal. Try again next week. I’m facilitating one of the small groups.

Ava won her game last night. We didn’t make it to the opening night of AWANA. Part of me cringes at awana. Would rather it not be part of our lives. Again, long story.

I’m just feeling pulled and torn today about all sorts of things. So much I can’t wrap my mind around. Trying to figure out the balance for our family. How can we live for Christ and be at our best–what will that look like for us as far as a schedule and activities? We can’t do it all. How do we know what’s okay and when we’re stretching too far? I know I’m not making any sense–only giving you bits of pieces of what’s in my mind. I don’t even have a clear picture myself at the moment.

Conversation with Ava after school yesterday:
Ava: A boy at my work station kept calling me “girlfriend.”
Me: Oh, yeah?
Ava: Yeah. Me and Katelyn. I told him no, because it can only be one boy and one girl.
Me: What if he picked just you? Would you do it?
Ava: Mmmm…no. You know why I didn’t do it?
Me: Why?
Ava: Cause when I’m all growned up, I might find someone else I like.

Good girl, Ava. Don’t want to commit too soon. No use buying the first pair of shoes you try on.

I’m sooooo tempted to go take a nap!

19 thoughts on “quip and quap

  1. mrsnorthern8605

    Like I said, I don’t even get Awana, since I have only ever heard of it just recently…but I did enjoy the little chat you shared that you had with Ava! Reading those chats always makes me smile!

  2. ClutzyButtercup

    The best advice I can give you cc. figuring out the family/schedule thing is to have regular evaluation times to think and pray through those things that are in your life or that you feel should be.  It is really hard to determine what is essential and what is extra…Sometimes the extra things need to be done.  You will find that some things are for a season.  Don’t know if any of this is making sense.

  3. jbnygaard

    I’m with Gail…I don’t understand all the negative feelings I’m getting from AWANA. Is there something I’m missing???

    WOW, WOW, WOW! You are getting up at SIX am???? Isn’t it dark still at that time?? I don’t know if I could pull my self out of bed! I’m super proud of you!

  4. Anonymous

    Nope, you can’t do it all–even if it’s stuff you want to do and are good at.

    It’s so hard to figure this all out–partly because it’s just hard and partly because life comes in seasons and is always changing.

    Praying for you, dear friend!

    (And I’m so impressed with the running. I’d run, but I need to breathe. And I can’t seem to do both at once!)

  5. rocknnell

    The ” old mother in law” …smile…  God/ His Word/ Holy Spirit/ Prayer….. TRUST… & OBEY……..only HIM….only HIM.   Then it won’t be such a hassle…because where HE guides….HE provides…. = energy, joy, desire to do it, because HE told you to….$ , etc. HE …told me to send the boys to Temple…. I had to… He told me to be in Awana…I had to …. and loved it…why….it was only from HIM…….and it was only FOR HIM….and we went every Weds…like we were going to the fair….why ?  HIM alone…. HIM alone… ( I truly am not preaching…or ” my opinion” thing….)  Pure motives…..pure desires…..pure peace.  I love ya, Marla…. ” KEEP RUNNING ” smile…

  6. beccajanern

    WTG on the run!  Totally cool!  I hope that you did take your nap, you definitely deserve it.

    I’m with you on the family schedule, it is tough to discern exactly where God would have us be.  It can’t all be church because we would be isolated and never reach the lost, but it can’t all be secular, and it can’t be too much, and it can’t be too little….YIKES, now I’m really stressed!

    I like that Ava!  She is one smart cookie!

  7. FlyingCAB

    (I feel like my comment above sounds like a veiled hit at AWANA so….) lest I sound mean… I was only in cubbies and then sparks and still remember alot of the verses and songs we learned.  All programs have their pros and cons, but the bible memorization that’s a part of AWANA is pretty darn cool. 

  8. FlyingCAB

    my mom was an AWANA leader. I think she was called a commander.  (that kind of says it all right??)  haha.  I have a feeling your blog is on the brink of falling into a full-blown awana debate….but I’m not going to be the one to push it over the edge!

    Good job on the running.  I cracked up at the ran 4 days, gained two pounds.  Remember – muscle weighs more than fat, and looks better on your thighs too!

  9. gsowell

    I don’t mean to digress here…but I am really feeling prompted. Our church just started an Awana ministry. So far it’s been very good for us. I’ve seen several comments that aren’t as positive. Please message me, if you are so inclined, with your specific feedback about what does and does NOT work for the Awana program in your area, or for your family. I’d appreciate the feedback so we can keep the ministry a positive force for God in our community.

  10. jessyomama

    I don’t know if anyone else understood what you said about “how can we live for christ – we can’t do everything,” but I did. Josh and I get to that point about twice a year and have to sit down (for usually days or weeks) and ask God what HE thinks it looks like for us to live for Him. One time it means ditching everything except what’s necessary and having neighbors or lonely newcomers to our church over for dinner. Another time it means “my strength is made perfect through your emotional, spiritual, physical weakness,” (okay, a few extra words thrown in there, but you get the picture) so we push through the activities and learn a whole new level of dependence on Christ and watch His strength at work. I’ll be praying for you. All I know is that if you’re living for Christ, He will definitely tell you what life IN HIM looks like. Be prepared. =)

    p.s. we cringe at AWANA, too… hm…

  11. Anonymous

    First I’ll say, I just cut out my WHOLE response and I’m posting it in my blog.  Since I just blog about the same thing this AM!  That and I can’t take the embarrassment of another windy comment left on your blog!  So, if you want to know what I really said… it’s there.

    Secondly, I want to tell you…

    Marla, I am going to hit the deck… right now, and lift us up in prayer (and these other mom’s commenting here, too) for God’s divine guidance for our commitments (and for those of our family members) and also for a quiet spirit within us to hear His answer. 

    After that… I’m going to swab the deck!  🙂

  12. faithchick

    even though i’m not at the “kids are in a bunch of activities” stage, i completely understand what you’re saying.  i often wonder if i’m spending too much time doing this or that, if i’m giving the kids enough time to do this or that, if i’m sacrificing enough to do this or that…it’s never ending.  and exhausting.  i never knew that my brain would be in such overdrive at this stage in my life.  and it’s frustrating when the things that you DO have a handle on don’t work out. 

    hang in there! you’ll get it all figured out.  this is an adjustment time for you, too!

  13. KmHunsberger

    Take a nap…you DO deserve it/

    Umm…I have been struggling with the schedule issues as well. I know it is a little early…next year Landon will be eligible for everything though and I am trying to figure out if we should put more focus on things like AWANA or other interests he has like swimming and soccer. I have a few thoughts but not ones I will post on your public blog. Maybe I will message you if my sick baby Noah will stay asleep for a few minutes.

    Hang in there friend. These days will pass.

  14. gsowell

    Our day started out a bit quappy around here, too. Like you, long story. And the scheduling issues you allude to come through loud and clear. So far I have managed to keep my girls out of any other organizations besides church stuff. As the pastor’s family we feel we should be there and involved. But then again, I worry that when they’re 15, they’ll hate that they didn’t get to try t-ball or girl scouts or dance lessons. So far, though, they’re happy and I’m not making 45 trips to town each week, so we’re good. But it is hard to know God’s will for your family’s service and devotion to Him. If you figure it out, please blog about it. I, for one, would love to know.

  15. tonialynn59

    You know a part of me cringes when I hear Awana too.  Not sure if our reasons are the same.  Then I go to church and hear how our youth pastor (not raised in a christian home) was saved through awana.  I still cringe though.  Loved Ava’s response!!  What bible study are you doing this time?

  16. Abs7

    I’m so proud of you for getting up and running in the morning! And I’ll be honest, 4 days in a row is much better than I have ever done.

    Take a nap- you deserve it.

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