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I have a friend who has a big court date tomorrow. Please pray for strength for her–and for God’s best for her family.

There’s a blog I like to read every once in awhile called Girl Talk. It’s written by a mom and her three grown daughters. Sigh. (Someday??) A big theme of theirs for June is moms of kids with disabilities. I thought of some of you wonderful moms who have devoted your lives to your precious little ones (some now big!) with special needs. Check out these great stories. (You’ll have to scroll down some to find them.)

Last of all, thanks so much for your great bad-mood-buster ideas! Here’s my next question. (If you already answered it in your survey, I’ve got you covered!) If you’re a stay-at-home mom, what ways have you found to either save money or make money from home? I know you’re a multi-talented bunch and have lots of cool ways you use those talents. And then a follow-up question: If you could do anything you wanted (and make money at it) from home, what would it be? What plans (if any) do you have for making this dream a reality?

Thanks, friends! Here are some pics of Ava’s fifth birthday a week ago today:

Making Ava’s ice cream cake.

I’m FIVE! (or “one whole hand” as Ava says)

Trip to the zoo with my Mom, Dad, Grandpa

The birthday girl conned Papaw into a piggyback ride to the car.

I wish…that it could be my birthday every day!

22 thoughts on “quick points, cute pics

  1. kissabby

    Yeah kinda funny to think about.. Its on Grand Lake.. I don’t think I will be getting IN the water to much. My parents have a pool and live like 8 miles down the road…. Its kinda funnny but lots of fun! 🙂

  2. tonialynn59

    One thing I did for extra money was a friend paid me to do 2 scrapbooks for her kids.  I had a ball. I was so nervous to do someone else’s pictures and the first one took me forever to really get started but I loved it and they loved the albums.  I’m not sure I really made much money doing that but I think it is neat when someone can turn a hobby into a money making adventure!

  3. SuperGirlAmelia

    Great pics!! Word has started to get around about my sewing…that has helped me not only earn a few bucks, but also make some sweet trades with friends (for babysitting, landscaping, etc). It’s nice when the hobby that helps keep me sane can also help earn/save money!

  4. ladymiss3739

    LOVE Ava’s grin in the piggy back picture!   

    So far, I make cakes occassionally for $.  I also thought about transcribing for Dr.’s offices, but I heard you can have a tough time selling yourself to offices to find work and I am really, really not a good salesperson. 

  5. tonialynn59

    I’m going to check out the girl talk site.  Love the pictures.  Looks like Ava had a grand time!  Mike saw the pictures and said Gabe is going to have his hands full keeping the boys away!!

  6. YoGrandmaYo

         Yes, Gabe, I meant the 4th of July………….but when I looked back at what I had written, it certainly DOES  sound like I meant kid #4! 🙂  Pretty funny!:)

  7. gtaviano

    I must comment…..YoGrandmaYo surely was talking about the FOURTH of July and not the FOURTH child, lol. After the visit to the doctor – I sure hope that’s the case!

  8. kkakwright

    Look at Livi’s long legs.  Wow, I would kill somebody for those legs (and hips)! 

    I eBay a lot to make some extra money.  It takes a little work and some time but you wouldn’t believe the junk that people buy.  To save money, I make my own baby wipes.  Not hard, and seeing as how I’ve been diapering non-stop for 3 1/2 years now it has been worth it.  And, I try to take advantage of free fun things with the kids.  For example, McDonald’s play land in the winter, indoor play area in the mall.  Louisville has one million parks.  That is about it!

  9. stephaniedawnbasham

    Ava looks absolutely gorgeous in that picture of her holding up her five fingers! And I was going to comment on the fabulous natural lighting in your kitchen as well (I saw that Bethany mentioned it first). 🙂

    I can’t wait to see you in eight days!

  10. KmHunsberger

    Love the pictures. Ava looks so excited in all of them…the one of her on her Papaw is absolutely priceless! Also, Livi is REALLY starting to look just like you…I couldn’t believe the resemblance in the zoo picture.

    Loved reading that blog. Thanks for sharing!

  11. faithchick

    here are some of the wacky things I’ve done.
    One of my favorite parts of motherhood is being creative in trying to earn a buck here & there. 🙂 I listen up for ANYTHING that comes up that I can do!
    1)babysitting 2 days a week
    2)writing thank you notes for someone (they mentioned an online group of SAHMs that do it. I piped up and said, “Yo! I’m a SAHM, I’ll do it! If you’re going to pay someone, it might as well be ME!) I earned $160! (not that i agree with it…)
    3)making cakes (a fluke that has worked out well!)
    4)organizing/word processing for those two BeautiControl chicks I know.
    5)Opinion Outpost-on online survey co. I just got $20 in the mail from them for giving my opinion every once in a while. (if anyone wants to sign up, do it under me b/c i get points. points=more cash! )
    6)Tutoring-Big bucks, small time committment!

    If I could do ANYTHING i wanted, I would also do photography/photo-tinting. Not doing anythign to make this a reality b/c i think I need a studio where I could spread out. House is too small for this to work (without me pulling my hair out.) The other thing would be cakes–which I’m kind of already doing. My next step is to become “official” so that I can actually advertise.

    the end.

  12. YoYoYoder

    I LOVE those pictures! Especially that first one–daylight pictures in your kitchen always turn out so great!

    Just for fun: If I was a stay-at-home mom I would like to have my own photography business. I prefer candid outdoor sessions to portraits and the like. Is there any business in that?

  13. CourtneyMarieP

    I made the choice a couple years ago to start making money from home by transcribing for my doctor’s office.  I love doing this!  I get to do it in my own home and often when Chloe is in bed or if Brad’s home, they can go play. 
    Maybe some day I’ll take on more but for now, it’s enough. 

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