quick before my girls get home

I do love having a work-from-home hubby. Aside from a few glitches, it’s mostly a beautiful thing–with many, many perks. And NO, I’m not talking about what ALL of you ASSUME I’m talking about. (okay, that’s a big part of it, but I was also thinking of someone to run Ava to the bus stop, stay with Nina while I run errands, run errands for me, chat with me during the day etc.). Anyway, I like him. And I like this arrangement.

Just a few funnies, then I’m outta here. So, we had a great time with my fam yesterday. Strangely enough, the boys were fairly calm, and the girls were wired. It was a fun, fun day. Just one slight incident with Ava and some hot water. Pure accident. She cried for a bit, then felt better. No telltale marks or scars. So, she’s doing her writing workshop homework this morning…

I hrt miy lg on hot te and it hrt. Miy lg is btr nal. (I hurt my leg on hot tea and it hurt. My leg is better now.) Thankfully, I think her teacher knows me well enough to assume I wouldn’t abuse my child. The picture she drew to accompany her “story” was quite comical.

Oh, that Ava-girl is so much like me. When she’s not good at something, she balks like crazy at it. When she realizes she can do it (and do it well, like soccer), she shines. She has recently developed an affinity for words–reading and writing them. She is leaping and bounding in this whole school thing. It’s fun to watch, and I’m so excited for her.

So, Nina has been throwing her diapers away for me after I change her. She loves it. That’s fabulous and all, except that now I’m finding all sorts of things in the trash can that she’s “done” with–cups, bowls, plates, crayons, her sisters’ artwork. Hmmm… I do remember this stage now.

My friend Jamie (jbnygaard) is hilarious. Here’s a quote from her latest blog post (that I’m using without permission. If she has a problem with it, she and her family don’t have to come spend the day with us on Friday.)

Victoria Secret had their big Semi-Annual sale. I used to fit in a size Small with ease and now I found I fit in a size Small with a squeeze. So I am watching what I eat. Right now…I’m watching myself eat a corn dog with ketchup.

I started a new Facebook group for my books if you’re interested. It’s called “Books by Marla Taviano.” Original, I know. I’ve caught up with some more college friends. One of them asked me how I do it all–kids, writing, etc. I just told her I’ve given up a lot of stuff, hobbies like TV, scrapbooking, cleaning my house…

Good news about my Grandma. She’s the one with cancer in her bladder. She had surgery this month, and Mom just took her to a follow-up appt. and got good news.

The biopsy showed that the cancer has not changed. It’s still a very low-grade cancer and has not penetrated the bladder wall. We praise the Lord so much for that!

Grandma will be 87 on Valentine’s Day, and Mom said she told the doctor, “So you think I might make it to 95, like my mother did?” Oh, I hope so!! Or 100!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MOM and sister BETHANY!! I love you two!!

And last, but not least, a little shout-out to a new friend I met today on another friend’s site. I look forward to getting to know you, S.!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

13 thoughts on “quick before my girls get home

  1. YoGrandmaYo

    Not bragging, but I understood what Ava wrote.:)  Maybe it’s because I’m her grandma, but then maybe it’s because……….anyway, I understood.:)  I remember the “throwing away” stage.:)  The “best” one was our car keys.:)  I don’t remember who did that.:) 

  2. ladymiss3739

    Do your mom and sis have the same birthday?  That would be fun! 

    Let us know if there’re any repercussions for Ava’s hot water story.  We can all vouch for you.   

  3. jessyomama

    yeah, the throwing everything away thing… it’s happening out our house lately, too! i guess you take the ups with the downs… teaching your kids a little independence and losing a few not so important things in the process

    the most important thing that got thrown away and actually made it into the garbage truck was a pair of Ethan’s pajama pants. Oh well, Gavin will just have one fewer pair of pajamas. =)

  4. tonialynn59

    That is wonderful news about your Grandma!  I loved my Grandma’s and God took my Grandma Wilson too soon for my liking!  But I’m sure she is enjoying heaven!

    I loved Mike working from home (most days!haha)  He did it for 2 years and I miss it.

  5. KmHunsberger

    I posted this on faithchick’s blog, but no, I was talking about a different M that Jess and I know from college A mutual friend, although Jess and I never knew eachother

  6. gsowell

    That is great news about grandma! Praise Him!

    I would like you to know I am so entrenched in all things kindergarten that I read Ava’s writing without translation.

    And finally, the down side of us moving into our OWN house is that we don’t live right by the church anymore, so now my hubby GOES to work. I miss him.

  7. KmHunsberger

    Praise the Lord for the news on your grandma. I can tell you love her much like I love mine. Don’t want to imagine life without her! My grandma’s mom died when she was 86, so my grandma wants to beat her and live longer. Love it

    So Ava is writing…I am impressed!

    Yeah, we really do have a good 18 inches of snow. That is what living a few miles from a huge (great) lake will do to you

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