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Please pray for:

Shelly’s and Krista’s hubbies who are looking for jobs and learning to lean on the Lord like crazy.

–Safety for Beth Elaine’s hubby as he returns home from a looooooong deployment overseas in SIX DAYS!!

Gail and her hubby as they run a camp for junior-highers and high-schoolers this week. Gail has some specific prayer requests on her blog.

Nichole’s sweet little girl who has had a high fever for several days but seems to be doing better.

Praise the Lord for:

–a missing puzzle piece in Ava’s new 550-piece birthday puzzle. We prayed and searched and prayed and searched, and it was found!

–lots of book orders and God’s amazing provision.

All 16 at the zoo

Ethan and Josh

Stewart and Daniel

Ava and Anna

Ethan and Uncle Stewart

Grandma, Nina and Papaw


22 thoughts on “prayer, praise, pics

  1. YoYoYoder

    @MlleBaroque – 

    @ladymiss3739 – 

    You can order the shirts online from for $20 each. They also have ones that say “i love my husband” and lots of other phrases. He came to speak at our youth conference last summer and that’s where we heard of him and Stew bought his shirt. Stew wears it a lot and it always makes me feel special. 🙂

  2. tonialynn59

    Loved all the pictures!  I love Stew’s shirt too.  Christine bought Adam a shirt for christmas from Bass Pro Shoppe and if you look at it, it says “I love my wife” but in between those words it says “I love it when my wife lets me go hunting”.

  3. jbnygaard

    Awesome pictures! Who took the one on the swingy thing? That was my favorite.

    @Nixter77 – Man….I need to get skype. How does one get skype? I’d love to join in on a conversation with Nixie! Can more than 2 people talk at once? You know…like 3 way calling?

  4. ladymiss3739

    I’m wondering the same as MlleBaroque…does it say that?  I want Ed to have a shirt like that!  Beautiful pictures, Marla.  What a blessing to have such a great family!

  5. kellycohan

    Oh by the way, Marla – I saw some Yoder stuff this weekend and put it on my blog… it made me think of you and your family! Do you know where your family roots are?

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