I didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted. Man, now I can’t even remember what we’ve been doing. I know we must have been busy, or I probably would’ve blogged before now.

Okay…memory jog. Tuesday = butterfly program at the Metro Gardens. The girls enjoyed the crafts. I’m not that big into programs at parks and the library and bookstores and whatnot. Can’t decide if this is fine or if I need to learn to like it.

Wednesday = Ava’s birthday, of course. She was up waaaay before the sun, so she camped out on our bedroom floor until 7 a.m. She opened her presents, and as promised, Mommy played with her all day. It was better than I thought it would be–and much more tiring. Gabe left work early, we ate Auntie Anne’s pretzels at the mall, then met my parents and my grandpa at the zoo at 6:00 and stayed until 8:30. The girls loved showing Great-Grandpa all the animals. He hadn’t been to the zoo in years and years, and Livi and Ava always love a new victim (someone who has never been to the zoo or doesn’t remember the last time they went). Usually, they’re little people. Grandpa’s 80. He had a blast.

Outside the tiger exhibit, I see a guy walking with a girl. I smile. “Hey, Drew!” I say. He turns around, looks at me. No recognition. “Hey, Gabe!” I say. “Look, it’s Drew!” The guy looks completely confused. Gabe turns around, grins. “Drew!”

“He doesn’t remember us,” I say. “Marla. Gabe.” His eyes pop open, light goes on. Big hug from Drew. We were all camp counselors together in 1996–where Gabe and I met and fell in love. Haven’t seen him since. Drew turns to girl, “This is the couple I was telling you about just this week. The ones that met at camp and got married.”

I introduce them to my parents and grandpa. “Is this yours?” Drew says, pointing to Nina. “Yes, so is this and this,” I say, pointing to Livi and Ava.

Krista and Sara, PLEASE tell me Drew’s last name! It’s been bugging me since Wednesday! I’m usually pretty good at remembering names, but this one has me completely stumped.

We all went back to our place (well, not Drew and his friend) for ice cream cake after the zoo. Huge fun! Mom had 2 wedding dresses in her trunk–hers and her mom’s. Grandma died in February, and they’ve been cleaning out Grandpa’s house. They had no idea the dresses were there–what a wonderful surprise.

Thursday. Wow, I haven’t gotten very far. Went swimming at my cousin Camy’s with Alandra and Asias. Picnic lunch. Fun, fun.

Friday = trip to Aunt Bethy’s. Hung out at her place while it rained in the morning. Went to her in-laws’ house for a garage sale in the afternoon. Girls played on slip-n-slide (er, tarp/hose/dish soap) with Athaiah and Stevie. I chatted with Bethy, Stew, Cherith, Scott, Jessica, Sue, Ashley, Sarah. Long drive home (traffic) but wonderful day.

My friend Colleen had a baby girl Fri morning–her third. We all thought for sure it was a boy. I feel a special bond with other moms of three girls (Gail, Melody, Heidi, Wendy, now Colleen!) Can’t wait to meet baby Clare!

Saturday = big community garage sale in the morning with entire fam. Nina = thinks garage sales stink. Got some fabulous treasures. Gabe took Livi and Ava to see Evan Almighty.

And today was mostly just relaxing. Next week = radio interview on Tuesday, swimming, nephew’s b-day party on Friday, wedding in Cincy on Sat/Sun, cookout Monday, celebration Wed, trip with daughters/sisters Fri-Sun. Whew.

Enough about me. Lots of exciting things to share soon! Have a meteoric Monday!

19 thoughts on “polliwogs

  1. faithchick

    i finally get what RYC means. whew.

    i don’t remember a camp drew. apparently, my only focus was my camp crush.

    did gabe hide under the dining hall deck during a game of find the counselor? what year(s?) were you there again?

  2. mtaviano

    ^Are you sure, LJ? I just came up with Shadwick a few minutes ago. Drew Shadwick. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else??

    Were you with him when he wrecked the car and almost killed everyone?

  3. ch1pch0p

    I like the name Drew.

    You should definitely feel bad about not liking library programs. I mean, the girls need that because, um, those things have been around at least 30 years and before that people really missed out and didn’t leave full lives.

  4. rachmckinney

    Drew…sounds familiar, but of course i am not a help with the last name! how funny that you ran into him at the zoo.
    you’ve been busy, but lots of good stuff, it sounds like. have a great week, marla!

  5. Nixter77

    sounds like a whole lot of fun! I was missing your posts.

    PS – you’re a doll and I love you too! Chat soon, it’s about time I heard how you were ‘going’!

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