please pray for ava

Ava had a trampoline accident tonight and messed up her mouth and front teeth really badly. She’s in pain physically but also really hurting emotionally. It’s painful to look at, and she’s afraid we won’t be able to get it fixed. It looks so awful. My mama heart is a mess, and I want so badly to reassure her that everything will be okay. Please pray for good news from the x-ray tomorrow and miraculous healing and perfect restoration of her beautiful smile.

Thank you so much, friends.

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  2. Addie

    Good luck Ava.. it will all be ok!

    My son and daughter were involved in an ATV accident last year and my son only had scrapes, whereas my then 4 year old daughter hit the dash and knocked two teeth out and cut a huge gash in her lip – it looked aweful – really, really bad. It hurt my mama heart as well. As a photographer, she is also my muse and loves to model, so I was afraid of her being emotionally scarred from this as well – worried that she would have this huge scar across her mouth and two missing teeth in the front. Its been almost a year now and you can barely tell there is a scar there – young skin was made for this and heals so much more amazingly than we think it will. Her teeth havent come back yet, but she is still modeling and just as good as ever.

    I tell you that story b/c I know exactly where you are sitting right now – Ive been there, and my own daughter has been in Ava’s shoes… please assure her that its all going to be ok… it will be.

    Thinking of you and praying… wishing I could wrap my arms around you both. Hang in there.

  3. Tug Taviano

    We love you and felt so bad… I just held her and loved on her as much as I could, and prayed with her before she got in the van. Our kids hearts broke, and just keep asking if Ava will be ok… Tanner said “I am sad too daddy” . Love you guys and please call with what they say.
    Tell Ava, Uncle Tug thinks the world of her!

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