please pray!!

EDIT (6:07 pm): Bethany talked to her doctor, and he thinks she and baby are fine. He gave her a couple things to do to ease the pain. Thanks for praying!!

I just got off the phone with my sister Bethany. She’s been in unbearable pain for awhile this afternoon (she’s 22 wks. pregnant). The midwife told her a couple days ago that it was probably just round ligament pain (or something), but it’s bad, and (nurse that I am) I don’t think it’s normal. I think I convinced her to wake Stew up from his nap and go get checked out. (God literally woke me up from my nap, I went straight to my computer and read her blog entry she’d written ONE minute before.) Please pray that she gets some real answers, some relief from her pain, and that their precious baby girl is as safe as can be. Thank you!!

10 thoughts on “please pray!!

  1. derekwilson24

    With God all things are possible.

     If to or more shall agree on anything in my name it shall be done.

     By the stripes of Jesus Christ we are Healed.

     Speak those things that are not as though they were.

     Father God we just ask for you to heal Bethany right now in the name of Jesus, because we believe your word and know that it is Holy and True. We thank you and praise you in Jesus Name Amen. 

  2. Airdee26

    I hope she’s ok and takes it easy.  My ligament pain wasn’t too bad with my two kiddos but I did start contracting at 23 weeks with both of them.  That’s scary.

    I have heard of ligament pain that is so bad that it makes you throw up.  So I guess for some people it can get really bad

  3. luvmynoah

    I hope she can get some rest and take it easy. I remember having ligament pain with Noah….LONG ago.  It hurts!!!  I’m glad she is doing better! 🙂

  4. mtaviano

    @Jellybean523 – That’s comforting that you’re experiencing it too. Well, you know what I mean. It’s her first, yes. And she’s the shortest of the 4 of us, but she’s 5’7″ and thin. I had all my pain in my back/hips/bum/legs and burning/stretching over my rib cage, so this round ligament stuff is new to me.

  5. Jellybean523

    No one told me about round ligament pain…or how bad it could be. I called my dr. a few times and worried so much until I realized that for me it was just going to be a normal part of the pregnancy. I am having it today, too! I hope your sis feels better asap! This is her first pregnancy right? Is she tall and thin?

  6. ladymiss3739

    I always seem to catch the prayer requests a little late, but I guess I can still pray for her pain, right?    Pregnancy is fun, but scary and uncomfortable lots of times, too. 

    I just read your last entry and I need to know…when do you crash???    You must be on extremely high doses of caffeine or chocolate or both.  What a full (and fun) weekend! 

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