pics and pics

Hey, I posted some pics for once! I’ll try not to make it a habit.

My four favorite people

What could it be??

Falling Deaths Have Occurred. Keep Control of Children!

Outside our hotel

The girls’ first time putt-putting. (more like hockey)

Gabe set the camera on the ground for this one.

Nina was sooo good in her stroller and backpack.

Posing in pigtails.

Newfound Gap

Happy Little Munchkin.

Have a good night!

22 thoughts on “pics and pics

  1. YoGrandmaYo

         PLEASE make it a habit to post pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)  That way I can see my grandkids more often!:)  Am I allowed to say, “What a GORGEOUS family?:)  WOW!  I love you all!:)

  2. YoYoYoder

    Oh my word, your girls are so gorgeous! And they’re even more gorgeous-er in person! And the scenery where you stayed–I want to go there! We should take a family vacation (Mom, Dad, us kids and our families) there instead of the beach!

    Happy Golden Birthday Marsy! I love you!!

    p.s. Tell the girls we loved our “Happy Fall” card! You guys are the best!

  3. KmHunsberger

    Beautiful pictures! Your girls are just beautiful…all of them. Landon will have a hard time choosing 🙂

    Nina looks happy (I am guessing from your clues that she was sick?) Just beautiful…all of you!

    Happy birthday! Hope the conference was great fun 🙂 And I am sure trick-treating will be great! What are the girls dressing up as? Landon is a horse. He is ecststic,  mainly about carrying his pumpkin around and getting candy :-). Anyway, I hope that sometime today amidst the family activities you can feel appreciated and loved by everyone around you!

  4. rocknnell

    Happy Birthday …TODAY ! ….Again, the cycle…not ” the cycle”…God knowing YOUR birth…..and then to “give birth” to what an incredibly neat girls.  That would be God….that would be YOU and GABE…”read the next book !”  Happy Birthday….celebrate who YOU are in HIM !

  5. mrsnorthern8605

    *sigh* Man, flash backs to my honeymoon! I noticed the path to Lureal Falls right away! It is my favorite place there, except I don’t like long walks…

    I am glad you all had a great time! And thanks for sharing the pictures!

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