out of sorts

EDIT (11:30pm): Gabe took this video of Nina earlier tonight doing her States puzzle. It’s forever long (12 minutes), but if you’re bored, knock yourself out! Notice the similarities between Gabe and Nina (their perfectionistic tendencies in particular).

Nina – States Puzzle from Gabe Taviano on Vimeo.

Not in a mad way. More of a disjointed, unmotivated, random way. The girls were bathed and in bed by 8:20. Gabe had a movie to watch. I was thinking of all the writing, organizing, and planning I would get done in the 3+ hours before bed.

Ha! I can’t tell you a single thing I did, except chatted with Nixie. And had a snack. Three snacks actually. I really, really want to go to Australia. Hmmm…

I don’t believe in writer’s block. I read somewhere that it’s just a big ol’ cop-out. Teachers and pilots and construction workers and accountants don’t have the luxury of saying, “Oh, I have ________ block. Let me just sit here and do nothing (i.e. check my xanga).”

Let me rephrase that. I believe writer’s block exists. I have it right now. I can barely even write this blog. It’s killing me. And the pathetic words that are coming off my fingers really aren’t worth the exertion. I just don’t think wb is a viable excuse.

I’ve just hit a bit of a wall with this next book I’m working on.


Thanks for praying for me this morning. MOPS went really well. The ladies are all sweet and fun and encouraging. Thanks for inviting me, Holly!

This Friday is Pillow Talk at Tonia’s church in Michigan, and Saturday is the Le Chocolat luncheon (also at her church). Please pray that God gives me the words to share with these ladies at the luncheon (I already have all the words for Pillow Talk ), and that we’ll have a lot of fun together. Thanks so much. I really, really appreciate your prayers.

Thank you, Tonia and Stephi, for your amazon reviews. You guys are the best!

Okay, question. And I mean this in the most literal sense. Do the birds at your houses chirp ALL night long and really, really LOUDLY? (remember, I am talking about REAL birds) I know they’re excited about spring and all that, but I can’t even keep our bedroom window open at night, because there are about 20 birds all yipping and yapping at each other at the top of their lungs. Are they mating?! Will they be done in a few days? Weeks? Any biology majors out there? Ornithologists? (does that word even mean “bird study-er?” or am I thinking of coin collector?)

Okay, now I’m just talking about nothing. And my husband is trying to talk to me about some stuff. (yes, I mean talk.) I apologize for this blog. It must have been a beast to plow through.

Have a tidy Tuesday! (today’s word inspired by the tumbling piles of mess all over my desk. ugh)

16 thoughts on “out of sorts

  1. mtaviano

    @kkakwright – Actually, I just like you a lot and thought, “Hey, I could give my friend Krista a book that I didn’t have to pay for, and she would have a ready-to-give gift to a new mom that she didn’t have to pay for. 🙂

  2. biblestorebrowser

    The thing I’m coming to see is that when you’re writing as a ministry, the right words come on God’s timetable. I was stuck on something, not sure exactly what needed to be said, and then God brought other resources and experiences my way which the Holy Spirit is bringing together. Keep praying, watching, and listening!

  3. terriwright

    Nina is scary. I enjoyed the video….along with Gabe’s ‘coaching’….

    When you just seem at a dead end, just stop. Plant flowers, clean, swing with your babies. Leave it for a while……..praying.

  4. gsowell

    Our birds take a rest at dusk until right before dawn. Do you think the streetlights keep them up? That’s craziness!

    Prayed for your no-such-thing-as-writer’s-block right now.

  5. tonialynn59

    I’m so excited about Friday!  Can’t wait to see you.  We’ve been praying for you.  I know God will give you exactly what He wants you to share!  Had to give you this mini.  Notice the chocolate!

  6. Nixter77

    She is super smart – like her Mummy and Daddy.

    I loved chatting to you and I really really really really want you to come to Australia too – keep praying!

    Love you!

  7. rebates

    About the birds…yeah…

    Our birds don’t chirp all night, but they start up around 4:30-5AM.  It is extremely annoying, and if we by chance have gone to bed with the window open, I am always up shutting it at that lovely hour.  I have no idea why, and I was a biology major (not an ornothologist, though- I’m actually a little afraid of birds).  Right now, I can’t remember from last year if it’s just a spring thing or just a warm weather thing.  I do know that it’s pretty unlikely that they’re mating since that usually happens earlier. 

    Tidy Tuesday…I hope that describes my day tomorrow…

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