oscar the grouch

I’m really cranky this morning, and I have no valid excuse. I yelled at Livi over some silly how-many-monkeys-in-a-tree kindergarten math homework. I made her cry and had to apologize.

Nina’s nose is running like a faucet, and I wish she’d hurry up and learn to blow it by herself.

I just snapped at Ava for a semi-good reason, but I could have (and should have) reprimanded her kindly.

We have out-of-town guests coming at 11:00 and spending the day with us. I’m trying to get the house clean, but all three of my girls have been sabotaging my efforts. Livi and Ava built a pillow/blanket fort and filled it with all their Easter/b-day party trinkets, including a million pieces of sidewalk chalk. One of the girls “helped” blow Nina’s nose but then gave her the Kleenex to keep (???), and it’s shredded into a hundred pieces all over the living room floor.

I’m really not in the mood to entertain and be hospitable. Thankfully, my friend won’t be reading my blog until after she gets back home tonight, and by that time, I’m sure I’ll be Happy Kathy.

Ava had her first soccer game on Saturday morning in the bitter cold. They play six on six, and if you’re missing a player, you just play with whoever you have. Ava has triplet boys and two other girls on her team. None of them have ever played soccer before. They played a team with just five players. They lost 6-0. A little mite of a girl on the other team scored five of their goals. She dribbled like a pro and was faster than anything. Every time she got the ball, our team would just jog behind her down the field, mouths open in awe of her skill. I found myself feeling not-so-nice feelings inside my stomach toward a precious little girl. It certainly wasn’t her fault that she was so good. And I also found myself becoming one of those parents who yells a lot. “Ava! Kick the ball! Don’t just let her get it! Stop her! Take her out! Trip her!” Okay, most of that was just in my head.

I have some things to work on obviously.

I got some good news about book #3. It will be awhile before things get finalized, and then I can share–and ask you all for insight.

My vacuum cleaner doesn’t work. My washer gave me a couple good weeks (or just days? i lose track.) and now it’s on the blink again. It’s really windy. I’m just trying to get all the complaining out of my system, so my next blog can be happy. Actually, it’s probably a good idea to just nip this in the bud right now. Do complainers ever really get it all out of their system? No.

Five soccer games this week! (one’s a make-up game) Gabe and I will miss two of the five. Our moms are keeping the girls from Friday at noon until Saturday evening while we go to Michigan. They’ll be out-of-retirement Soccer Moms on Friday night and Saturday morning. This shouldn’t be tough, at least on my mother-in-law who is 35.

I got 10 writing books at the library yesterday. If you love to write and want to know some good books, I can help you out. Well, in a bit, after I’ve read them. I looooove reading about people who never felt like they fit in, who were always on the outside looking in, who felt like weirdos–and then they figured out why. They’re writers. I love to read and write.
We had Easter at Gabe’s aunt Theresa’s on Saturday. His cousin Tina always plans fabulous games for the kids with great prizes. They now have three huge beach balls and have been playing soccer in our living room. Thankfully, we still haven’t painted in there, and there’s nothing on the walls and hardly anything anywhere else, because they are dangerous.

Speaking of dangerous, it just got eerily silent. I’d better check it out. I’m rambling anyway at this point. Back tomorrow with happy thoughts and effusive joy!

17 thoughts on “oscar the grouch

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    I love your honesty!!!  Being in the childcare business, I have days that I am waiting at the door for my parents to pick-up…I may tell them how bad the day was and then I end by saying, “but, I love what I do!”  We are so fickle!  🙂

    Hope you had a good visit!

  2. jbnygaard

    You crack me up! I would have never noticed that you were in a crabby mood today and not in the mood to entertain. I’m not to hard to entertain. As you found today, I can easily entertain myself by grabbing a bouncy ball with handles and bounce ALL over your driveway until I fall on my butt! 🙂

    I love your down to earth style and you always make me feel like I can take off my shoes and curl up in your chair and eat ALL your kids Easter candy and feel at home! I hope I wasn’t too much work for you today! Thanks for opening your home to me and my boys! We had a blast!

  3. Nixter77

    Sorry you have been having a day oscar 😉 Will be praying for you… I want to join a FOOTBALL (not soccer) team – do you think I can join Ava’s?

    ps – I am like 14 hours ahead of you so the day is pretty much over – horrah tomorrow is the ‘happy thoughts and effusive joy!’ day.. Woo Hoot.

  4. ctorlone

    I hear you sister…I am lamenting myself today…hang in there…it feels good just to get it out sometimes…I think I should start a list of complaints just for fun…what a day!!!

  5. tonialynn59

    Kristen, I wish you could come to our luncheon and then I could meet you too!  We are in the thumb area and I’m thinking you are probably almost straight across from us!

    I hope you are enjoying your time with your friends today!  We are so excited about you coming  Friday and Saturday!  I can’t wait to meet you!

  6. gsowell

    Why do children (little girls, especially) feel the need to play creatively by getting out every LITTLE, BITY bit of toy they have and piling it in the middle of a room? My kids do that. All the time. Makes me C-R-A-Z-Y!

  7. kkakwright

    I certainly know the lovely lady you are welcoming into your home and am betting she may have shredded Kleenex on her floor too. 🙂 

    I know your day will get better.  Am looking forward to hearing from Happy Kathy later!

  8. KmHunsberger

    I love it that you know how far it is from me!!! But since Sat is the day I am throwing the shower for my sister…I probably won’t be able to travel 2.5 hours I am kind of hoping the action of this week will get things going and maybe, just maybe Sat WILL be the day

    Wish I could see you…I could use a Marla fix Is Lapeer south of me or north…I hope south for your sake…that should make your drive a little shorter.

  9. mtaviano

    Kimberly–if you want to come to any of their games (for real, not just to yell), I’ll give you their schedules.

    Jess–You can barely call what I’ve done “cleaning,” but you’re right.

    Beth Elaine–Thank you!

    Kristen–Lapeer, for Tonia’s ladies’ luncheon. It’s 2.5 hours for you. Come and see me! And bring Jon to hang out with Gabe. I’m sure you won’t go into labor.

    Deni–You are an absolute doll. I just may take you up on that. Is work going okay?

    Feeling better already!

  10. mrsnorthern8605

    Oh Marla, you really need a hug don’t you?! Sounds like you could use a day to yourself. If you ever need that, give me a call and I will come up and watch the girls and you can go out and just be or something! Hope you feel a little happier soon!

  11. KmHunsberger

    What part of MI and why are you coming?

    I think I know the friend you are having over and I bet she is so excited. In fact, I don’t think she will care one bit about kleenex on the floor OR little girl trinkets everywhere. She is a mom…she gets it

    Hope today brightens up in a big way for you…I think it just might!!!

  12. faithchick

    read paragraph 4, sentence 1. that’s your answer to paragraph 1, sentence 1.

    happens to me every time. pressure to clean=crankiness.

    hope things start looking up!

  13. ch1pch0p

    If you had yelled, “Trip her! Take her out!” that would have been awesome. I’ll come to the next game.

    I’m sure your day will be lovely.

    Poor Nina’s nose.

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