oozing creative juices…

No, I am not feeling especially creative. It’s my daughters. You know how parents are always saying that they might as well not buy toys because kids like wrapping paper and toilet paper rolls way better? SO true. My girls are more excited when I hand them junk mail or an empty Velveeta cheese box than when I buy them a new toy. If I can get past the HUGE messes they make, I love to watch and see what they will do with their latest “finds.”

Nina has a circle-shaped cloth playmat with 2 bendy fabric-covered poles that hook on to opposite sides of the mat. Toys hook on the poles and dangle down for her to play with. Hopefully you know what I’m talking about, because I am not doing so well with my written description. Anyway, I unhooked the poles yesterday because they’re always falling down. Within seconds, Livi and Ava snatched them up.

In the past 24 hours, those poles have been reins for a horse, paddles for a canoe, marionettes (stuffed animals hooked at the end and dangled over the banister, dancing around like those sheep in The Sound of Music), whips, guns, fishing poles, flag poles…

I can’t think of anything else, but I know Livi and Ava can. Tomorrow they’ll come up with 20 more “uses” for those things. It thrills my soul when they play contentedly with things that require loads of creativity. The older I get the less creative I become. I used to be amazingly creative. Now I can’t even think of a synonym for “creative” to keep this last paragraph from being amazingly redundant.

p.s. I hate to admit this, but after all this time, I’ve never bothered to figure out how to post pictures. I’ll have Gabe show me tomorrow. I love looking at Thomas and Ivy and everybody, so I’ll have to show off some of my little ladies.

5 thoughts on “oozing creative juices…

  1. scottnjes

    ooooh! I can’t wait for photos of your girls!  My favorite creation are the guns. Isn’t it funny how all kids know about guns and they will turn anything into one ?

  2. faithchick

    kids are wonderful aren’t they!?!? I, too, have trouble getting over teh MESS, but then again, I make messes of my own when on creative endeavors, and i’m sure they drive matt crazy, but he doesn’t say a word…so I guess I’ll have to do the same when they start playing with boxes & tubes! 🙂

  3. KmHunsberger

    Yes…Jonathan does look a lot like Lisa…they are all somewhat clones of eachother :-D…well…physically, certainly not personalities. Anyway…Angie just got married in August and her and her husband are due in June with their first baby…a boy! They are very excited! Lisa has had a hard go of it, unfortunately. I don’t know how close you were with her…but she has had to undergo a lot of change…

    Her and Reade divorced about three years ago now. They had a daughter (Lauren) who is almost seven. Anyway, Reade is still in Ohio but Lisa is living here in Michigan now. She recently remarried and they too have a daughter together. So, as you can see…things probably didn’t turn out as they had planned. I will say that through this whole process Lisa has really matured a lot and, although it was a long road…I really believe that ultimately, the Lord has drawn her closer to him now than I ever remember witnessing previously. God’s grace is very evident in her life…for sure!

    So that is the update on those two girls! Thanks for your compliment on Landon…he is a precious little boy! And I agree that someone needs to rewrite that nursery rhyme about little boys! The picture of your girls on the top of your page is really great….your whole family looks wonderful! What a blessing to have three beautiful girls!

    It was nice meeting you!

  4. hcole86

    I used to play with my barbies for hours, by myself (antisocial….who me?) and make up intricate stories for them. Then as I got older, I found they weren’t expressive enough and kept the story lines running through my head. Now they are stuck in a cupboard somewhere at my parent’s place and the dollhouse is now a bookshelf! My most creative stories stay in my head because I don’t have that gift (or the time) of putting them onto paper.

    Anway, glad you blogged today (or yesterday for me), I look forward to them.  

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