one-third of the way through

I must lead a pretty lazy, laid-back life in the ol’ US of A. It’s so hard to find time to blog here. Whew. We have a little bit of downtime before dinner, so I’m going to try to find some words.

We had such a wonderful time at the Boys’ Center Christmas party. What a blessing to hang out with 79 kiddos in the afternoon (plus another quite a few in the morning, including some young adult guys who come to learn English). They loved to sing and play games, and the skits were a huge hit. Here’s Yvonne pretending to try to teach English to some unruly students (played by the talented staff).

Speaking of the awesome staff, here they are under the sweet Punlok Thmey banner my sister made for them. I’m excited to give them pictures of the boys so they can put them up all around the center. I also have some canvases and paint for them, so the boys and staff can make their own artwork for some of the walls. Hooray!

Some of Keri’s friends in Singapore donated a ton of boys’ clothes for the center. That’s something they haven’t done previously–have clothes available for the boys (that I know of anyway). There were some cute, cute clothes. How exciting! Something else they’d like to do when they get the funding is provide lunch for the boys each day. They estimate that it will cost around $75, and I’d love to find a way to help make it happen. Anybody in?? If we all banded together, I bet God could take it and run with it.

We are loving having Scot and Keri and their boys here. It’s fun to actually be able to show people around “our” city. The Jenkinses aren’t your typical family though. They live in Singapore and have traveled around Asia quite a bit. This is their first time to Cambodia though.

They loved our kiddos at the orphanage. We played a fun game where Panha stood on the stair landing and counted to three (muy, pii, bey!) before launching a ton of rubber balls out at them. They linked arms with a partner and had to catch/gather as many balls as they could. After we played it several times, our five kiddos launched a secret attack of the silly string.

Keri fell in love with all the kiddos, but Srey Nut spent a good bit of time snuggled up in her lap. She begged us to stay longer (Keri, that is), but we couldn’t. We’ll be back on Saturday!

Speaking of beautiful Keri, she wrote her first post from Cambodia last night. I haven’t actually read it all (it took too long to load because of the big pics/not-so-fast internet connection), but I can guarantee it’s a good one.

Signing off for now. Let me know if there are any specific photos you’d like to see. Like of me eating a tarantula or something. Because I have one of those.

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  1. Sharon

    lol. Def want to see you eating a tarantula. It’s so great to hear how things are going and to see some pics. Thanks for linking to Keri’s post too.

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