one of those days…

The weather is gorgeous, my spirits are high, yet… I’m running around in circles. Have been all day long. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I’m already wiped and it’s only 2 p.m. I really need to start getting up before my fam and spending time with the Lord FIRST–as opposed to cramming my Bible reading and prayer in all the cracks of my day like I’ve been doing. I need to go to bed earlier. Then getting up at 5:45 won’t seem like such a death sentence (as it does when I go to bed at 1:30).

My friend Holly introduced me to “Ohio’s Best Thrift Store.” They ain’t lyin’. I spent $44 there in the past 2 days. My older 2 daughters are now the proud owners of some beautiful clothing. I’m not kidding. The cutest shirts and skirts EVER. At their original prices, I could have bought 3 pieces of clothing for $44. Before yesterday, Livi and Ava had TWO spring shirts between them. Sad, I know. Now they have 14 shirts, 4 dresses, 1 vest, 1 pair of leggings and 7 skirts. I need to go back and look for shorts and capris, because Livi isn’t really a dress/skirt girl.

Wow. God is GOOD.

We went to the zoo yesterday after church. It was wonderful. A bit breezy, but it was soooo good to be outside and at the ZOO. The elephants were outside for the first time in weeks, and they were hyper. I’ve never seen anything like it. Trumpeting, yelling, dancing (really), walking up to the fence, turning around and shaking their booties at us (not kidding). They were total show-offs. At one point, the male elephant picked up a clod of mud/snow and flung it out at the crowd of people watching. It landed about 10 feet from us. Too funny.

We watched the bonobos for quite awhile. They are unbelievable. So human-like. So funny. And they know it. Quite the anatomy lesson for my young’uns. “That’s a girl!” Ava would yell. “That’s a boy!” There’s so much I could say here, but I’ll let it go.

My mom and dad came over for a few hours on Saturday. Hadn’t seen them in a month. We had fun. They’re going to watch the girls Friday so Gabe and I can go on a date. We’ve been on one date in four months, I think. Not cool. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Livi and Ava went to a Pajama Party Saturday evening. Not a sleepover, they just wore their pajamas and took pillows (from 6:30-8:30). They had fun and each came home with a 12-pack of lip gloss.

I think that just might be it. Happy Spring! (just kidding!)

22 thoughts on “one of those days…

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    Will pray that God helps you rearrange your schedule so you can get up early enough to spend solme time with Him.  I am afraid that is a struggle for many of us.

    Great bargains…I love bargains!

  2. kkakwright

    lip gloss = hate it.  ends up all over door knobs, hardwood floors, clothes.  k3rry knows she loves it so it is the source of 198 fights a day.  i loathe it, really, i do.
    i prayed for you today.  you can do it.  you will do it.  God will enable you.  He always does. smooches and hugs.
    ps….i will not be watching your kids when i come visit so you and gabe can go on a date.  BUT, do you think gabe would be up to watching all six of em so WE can go on a date? 🙂

  3. tonialynn59

    Ok all you guys, I have to side with Kristen!  It was about 51 when we got up today, rainy and dreary.  But the temps have dropped and it is in the 40’s and we have the news on now and they are predicting more snow for us tomorrow….5-9″.  I am going to lose my mind!!!

  4. mrsnorthern8605

    Hey! I got your response to my email….thank you! And baby is fine. We find out the sex on the 26th of March and I took an optional test because of Drew’s brother’s illnesses and it came back perfect. Talked to my nurse today about it and she said I am not at any higher risk than anyone else! Hope to feel it move soon though!

  5. AbiRose

    Hi Marla, just wanted to let you know I started your newest book yesterday, and I am halfway through and loving it!!!  Thanks for signing it to me, that was a special surprise!!!

  6. gsowell

    @KmHunsberger – 

    Kentucky is the good land…it is 73 right now, but clouding up. We ate lunch on the front deck and enjoyed the spring breeze. (Now we have snow forecasted for later this week, but I’m loving today!)

  7. KmHunsberger

    Ok…you Ohioans are killing me. What is this weather you speak of. I live five short hours north of you. It is literally snowing as I type. I would honestly pay a pretty penny for even one day of warmth…just to open my windows and smell the spring air. This winter is sucking the life right out of me.

  8. gsowell

    The zoo! What a great idea. Maybe DeWayne and kids can go to the zoo on Saturday while I’m scrappin’ with Kimmie and Beki… Thanks for reminding me!

    12 pack of lip gloss. Heaven help us.

  9. faithchick

    sounds like a fab store!
    i’m with ya.  love the weather, but i’m running in circles.

    i also need to get up before teh fam.  but it’s SO, SO hard. 

    you really left us haning on paragraph 5.

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