one of those days

It’s been the kind of day that you really can’t summarize in 100 words or less, so you don’t even try. I’m whooped, and I’m not even halfway through Monday. Hmm.

Thanks so much for praying for my grandma. Her surgery, however, has been postponed for the 3rd time. She didn’t pass all the tests required for her to go under the knife for that long. Poor Grandma (and Grandpa, mom, and my aunts and uncles). If they have to go through hours and hours of surgery prep, etc without an actual surgery to show for it again… I should find out more details tonight.

We had a fun weekend with Gabe’s family. Birthday party for my niece, football, bonfire at Gabe’s parents’, gator rides (the vehicle, not the animal), church, leaf raking and jumping, walks through the woods, horseback riding. Very relaxing, awesome weather, beautiful creation. The not-so-fun part is trying to get everything put away in the middle of an already poopy-busy day.

Finally found a hotel (big reason for my day being poopy) to stay in Thurs-Sun, since we can’t get into our cabin until Sunday afternoon. We did fairly well price-wise for booking so late and during one of the busiest weeks of the year in the Smokies. (7 nights in the mountains for less than we just paid Goodyear to fix Gabe’s car) 🙁

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something humorous or insightful to share.

12 thoughts on “one of those days

  1. gsowell

    Your weekend sounds wonderful, exactly as a fall weekend should.

    I HATE doing shopping/booking/phone things (like your hotel hunt). But at least I will. DeWayne just refuses to do any work that involves a telephone or the Internet. Including ordering pizza. Go figure. When do you leave for your week of bliss?

    So sorry to hear about the surgery delay. That is a frustrating route when you go through everything to be told at the last minute that it’s not a go. More prayers for your family … I’m saying them right now as I submit this!

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