one more prayer request

My Grandma Figley (the one who had the back surgery) was taken to the ICU early this morning, because she couldn’t breathe. One of her lungs is completely filled with fluid, and she’s on a ventilator. She’s stabilized now but still in critical condition, and as soon as a room opens up at Riverside Hospital here in Columbus, they’ll be care-flighting her here. She’s been near death more times than I can count, and God always tells her He doesn’t have her mansion ready yet, so we’ll see what He’s up to this time. I’d love for her to have a complete recovery. I’d love to have her here on earth with me for 20 more years. I’d love to go to Indianapolis with Gabe next week and not a funeral. But I rest peacefully in the fact that God is in control–and He loves us.

Nina seems to be doing better. Livi, however, threw up twice yesterday and missed school. Ava hasn’t been eating and complained of a belly ache, but no vomiting. All three girls seem to be on the road to recovery. (Please, Lord!)

I found an outfit. Just need one more. I’m feeling very self-conscious about it. Like everyone will be thinking, “Uh, who are you trying to be, hoody-girl?” It’s my imagination, I’m sure, because to everyone who has never met me, I will just be one more normal well-put-together woman. No biggie. It’s huge to me though. I’m sweating just thinking about it. So I’ll stop.

Thank you again for all your love and prayers. It’s completely humbling, and I really don’t feel worthy of having so many people love me. But I’m not complaining. You all are beyond description. Love you!

p.s. Almost forgot. My proposal is done. DONE. It’s not my best work (and I am NOT just saying that), but it will do for now. And I technically have until Friday to add/edit/revise. Yippee!

13 thoughts on “one more prayer request

  1. OkinawaAna

    The books arrived!  I’ve already been reading them.  So wish that I had read the marriage one when I first got married — lots of helpful insights!  I’ll definitely be recommending it to friends who are getting married and am going to amazon right now to order one for a cousin who just got married a few weeks ago.  Thanks!

  2. luvmynoah

    Praying for you all and your grandma.  Grandma’s are such special people in our lives. I can’t begin to count the things I’ve learned from my grandma’s. 

    P.S.  I’m sure you’ll look great with your new outfits!  I do understand your pain though.  I think I wear PJ’s half my life!  One of the benefits of homeschooling….pj’s are my attire.  Jen

  3. ladymiss3739

    I teased you about making it back to xanga sooner b/c I know myself too well….WAY TO GO on finishing your proposal so quickly!!!  It must be a relief.  🙂

    The bookstore sale magazine is for Hackman’s Bible Book Store in Whitehall, PA (  It’s a long magazine – maybe it’s mass produced and different stores buy it/stamp their own name on it….I don’t know?   But still very exciting!   

  4. trishlrich

    Thanks for the book!  Kim gave me her copy of the first one to read, too, so I’ve started that one first!  The mother-in-law chapter is by far the most applicable to me so far!!  I’m trying really hard to give her the benefit of the doubt these days!!

  5. Nixter77

    Just prayed for you and your girls and your grand-ma. Remember that our identity is in Christ, whatever you wear will be just fine. This a sharp reminder to me too, if I have to go to something I can try on a few outfits and it is just awful when it doesn’t feel comfortable. But you are a women of God, he loves you, we all love you and I am sure as Jamie said your beautiful personality will shine through and people will just love you too.

    Have an awesome time. Be cool, Be calm, Be content and know that God is in control and he has given you an amazing gift – try to HAVE FUN!

  6. biblestorebrowser

    I got on especially to see whether you’d posted after I heard about your g-ma at church today. I am so glad you could get your *almost-final draft* done before all this. A few days away from it will give you a good fresh perspective.
    I did get my package–Thanks! I expect to finish tonight. While DH was waiting for me at my parents’ last night he peaked at it before I could read any of it. He said he was anxious for me to read it so I guess that’s another endorsement!
    Love and prayers. . .

  7. jbnygaard

    Praying. God’s ways are best, and he knows.

    Praying also for outfit number 2 and Indy! You will look beautiful my dear! Your personality will shine and I’m sure the people will not even be able to tell you later what you wore! (Even if you have an outstanding outfit on!) 🙂 But they will remember what an amazing and gifted Godly woman you are!

    But God does care for all of the things we care about, so I am for certain that outfit number 2 will be taken care of! 🙂

  8. tonialynn59

    Just wanted you to know I am praying for your grandma and for your trip to Indy.  Glad to hear the girls are on the road to recovery and that is pretty cool about the proposal being done! 

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