one lucky winner, one wacky weekend

The winner of John Blase’s new book, Touching Wonder, is… Teresa! E-mail me your address, Teresa, and John will send you the book. The rest of you can buy it here if you’d like. Or you still have a chance to win a copy on John’s blog. Thanks, John!

In other news, we had an awesome Saturday with my family (parents, bro, sis, & their spouses/kiddos). Missed you, Steph and Daniel! And Kelly! If you know my fam, you know we’re a different breed. Here’s a preview of a little video action that will be airing here in the a.m. (Monday). You Don’t Want To Miss This.


Happy 31st Birthday to my little brother, Josh! Seems like just yesterday I was pulling your baby ears out as far as they could go and telling everyone, “Look! He’s a monkey!” Love you, bro!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!

2 thoughts on “one lucky winner, one wacky weekend

  1. Chris Yoder

    I can’t believe you put the picture of yourself on there.:) What a riot!:) Oh, how well I remember you doing that to Josh! You thought it was so funny, but I remember not exactly sharing your sense of humor at the time!:)

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