one last post…

…before the bug hits Family Member #5, a.k.a. The Mama. I can feel it coming. You know how you can feel it coming? Yeah, here it comes.

WARNING: You might not want to read this post if you have a weak stomach. I’ll try not to be graphic, but…

Some of you have no idea what I’m even talking about. Backing up to Monday morning. Early. Ava woke up, crawled in our bed, said she had to throw up, threw up. Sick all day Monday. Better Tuesday. Went to Zoo Lights with my Mom, Dad, Cousin Kirk, felt sick again.

Then Livi got sick. Blah, blah, blah. Felt better. Got sick again.

Ava got better.

Nina got sick Friday afternoon. It’s Saturday evening, and she still isn’t doing so hot.

Livi got better.

Gabe is now pale as a ghost, hugging the blue plastic bowl, waiting, waiting…

And my stomach is starting to burble and moan.

And yet, YET, I am feeling joyful. No joke. God is good, and I’m thanking Him it’s no worse than it is. I know, I know. We’re not over it yet, but January 2008 was 10 times worse. It started with Ava’s super-high fever on New Year’s Eve and ended almost 2 weeks later. Multiple trips to Urgent Care, a ton of medicine (with much codeine), all of us flat on our backs, completely…

How about this? You can read about it yourself here and here and here and here and…

Although why you would want to put yourself through the torture of clicking on all those links is beyond me.

The good news? We may be down and out for our 12th anniversary tomorrow, but I’m hopeful Nina will be up and at ’em for her 4th birthday on Tuesday. As long as I hurry up and get sick, we should be right on schedule.

By the way, thanks soooo much for all your encouragement about my mood swings/depression stuff. I’ve had a string of really good days, vomit and all.

And I’m loving praying through your requests. Please update me when God starts answering.

Last thing: Gabe started a fun new project this New Year. A photoblog called 1 Photo Per Day. I think you’ll like it.

Blessings to you, friends! See you in a couple (ish) days!

9 thoughts on “one last post…

  1. Stephanie your sister

    Happy Anniversary! I hate that you’re all sick, and I hate that it’s in the midst of anniversary and birthday celebrations. Yuck. I prayed for your whole fam many, many times throughout the morning. I love you all and wish I could do something to make you feel better!

  2. Kimberly

    I hope you are all healed soon! Thanks for praying, mama and baby went home yesterday and things are going well. Retests in 2 weeks on baby’s heart issue!

  3. Bethy

    I hope you all feel better soon! I’m glad you can have a joyful attitude in the midst of all the puking!

    My voice is back! Thanks for praying! Stew and I are leading worship tomorrow morning at church, though, and my singing voice still isn’t up to par yet. It’s SOOO nice to be able to talk! Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Ali

    Oh, Marla. I’m so sorry. Puking is the worst. The words are even disgusting – puke, barf, vomit. Gross.

    Love you and your attitude.

  5. Kelli

    OH I just hate hate hate the stomach bug. I pray on a regular basis to keep us HEALTHY from the stomach bug!!

    SO glad that you are having joyful days. Will continue to pray that you are guided and know how to handle your down days if they get too severe! LOVE YOU!!!

  6. whimzie

    Oh, Marla. *sigh* So sorry you all have the sickies. I hope you’re all feeling much better very, very soon.

    I have an email coming your way. Hope you’re not too busy with the blue bowl to read it!!

    Virtual saltines and a cool washcloth to you, friend.

  7. Elizabeth

    I’m not sure if it’s better to get sick one at a time or all at one, it stinks either way. I know your hubby will take good care of you when it’s time. I hope it’s not too bad!

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