one-fourth of the way done!

Who’d have thought it would be colder in the Carolinas than in Ohio?? We had a WONDERFUL weekend in spite of the cold and rain. We picked the girls up from school Thursday and drove to NC. We stayed with our new friends, Steve and Lorena, and their little Josiah and Zoe. Thanks so much, guys!!

Up early and headed to the NC Zoo (#12) where we met my sister Stephi and her hubby Daniel. It was rainy but fun. Steve and Lorena met us at the zoo after lunch. Fun times! Daniel took the most obscene animal picture I’ve ever seen. I may post it tomorrow. EDIT: Stephi just posted the pic on her blog. Click here to view the nastiness. Warning: not for children (well, my kids thought it was hilarious. they saw it live!).

After the zoo, we drove to the 6th Annual Kevin Harvick Fan Club Gathering. More fun (and freezing) times! Late supper at Taco Bell, then three hours south to Stephi and Daniel’s. Their home is beautiful and wonderful, and they’re such hospitable hosts. And we love them.

Up early-ish for Belgian waffles, bacon, eggs and coffee. Headed to the Riverbanks Zoo (#13) around 10:45. Gorgeous, sunny, cool day. It was amazing. Saw five lion cubs (four months old), fed giraffes, spent our 20 free Safari Bucks on carousel rides and nachos/cheese, pretzel/cheese, fries/cheese.

Back to Stephi and Daniel’s for yard games, hammock swinging and chicken on the grill and yummy side dishes. We girlies played Life. The boys watched football. Then the little ones headed to bed, and we all watched football (and fell asleep).

Early church in the morning. We headed home from there. Got home at 8ish. Tired, happy. Hugely busy week ahead. Planning to spend lots of time in prayer.

Happy Week to you!!

Entering zoo

Tavianos and Hungerfords

Entering zoo

Marla feeding giraffe

Lion cubs playing

Marla and girls with Stephanie and Daniel

19 thoughts on “one-fourth of the way done!

  1. stevesgurl1213

    Hey! I just got around to looking at your blog and the pics. Haven’t had a chance to see the elephant one yet.We are so glad you could come and we could hang out with you at the zoo. You are welcome anytime!! :o) Yes, my dad’s name is Gordon. How funny!!

  2. jbnygaard

    I just went to look at the ‘obscene picture’ and LAUGHED (then coughed) my head off! That is freakin’ awesome!!!! Hilarious! I MUST show the boys this one!!! 🙂

  3. jbnygaard

    Love the photo of the cubs too…AND…I loved the last photo too! Just to bad that darn tree was infront of the giraffe! Oh well…it’s still good!

    Belgian waffles, bacon, eggs and coffee…that sounds so yummy right now to me. Mmm….

    Is it common in zoo’s to feed a giraffe? I’ve never had the opportunity to, and you guys have done it like 5 times or something?!!??! How cool is that?!

  4. allieanne

    I love the “hugely busy week ahead. Planning to spend lots of time in prayer.” I needed that reminder. One of my friends went to a zoo this weekend in NC, I thought, wouldn’t that be crazy if you met her!?! But I don’t know which one she went to.

  5. the2bryants

    Love the fantastic pictures!  I’m so glad you had such a great trip!  We have stayed near the Riverbanks Zoo every year for the past 10 on our way to Hilton Head for summer vacation, but we have never visited!  Obviously, we need to next time we are down that way!  Hopefully, by next summer, both of our boys will be old enough to enjoy it! 🙂

  6. faithchick

    i recognize lorena from camp, i think.  is her dad named gordon or something?  (for some reason i remember something about a gordon b/c my dad is gordon & it’s not a name you come across every day, ya know.)  looks like you all had a wonderful weekend-look at those big smiles!

    and that picture of the lion cubs is absolutly adorable!

  7. luvmynoah

    What a great trip!  The family pictures are just awesome!!  The one with you all and your sis and her family is “off the hook” good!  Shan will appreciate how much cheese was involved in your zoo trip.  😉

  8. KmHunsberger

    Beautiful pics…beautiful family! Beautiful you.

    You little encourager. I always know when I see those happy yellow envelopes in the mailbox that it is from you…and I get all excited Thanks friend. I think you are one in a million too!

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