on a roll

So, I was feeling bad for Nina who apparently was the only one of her nursery peers who hadn’t rolled over yet. Realized she spends most of her time in either a. exersaucer or b. bouncy seat. Not getting a whole lot of rolling practice. Bad, bad mother. Hate to see her falling so far behind the developmentally-on-target crowd.

Okay, so now she’s log rolling at full speed around the house, and I am longing for last week when she didn’t know that rolling even existed. I’ll actually have to vacuum regularly now. Shoot.

Want to write some thoughts about heaven soon… reminder to myself.

The interview went well. Thanks for listening. Not my favorite–I like the ones with more casual, friendly banter–but I didn’t say anything stupid. That’s always a plus.

I had an ongoing mental list of things I wanted to blog about… Mental lists are NO GOOD to me any more. I used to remember things. No longer. Writing ideas are constantly popping up in my head. If I don’t scratch it out on paper within 15 seconds, POOF! Gone.

Have 51 in-law surveys (they are soooo good!) and 7 hubby surveys (also good). Keep ’em coming for 4 more days! I’ll extend the husband survey deadline.

Mind has gone completely blank.

15 thoughts on “on a roll

  1. scottnjes

    So funny. Everyone keeps asking me if Ivy is rolling yet. First off, she’s just now turned 3 months. Second, she’s usually unhappy on the floor for more than 3 minutes. So when would she find time to roll? And third, please don’t let Nina teach her! I enjoy my immobile baby! 

  2. biblestorebrowser

    I had a diminishing memory BEFORE kids. (Cliche:) They say the mind’s the first thing to go. . . It’s the kids! The kids, I tell you! They only make it worse! And gray hair? Well, if it’s not the husband, it’s the kids! The kids, I say!
    I’m still nudging DH. Thought he’d be more ready to help since he helped with a few of my survey questions. (So far computer games are more exciting. Gee. I bet you can’t relate to that, can you?)

  3. hcole86

    I’m a list girl. I write a list at the beginning of each day. I write lists when I read books (about their good points, or points that I think are a bit iffy and need checking). I write grocery lists, present lists, want lists, random lists – pretty much anything I think of I write down in a list…..It helps a lot.

    Can’t wait for your book! Really excited. Can you, at the risk of sounding silly, sign it before you send it? If not, that’s totally cool!

  4. Nixter77

    POOF.  and it’s gone, I totally understand, I am writing a script for our Church Adventure Club and as I was in bed last night thought of some cool things to write and then……  POOF, bye bye good ideas, hello blank can’t think of anything mind.  Grrrrrrrrrr..

  5. KmHunsberger

    I jsut wanted to report that my in-laws where here this past weekend and we had a WONDERFUL time. She played with Landon more than ever and really, the entire time was VERY enjoyable…for everyone. After filling out that survey I kind of felt bad, especially after having such a good time with them this weekend…so I just wanted to give them some redeeming value in the form of this comment 🙂 Granted, this is not your survey and is just a random comment on a random blog, but I have to say that the bad is always interspersed with the good. Relationships are just that way. And in so many ways I think I just have to learn to take the good with the bad, lower my mountainous expectations and love them for who they are, not necessarily for who I wanted them to be. If I can do that, times like we just had together will be that much sweeter… 🙂

    By the way…I got your book in the mail. Tahnk you SO much. I am really enjoying and it and am reliving so many memories of the early years. We got married in college too…our last year and he had more than I did left. It was a hard year,  a financially killer year, but such a dear year of getting to know one another on such a deeper level. It is kind of fun to look back at now and laugh over our fights about how to make chocolate chip cookies and how we slept every night of the winter without any heat on just to save money (and would FREEZE when we woke up in the morning). Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks…I am really enjoying it. Since I just wrote a mini-novel on your site, I will end it now 🙂

  6. mtaviano

    In her defense, she was subbing for the regular host who had jury duty. She just stuck to the harvest house script–questions I wrote a few months ago. Some hosts ask them, some go off on their own. The good part is that I’ve had practice with them (and have them sitting in front of me on my bed while I talk). 🙂

  7. faithchick

    i hear ya…i used to have fabulous mental lists!! now, my mental capacity has significantly shrunk. I had aabout 8,000 great blog ideas yesterday to post today…couldn’t remember a one. 🙂

    (i completely understand how you feel about the lack of friendly banter w/ the interview. I thought it was great on your end…I’ll say no more. ;-))

    and…i haven’t forgotten about the surveys….in case you were worried.

    Have fun vacuuming! 😉

  8. bethelaine

    did you get stephen’s in-law survey?  i’m not sure if he had time to do it yet or not…

    by the way, i think it’s hilarious that the female version of the survey has 40 questions but the male version has only 12 questions.  how very appropriate to gender attention spans.  🙂

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