okay, aunt marla. enough of the brag book!

EDIT: (9:30a.m.) We have a GIVE-AWAY WINNER! And, if I’m not mistaken, this gal has been known to whine that she never, ever wins anything on my blog. This oughta shush her. And dear, I already have your address, so your prize will go out in today’s mail. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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Sorry, I just can’t help myself. Mom and Nina and I made a little trek to Stew and Bethy’s today to love on Isabelle. I won’t see her again until December 19 (sniff, sniff). Not sure what I’m going to do when Daniel and Stephi start having little ones. At least these zoo trips are good practice for long drives to love on the Basham Babies. And Daniel did say they’d move to Ohio if God told them to. I don’t suppose it’s right to ask if anyone out there does a good God impersonation. Never mind.

Isabelle awake

Nina and Isabelle

Isabelle smiling

I love it when itty-bitty babies smile without even knowing it. Actually, I’m pretty sure Isabelle knew what she was doing. I asked for a smile and got it.

Three Things
1. Have you heard about Planned Parenthood selling Christmas gift certificates for their services, including abortion? On baby Jesus’ birthday no less. Breaks my heart in two.
2. Poetry-lover? Then you don’t want to read this poem I wrote in 1992.
3. 47 minutes left to enter the Christmas Give-Away (see previous post)! I’ll announce the winner in the morning.

20 thoughts on “okay, aunt marla. enough of the brag book!

  1. AdamMacsgirl

    She is a Yoder for sure! Looks like Ethan and Gavin (especially Gavin) when they were babies. 🙂

    So sad about Planned Parenthood. Makes my heart hurt. May God open their eyes to His love and grace.

  2. luvmynoah

    What is our world coming too?  Gift certificates for abortion is so sick. 

    I should have started my comment with how CUTE, sweet and beautiful your niece is!!  When you see such a sweet baby you wonder how anyone could kill their own sweet little one.  Satan is such a deceiver!

  3. dabasham

    Marla, Jess…you seriously can’t be speaking of “Isabelle withdrawal” and how hard it is not getting to see her until the 19th. We haven’t even met the beautiful little girl yet. How do you think WE feel? Especially Stephanie. I mean, come on! Gosh! 🙂

  4. jbnygaard

    I canNOT believe that about Planned Parenthood!!! Well…I can, but it’s so disgusting.

    Seriously…that photo of Nina holding Isabelle? Beautiful. and little Isabelle looks like a baby doll!!!! She is so beautiful! Tell Bethany and Stew they made a good lookin’ baby! 🙂

  5. M3mine

    Marla, my husband and I recently heard a speech by a former abortion clinic owner from Texas who was very blatant about the fact that abortion is nothing but big business to those involved. She owned five abortion clinics in the Dallas area. NOTHING involving Planned Parenthood surprises me after hearing her speak. But praise God, He got her attention and saved her.

    On the other hand, your niece is just a doll baby. God is so good!

  6. der_lila_Stern

    Brilliant!  I definitely like your writing better now.  But that poem makes me laugh! 

    Isabelle is so cute.  It must be hard for Beth to let everyone else hold her all the time!! 

  7. gsowell

    Love your niece. Can we have another xangafest soon so I can hold her????

    I love the way you rhymed “dressed” and “Crest.” That is stellar word-work, right there, Marla Dickenson.

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