oh, what a night

I haven’t forgotten what nights were like with a newborn. Nothing compares to those. Some of them were barely survivable.

Last night wasn’t as bad as all that, but for someone whose children should be sleeping peacefully for a good 10 hours each night without so much as a peep (ha!), it was horrific.

I went to bed at midnight. I laid out clothes for a little run in the morning. I haven’t run in almost a week.

Nina woke up at 1:00, moaning. Covered her up, scratched her back, crisis averted. Woke up a little later, same thing. This time all my loving and caressing didn’t work. I was back in my cozy bed with the window cracked open (mmm…) when I heard sniffling, then sobbing. She was standing at the gate in their doorway, shaking. Poor thing seemed scared to death.

At 3:50, she got in bed with us.

At 3:55, Livi’s crying. She had a bad dream. Something about people with guns. She “needs” to come sleep with us. Sorry, all full up, I tell her. She begins to sob. I pray with her, remind her that God does not give us a spirit of fear, that Satan is the one who wants us to be scared, and on and on. She wants me to stay with her the rest of the night. That would mean either crawling into her top bunk or standing beside her bed with my arms above my head scratching her back. Um, no.

She finally asks if she can sleep with Ava. I let her. Ava’s fast asleep, so she can’t protest. Livi puts her pillow by Ava’s feet.

I go back to bed where I have a bad dream. I was at Cedarville University (?). It looked nothing like I remember it, and I got lost. I parked my car in the middle of nowhere, walked barefoot (?) to an office and asked for help. I was there for a reason, but I can’t remember what it was. Some lady told me that I was in the wrong place, and I’d have to walk another mile to get where I needed to go. I did, crying all the way. Then I found out my car had been towed. Someone left me a note that said, “We’re tired of you parking here every day without paying for a permit. It’s over.” (?) I began sobbing.

In real life, I think Nina kicked me and woke me up. I was so sad. I had tears streaming down my face. My eyes still hurt this morning from crying.

I settle back to almost-sleep when I hear yelling from Livi and Ava’s direction. Ava has discovered Livi in her bed and is kicking her. Livi is kicking her back. Remember, they’re head to feet. I send Livi back up to her bed and walk out.

“I forgot my pillow in Ava’s bed!” I get it for her and walk out.

“I’m thirsty!” I take a deep breath and head downstairs to get Ava a drink of water.

“I said I’m thirsty!!”


Back in bed. It’s 6:05. Alarm goes off at 6:30. I have stomach cramps (too much late-night snacking?) and decide not to run. Shocker. Up at 7 something.

And that’s all. And now it doesn’t really seem all that bad.

So, tell me. How was your night??

21 thoughts on “oh, what a night

  1. mrshart03

    Hey- I had a terrible night, too- I don’t think it was quite as bad as yours, though!  Went to bed at 10:15, couldn’t sleep until 11:30…Little Z was up at 12:45 crying with a dirty diaper (he’s had diarrhea for 12 days- we’ve been to the dr. once, heading there again this afternoon).  Screamed the whole time I changed his diaper, then I rocked him & he went back to sleep at 1:00.  1:30, he woke up again, crying, so I fed him.  2:00, he went back to sleep.  2:15, up crying again, but thankfully this time, he just cried back to sleep, and slept until 7:45.  So, yeah, not as bad as yours.  But not a great night, either. 🙁

  2. MarlaWho

    Bad night, very very bad night! Went to bed around midnight, went to sleep around 2am got woke up by my dog around 3am and went back to sleep around 5am alarm sounded shortly after that!

  3. M3mine

    Oh, my!  What a night!  And yes, I’m in that same age group to remember “Oh what a night…”  So sorry to hear that another family struggled last night with non-sleepers. Hope tonight goes better and that you all get some sleep.  I remember doing all the above to my poor mom too.  Looking back though—she gave us 1/2 c. of coke or pepsi before going to sleep.  Too much caffeine caused all her problems.  I had horrible sugar and caffeine induced dreams. 

  4. lites4Him

    Praying for all the tired ladies today that Jesus will give you rest. May His strength pour through you today. And may you have SWEET dreams once you hit your pillow tonight. 🙂

  5. the2bryants

    What is the world is up with so many people having bad nights all at the same time.  I had a TERRIBLE time getting Lucas down last night…..lots of crying!  Then, he woke up again at 1:15am….but was just talking.  So, I waited until he calmed down….that didn’t happen….still awake at 2:15am when he starts crying.  I think….surely, he must be tired….I’ll wait a little longer…..and finally he was crying hard enough that I needed to go in….and of course he wanted to eat.  I felt completely defeated……wish I knew what to do about this middle of the night awake and then hungry.  Anyways……I hope that you are getting a nap right now….that is where I’m headed.  And, praying that you will have a better night tonight!

  6. tonialynn59

    @rocknnell – That song went through my mind while reading this post.  I think it’s cause we’re the same age!

    So sorry about your night.  Yes, get a nap in there.  I’ve been waking up around the same time each night lately with some thoughts that aren’t great.  Satan yapping in my ear.  And dealing with a dog in our bed that is way too big to be there and last night my feet wouldn’t stay under covers and when I moved my feet he growled and they were cold.  I already took my nap.  I fell asleep reading my bible this a.m. about 10 and woke up to the phone at 11. And now I feel pretty good.  Going to conquer my day!

  7. kellycohan

    Phew. Maybe they’ll be extra tired and sleep like rocks tonight. You, too.

    I woke up every half hour between 3:00 and 6:30 because I was too lazy to get up and pee at 3:00. So I kept waking up, having to pee… and putting it off. Stupid.

  8. luvmynoah

    Well, I think your night sounds bad!  I’m a big, big grump if I’m not getting enough sleep.  Seriously!  I woke up at 3:30 with Noah at our feet….made him get up and had to find blankets for him to sleep on the couch..(he was scared).  Then at 4…Titus woke up, rocked him…tried to put him down..screaming!!!  Got him up again..asked if he wanted a drink..”Yep!”  I got him milk, changed his diaper.  Noah meanwhile is now awake still..”hi titus!!  He starts playing with him….NOOOOO I yell.  Don’t wake him up more!  So Tidy drinks his milk..Noah keep looking and making faces.  Titus is wide awake grrrr.  Finally milk done..I take him to his room and he is screaming!!  I wait outside the door…1 minute later he’s out.  Thank you God!  He woke up me up at 8:30 with a loaded diaper.  Not near as bad as your night though.  Hope you get a nap today with Nina!

  9. mrsnorthern8605

    Well I was up till midnight trying to get myself calmed down over the issues with my brother and the fact that Parker has screamed from 6:30 – 9:30 last night. I finally lay down at 1 am, close my eyes, have a flashback to when they were putting the IV’s in me at the hospital. Screamed, turned to drew, noticed that Parker was sleeping on his tummy, hugged them tight. Finally fell asleep at 3am….didn’t wake up till 6 when Parker was crying while Drew changed him…went back to sleep, woke up at 9 and changed and fed Parker…been up since….I had some bad dreams too, but don’t remember the details.

  10. OkinawaAna

    Why is it that so many nightmares involve going back to school?  Every nightmare I have is about how I discover halfway through the semester that I’m enrolled in some class I didn’t know about and that I have to read thirty books in two weeks to catch up.  Yikes!  But now that I’ve read your post, I’ll probably dream about my car being towed.  🙂  Hope you get more sleep tonight!

  11. FlyingCAB

    Yipes.  That does not sounds fun.  I can totally relate to waking up from a sad dream feeling drained from all the crying.

    My night was nothing like that, but my morning very similar!  I did not go running, I went back to bed with a major headache and cramps…good thing I work from home!

  12. rocknnell

    Probably sounds exteme…but the blood of JESUS…the blood of JESUS…the blood of JESUS…spiritual warfare,if we could see it ? BUT JESUS defeated…and he knows that so the intensity of “trying” with children..with us…he has no room, JESUS is LORD in your house…. love you all, janelle

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